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July 28, 2008

A Flower Story

This spring I bought a few packs of different seeds, mixed those up and put them into two huge pots on the balcony. Sun flowers and a kind of vetch did best and are fighting each others with the vetches entwining themselves around the sun flowers and actually strangle one of them.


More below the fold ...

I took this pic yesterday at 11am.



This one yesterday at 7pm.


This morning at 7:30am.


Noon today at 11:30am. They really have this blinding glow.


This afternoon at 3pm.


Quite a short life. But check the bottom right on this one taken at 7:30 pm today.


Next to those three that lived and died today a new one is preparing itself.

It will open up tomorrow in the first light of the day.

By noon it will be a full blossom.

Tomorrow afternoon it will die.

Posted by b on July 28, 2008 at 18:48 UTC | Permalink


Morning glories! You know the seeds are hallucinogenic, don't you? In the US the seeds are sprayed with poison before packaging, just to kill the fun.

Posted by: biklett | Jul 28 2008 21:12 utc | 1

Aha! Nature returns upon the weary with its fecund mind ensnaring self rememberance. He's a toon, he's.. smokin'!

Posted by: bellgong | Jul 29 2008 5:50 utc | 2

b, your balcony was very nice in January, now it's paradise.
I've got some of those out back. They're strangling everything.

What a way to go.

Thanks. I needed a flower today.

Posted by: beq | Jul 29 2008 10:53 utc | 3

Beautiful, b. I'm getting the same amazement from a $6 bag of Japnese lily bulbs I bought last year - they all came up, a meter tall and full of dark red and white recurved flowers that perfume the whole garden when night falls.

Something about bees in morning glory flowers, though...

Posted by: Tantalus | Jul 29 2008 11:20 utc | 4

@biklett - "Morning glories" - Interesting name. I only knew that name as slang for a certain morning phenomenon of male humans.

It fits much better for these flowers.

Posted by: b | Jul 30 2008 6:58 utc | 5

Lol. It's all about sex b.

Posted by: beq | Jul 30 2008 11:07 utc | 6


Posted by: beq | Jul 30 2008 11:10 utc | 7

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