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July 31, 2008


Is this THE Billmon?

But I was around, and following congressional politics rather closely (by which I mean professionally) when McCain first popped up on the political radar screen in 1986 during the so-called Keating Five scandal. In exchange for various regulatory favors, Keating, a wealthy and politically, um, generous, S&L executive, turned himself into the special friend of a bipartisan group of sleazebag Senators, with five in particular, including McCain, reaping most of the benefits. By modern standards (i.e. Jack Abramoff’s and Ted Steven’s standards) it was actually pretty tame stuff, but it was considered a big deal at the time)

Hmmm  ...

Go read: The Great White Hope

Thanks to furrythug and to Fran for linking this in comments.

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& i think like many theoreticians, polemicists, ideologues, rhetoricians - the absence of people in the arguments or the opinions you express are, telling

i'd also accuse you of an ahistoricism - because you are always citing this non dynamic moment where french pensioners & american oil tycoons are exactly the same for you. you have never provided sufficient historic context for your position - tho you do surprisingly here in describing capital but in beginning of the 20th century but then you get it wrong

i'm never much the wiser what is the role of people & the 'people' in your circumnavigations. that is what i understand by context. what is happening in nepal, or honduras, or melanesia or angola & on that point debs has been consistently untiring in his efforts to give - in what i understand to be difficult circumstances

on the war on iraq i seriously question whether you know much more than general petraeus & his infinite changing taliking points - which are so much like westmorelands in vietnam we would all do well to reread those incantations which are being repeated in iraq. in the circumstances as gangster i see very little difference between the maintaining of power by gangsters like thieu or by malaki

a histoical analysis would show that the exact same methodologies are being used, that there is a repitition of form & the language is essentially the same - give or take a few modifications

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Aug 4 2008 20:23 utc | 101

brezinski @ 96

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Aug 4 2008 20:26 utc | 102

Yes. I'm thankful tangerine did so, because it supports my view. The TNCs are located in europe/Japan/US. Their financing is global, to be sure. But it is a mistake to confuse location with "empire." (And in any case, your empire would have to therefore include the US/japan/northern europe axis). Rather, the location of capitalist expansion (what geographers call spatial diffusion) demonstrates just how extra-national this development is. One has to remember that FDI and R&D is also dominated by these behemoths. This is why the interests of the CCP and Russia and India and Brazil are so well aligned w/ fortune 500 companies. Development depends on this form of investment creating zones of capitalist expansion (coastal chinese, brazilian, indian mega-cities) and zones of deindustrialization in europe/US/japan.

Posted by: slothrop | Aug 4 2008 20:32 utc | 103

I got the sense that the subject of the article was being entirely outclassed by the author; in an almost unbecoming sort of way. Also, the writer was stretching his writing limbs and moving in perfect rhythm, practicing his sacred act. It was almost free of the loathing of daily working writers, I think it has been good for him to be away; but nice that he wants to come around and put one on the RNC's chin now and then!

Posted by: aumana | Aug 5 2008 1:42 utc | 104

to add my two nearly worthless 'merikan pennies to this running drama the Billmon thread has produced, i think less banning and more restraint would be preferable.

if i'm not mistaken, i've seen a few contributors here compose themselves in verse, and in that spirit i offer this poem, partly inspired by the ongoing (4 years???) sparring between unnamed parties.


there remains a veil beyond the tedium
a shroud for mothers, all ripped and red

no one knows the cipher or degree
of spook-like infiltration in our threads

let's gypsy toward the fire under moon
and stars the ancients knew, cities kill

stark confusion in our speech, or perhaps
disillusion requires pseudonyms to hide

that's the ticket; a plastic card to sing
a carefully crafted lullaby of me

the estimeates are conservative, and death
liberally applied has no regard for color

only class bothers dropping bodies high
in numbers children will later learn as facts

these mother fucking thugs cannot escape
this simple earth and complicated rape

Posted by: Lizard | Aug 5 2008 5:43 utc | 105

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