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June 23, 2008

Iran War Fantasies

The New Yorker has a looong piece on arch-zionist and casino multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson. In a small scene described therein, the 'richest Jew in the world' (his words) talks of someone this blog has taken some interest in:

After Emerson’s presentation, Pooya Dayanim, a Jewish-Iranian democracy activist based in Los Angeles, chatted with Adelson. Recalling their conversation, Dayanim observed that Adelson was dismissive of Reza Pahlevi, the son of the former Shah, who had participated in the Prague conference, because, Adelson said, “he doesn’t want to attack Iran.” According to Dayanim, Adelson referred to another Iranian dissident at the conference, Amir Abbas Fakhravar, whom he said he would like to support, saying, “I like Fakhravar because he says that, if we attack, the Iranian people will be ecstatic.” Dayanim said that when he disputed that assumption Adelson responded, “I really don’t care what happens to Iran. I am for Israel.”

When Richard Perle brought Fakhravar to the U.S. in April 2006, the 'student leader' did not speak English and was seen by fellow Iranian exiles as the fraud he is. Now the third riches guy in the U.S. listens to his fantasies of Iranians giving flowers and candies as thank-you for shock and awe.

That's quite a career step.

Flowers and candy expectations and even more dangerous fantasies about a 'cakewalk' are also in a recent pamphlet from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an AIPAC too-dumb-to-think think tank.

It is the master narrative for the TV talking heads and 'experts' that will 'discuss' how easy the U.S. will win against Iran shortly before that war begins. John Bolton is already explaining that the Arabs will be 'delighted' when Teheran gets bombed.

While the U.S. people may not be keen for another war, expect less resistance from Europe than there was against the Iraq war. The propaganda campaign against Iran here in Germany is running at full pace. For a while I had the fantasy that the EU-3 are doing the sanction and negotiation bidding with Iran to stall another U.S. aggression by running out the time of the Bush administration.

But that seems no longer to be the case. The EU foreign police head Solana was in Teheran just ten days ago to deliver a new offer (pdf) of negotiations about 'incentives' (there was nothing new in it) if Iran stops enrichment. In May Iran distributed a new proposal (pdf) of its own, offering international industrial partnership in its enrichment facilities.

Despite the possibilities of further talks, without giving Iran time to officially answer the EU-3 proposal and without having issued any response to the Iranian proposal, the EU today put new sanctions on Iran's biggest national bank and froze Iranian assets.

This step came much too early for being part of a stalling strategy.

Posted by b on June 23, 2008 at 16:54 UTC | Permalink


just maybe the EU decision was telegraphed a little to loudly as the Iranians got all their money out of european banks before the europeans could freeze it. just a couple of days ago there was this story that stated 75 billion was transferred out.

somehow I am thinking that had to hurt the europeans more than it did the Iranians.

Posted by: dan of steele | Jun 23 2008 17:40 utc | 1

Thanks for bringing it up, dan of steele. I have found it interesting that the media has had nothing to say about the loss of 75-billion and its effect on the European banks. Surely things are not 'business as usual.'

Posted by: Ensley | Jun 23 2008 17:53 utc | 2

If you only get your news from the tv pablum here in the Happy Little Kingdom (Denmark), you would "know" that an attack on Iran, terrible as it may well be, would be justified because we can't allow another Munich and peace in our time to happen.

I know this is so because my own wife came at me with that kind of arguement.

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Jun 23 2008 18:29 utc | 3

Well - Iran denied moving those billions:

Iran's economy minister played down on Sunday reports Tehran was withdrawing assets from Europe in the face of tightening sanctions over its nuclear programme.

Hossein Samsami, acting economy minister, also said the sanctions were not having a major impact on the economy of the world's fourth-largest oil exporter.

Asked whether it was true that Iran was moving money from European banks, he told state radio, without giving details: "No, it is as yet not serious."

Posted by: b | Jun 23 2008 19:07 utc | 4

It's always the same people:

Israel 'will attack Iran' before new US president sworn in, John Bolton predicts - Telegraph

John Bolton, the former American ambassador to the United Nations, has predicted that Israel could attack Iran after the November presidential election but before George W Bush's successor is sworn in.

The Arab world would be "pleased" by Israeli strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities, he said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

"It [the reaction] will be positive privately. I think there'll be public denunciations but no action," he said.

