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June 18, 2008

Campaigning It Ain't

U.S. campaign thougth of the day:

If McCain is President we will call it The Nursing House.


Someone timewarp me to December please.

Posted by b on June 18, 2008 at 19:02 UTC | Permalink


Now the headscarf issue is raising its ugly head:

Obama supporters ban headscarves at rallies

Already a touchy issue in France, Germany and Turkey, now it will become an ongoing focus of distraction for the US campaign.

I just hope that Axl Rose doesn't come out for Obama, they won't be allowed to be photographed together...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jun 18 2008 20:22 utc | 2

I'm willin to bet that someone in Obama's advance party picked out the two women in headscarves to stand on the dias behind the great change merchant. The most complete picture of multi-cultural utopia was about to spring forth behind old silver tongue but then someone further up the campaign totem pole freaked at the possibility Obama would be accused of being a muslim again.

So in a callous disregard for the very sensibilities the Obama campaign claims to promote, the two women, probably selected from a hundred applicants from the Detroit Islamic Womens League, were told to get lost.

I just can't get my head around this headscarf ban and I think the only way to defeat it in those societies that have these bans is for everyone to wear headscarves. It wasn't so long ago that older Mediterranean women of various xtian denominations (catholic, greek orthodox), wouldn't dream of being seen out without their scarf covering their head. In fact I think there are still some xtian churches that frown on women coming into them without a head-covering. Nobody found that offensive, which just goes to show how racist these laws in europe are.

I wonder how a ban on the clobber that orthodox jews parade around in would go down. Those blokes getting around in long beards, black coats and hats all look the same to me, how do we know they aren't about to rob a bank? No one would be able to pick them out of an ID parade afterwards, would they?
Since that is one of the favourite arguments against muslim women going out all clobbered up in their hajibs n stuff, but we never hear the same complaint against other religions, it may be time to start up a talk back radio campaign. How long before you get called an anti-semite by one of the same neo-zi hosts who beat up the anti hajib thing? Five or ten seconds. We could run a sweep on that to raise money for the Terrorists for Obama campaign.

The possibilities are endless. I just want someone to get enough traction on McCain's excellent propaganda efforts for the North Vietnamese Army and National Liberation Front to get that out in the mainstream media.

I realise there is no chance of exposing him as the war criminal he was for bombing all those human beings from 40,000 feet because tens of thousands of amerikans have murdered millions of humans by bombing them from up high in the last 50 years, but traitor is much more compelling anyways. It seems that McCain was about the only prisoner who openly collaborated with the vietnamese people.
McCain confessed his war crimes while a prisoner saying:
"I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate. I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors.”

That prolly won't carry much weight but something else will. McCain also collaborated by giving the other side the "package routes". These are the routes used by the USAF as corridors to send their bombers up and down to Hanoi on. They are designed to avoid anti-aircraft defences while ensuring that those going to Hanoi or Laos didn't collide with those coming back. After McCain handed the Vietnamese those little nuggets there was a 60% increase in amerikan planes shot down. In fact some ( Colonel Earl Hopper for one) claim that it was McCain's divulging USAF secrets which caused the 1968 halt to the bombing, because the attrition rate had become too high, not because LBJ suddenly decided gooks were humans too.

A good first start to getting the ball rolling on this ugly part of the McCain back story is to demand that McCain quit opposing the release of his amerikan government debriefings, done when he first returned from Vietnam.
The only version ever sighted was 'heavily redacted' as they say in the trade and although McCain prolly lied as much to the de-briefers as he has to everyone since, the questions McCain asked are likely to have been so incriminating that hearing the answers truthful or not would just be icing on the cake.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Jun 18 2008 22:01 utc | 3

how about an annual world-scarf-day ? In solidarity with the right-to-choose for Muslim women, as well as freedom-of-expression, we all wear scarves. I would.

Posted by: jony_b_cool | Jun 18 2008 23:31 utc | 4

in recognition of the 3+ months amerikans have from here to DECISION '08, i humbly submit a moratorium on elevating the absurd bullshit we can expect to leak from both campaigns higher than necessary. the black man's middle name is HUSSEIN, therefore ladies in muslim-type headscarves represent a legitimate political liability for the marketing crew managing the OBAMA brand.

don't let the professionally tailored distractions occupy more mental space than necessary in our already over-crowded heads.

Posted by: Lizard | Jun 19 2008 4:37 utc | 5

whoops... only muslim-type was suppose to italicized @5, but my plea remains firm, because without a moratorium on distraction, lapel pin politics will dance on the grave of Tim Russert as the hydra-headed media turns to stone anyone gullible enough to look.

Posted by: Lizard | Jun 19 2008 4:54 utc | 6

Well, underneath the paint the White House is more brown than white.

Posted by: Chuck | Jun 19 2008 5:47 utc | 7

At least the French are consistent: they forbid all religious symbols from public schools.

The argument behind forbidding Muslim schoolteachers to wear headscarves in Germany while nuns (who are allowed to teach religion in public schools) may wear habits is that the headscarf is not just a religious symbol, but also a symbol of political Islam.

Nobody asks the teachers/civil servants what they think of political Islam, it is just assumed that they must support it if they are Muslim and choose to cover their hair in public.

Of course, the Catholic Church is a fine upstanding institution for the promotion of women's equal rights, as put forth in the latest encyclical from the College of Cardinals and Cardinelles.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jun 19 2008 7:51 utc | 8

A very fine one-liner you have there.

Posted by: Cloud | Jun 19 2008 14:05 utc | 9

Debs, I'm guessing you read the Counterpunch piece about McCain. I particularly liked the bit where the Cuban psychiatrist sent to evaluate him in the nick reckoned he was a 'psychopath.'

Posted by: Tantalus | Jun 19 2008 16:40 utc | 10

Thanks for the link, Debs is dead.

Posted by: beq | Jun 19 2008 16:55 utc | 11

links for the cuban's interview w/ mccain

Posted by: b real | Jun 19 2008 17:32 utc | 12

Thank you too, breal. I missed them when you posted.

Posted by: beq | Jun 20 2008 16:50 utc | 13

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