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July 23, 2008


Bulldozer attack driver shot dead in Jerusalem writes Reuters:

A bulldozer driver went on a rampage in Jerusalem on Tuesday, hitting vehicles near a hotel where U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was due to stay later in the day, before he was shot dead.

Bulldozer? The pictures from Jerusalem show a small front-end loader or backhoe which may weigh some 2-3 tons.

A bulldozer is something like this.

It weighs about 50+ tons. The Israeli army has several of these up-armored Caterpillar D-9s. It uses them to flatten Palestinian homes in the illegally occupied territories and to kill people like Rachel Corrie.

The Israelis indeed bulldoze in the original meaning:

bulldose "a severe beating or lashing," lit. "a dose fit for a bull," a slang word referring to the beating of black voters (by either blacks or whites) in the 1876 U.S. presidential election. A bulldozer was a person who intimidates by violence until the meaning was extended to ground-clearing caterpillar tractor in 1930.

That is, when they do not shoot non-violent and bound Palestinians.

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I heard he was shot by a armed civilian on the radio. Any way, speaking of Obomba, anybody else heard, Obomba plans to Establish A Civilian National Security Force. Yay! Snitch nation! Why privatization when you can get busybodies to do it for free?

Which brings to mind, Bush; has he drowned our economy in the bathtub yet? That was the plan,remember? but you know, if they can give joe sixpack a little "authority" they don't have to pay em, guess that's one way to scale back spending, of course he is going to ave to do something to compensate for the shitpile Jr. may* leave us.

*I say may, because he might not leave.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jul 23 2008 6:09 utc | 1

I heard he was shot by a armed civilian on the radio.


The soldier, who was was filmed shooting a bound and blindfolded Palestinian with a rubber bullet at point blank range, told military investigators on Monday that his regiment commander had ordered him to fire.

Posted by: b | Jul 23 2008 7:21 utc | 2

Looks like a soldier to me.

Posted by: beq | Jul 23 2008 16:51 utc | 3

b, beq, that wasn't the guy in the bulldozer..

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jul 23 2008 17:14 utc | 4

The 2--3 ton frontend-loader vehicles are commonly called bulldozers where I live. Lexical dialect variation tends to be very large when it comes to various things that have little occasion to show up in the media.

Still, your point seems to be that the incident is exagerated? -- No argument -- Newspapers are generally untrustworthy on international events especially, we've all seen many times thanks to MoA among others

Posted by: Cloud | Jul 23 2008 22:23 utc | 5

Sorry Uncle, I was responding to the "non-violent bound Palestinian".

Posted by: beq | Jul 23 2008 23:44 utc | 6

The interesting thing: on the news tonight, a story about this incident and how a human rights group had given video cameras (100?) to Palestinians to record incidents such as this. There were others (sorry, no link). This was filmed by a 14 year old girl from a window in her home.

I suppose she and her home are targets now.

Posted by: beq | Jul 23 2008 23:55 utc | 7

Indeed, the girl's father has been "arrested" ('twould be "abducted" if the Palestinians did it to an Isreali).

No word on whether he was released after just one day, like the soldier caught on video shooting the bound and blindfolded Palestinian.

And re the "armed civilian" who shot the backhoe driver in Jerusalem - why are there never any references to "Israeli gunmen"?

Posted by: arch | Jul 24 2008 19:14 utc | 8

Caterpillar Fashion

Posted by: beq | Jul 25 2008 19:22 utc | 9

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