Mr Bolton, an unflinching hawk who proposes military action to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons, bemoaned what he sees as a lack of will by the Bush administration to itself contemplate military strikes.

Posted by: Fran | Jun 23 2008 20:08 utc | 5

re 5, the Telegraph is a notorious war-mongering newspaper. It is not difficult to imagine the result of one war-mongerer interviewing another.

Posted by: Alex | Jun 23 2008 20:42 utc | 6


Any idea who is behind the propaganda campaign in Germany? And why is the German media participating in this information operation?

Who gains in Germany from a bombing Iran?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am curious what's happening in Europe and Germany in particular - considering Schroeder and Chirac really stood up to Bush prior to Iraq invasion. What's changed now?

Posted by: ab initio | Jun 23 2008 23:39 utc | 7

I've made a couple of bets that the bombing will occur before 21 August--at least two weeks before Labor Day, and ten days before the end of summer vacation in Western Europe.

It will be conducted by Israel and endorsed by everyone else. And what will it accomplish? Maybe not much, in and of itself, on the ground, but it will certainly prevent the next U.S. President from setting forth an alternate policy....

Or maybe it won't. I sense that something's bothering the AIPAC crowd. Something isn't going according to plan; something can't be bought with blood and treasure.

Posted by: alabama | Jun 23 2008 23:51 utc | 8

What about the Olympics influencing timing? Desert Storm occurred right between the US football playoffs and the Superbowl, which then became an adrenalin-charged pep rally.

Posted by: Browning | Jun 24 2008 0:03 utc | 9

"Or maybe it won't. I sense that something's bothering the AIPAC crowd. Something isn't going according to plan; something can't be bought with blood and treasure."

Like maybe Israel is worried that current events in Iraq are driving the U.S. into an alliance of necessity with Iran - that could eventually deflate their big shot in the middle east posture, along with their No.1 foreign aid status. Or is it a special something alluring (or virgin) that has happened being so close, but yet so far away from the second largest oil reserve in the world.

Posted by: anna missed | Jun 24 2008 1:06 utc | 10

anna missed: if The Book of Genesis were written today, do you think the Promised Land would be located in the vicinity of Teheran?

Posted by: alabama | Jun 24 2008 1:35 utc | 11

Who is Pooya Dayanim? One of the most ill reputed Iranians in California. This disgraceful ex-pat Iranian is involved in visa scams in conjunction with a non-entity micro-group which names itself Marzeporgohar.

Well done MoonofAlabama once again you have let yourselves become a tool for the most unsavoury characters in bashing genuine Iranian freedom fighters.

See below:

POOYA DAYANIM [##187620], 29, of Beverly Hills was suspended for three years, stayed, placed on three years of probation, and was ordered to prove his rehabilitation, make restitution and take the MPRE. Credit shall be given for the period of interim suspension which began Aug. 31, 2001. The order took effect Aug. 1, 2002.

Dayanim pleaded guilty in 2000 to possessing a false identification document, a counterfeit Iranian bank certificate in another man's name, with the intent to defraud the government.

In mitigation, a case agent said Dayanim was a peripheral participant in a scheme involving 15 people using false information to obtain visas. He also has performed community service.


Posted by: Potkin Azarmehr | Jun 24 2008 15:23 utc | 12

I never did believe ElBaradei was an honest broker though the press tries to portray him as such. In this article he gives ample ammunition to the crazies that Iran is gonna getta bomb.

wtf? when did Iran demonstrate they could enrich ANY uranium to the level needed for a bomb let alone make the massive quantities required for one?

somebody is trying to get this going again, all the previous attempts were probably just to get everyone thinking the same way, just like Chuck Cliff's wife. Iran is bad and must be destroyed, after all they are those strange muslims who only want to blow themselves up for sex with inexperienced women. the constant stream of propaganda settles in and most people can't be bothered to investigate further.

even if there is not an attack on Iran this fall, the one that comes will be that much easier to sell because of the disinformation going on right now.

Posted by: dan of steele | Jun 24 2008 20:54 utc | 13

DoS @ 13: The problem with that article is the way the writer has slanted it, not what Baradei actually said, as reported from other sources.

In the end you are believing the US MSM version. As you know, that's always unwise.

Posted by: Alex | Jun 25 2008 6:47 utc | 14

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