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May 21, 2008

The New American Century Has Ended

Apparently for financial reasons, the new American century has prematurely ended.

In a symbolic act, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), run by Bill Kristol and other neocons, has lost its internet presence.

When accessing one now gets redirected to the webhosters 'account suspended' page.

It says:

Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

The website was hosted by which is a subsidary of Hong Kong based PCCW Global.

PNAC is unable to pay for the new American century and the Chinese, after checking America's  sinking  FICO scores, are obviously not willing to finance it with further credit lines.

Signs of the times ...

h/t Jim Lobe

Posted by b on May 21, 2008 at 12:31 UTC | Permalink


Merely a lateral move, and name change. Fascism doesn't dissolve it has to be stamped out. Same as, fascist's don't step down, they have to be put out.
The fat lady has not yet belched...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | May 21 2008 15:28 utc | 1

The site is gone becaus it never happened, KristolCo never held those views, never acted on them.

And if Lobe says it did, it's just coz he's part of the lyin' librul meja.

Posted by: Dismal Science | May 21 2008 16:03 utc | 2

Well personally I think this is great news. It is symbolic.

Posted by: Alex | May 21 2008 16:08 utc | 3

just yesterday i tried to link to the website for reference, not there.

as i recall, the organization was around for a long time before the website went up, only after lots had been written about it.

they were outed for who they really were. maybe they thought the site would 'set the record straight' in a positive way, instead it served as a nail in the coffin of their exposure.

Posted by: annie | May 21 2008 16:18 utc | 4

@annie - you can still link the site as:*/">">*/

Posted by: b | May 21 2008 16:59 utc | 5

: D


Posted by: Gaianne | May 22 2008 5:53 utc | 6

that money has been redirected into mccain's campaign

Posted by: b real | May 22 2008 14:39 utc | 7

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