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May 23, 2008

Norquist's Wonderland

A while ago the news agency KCNA recalled the abolishment of all taxes in North Korea:

The historic law "on completely abolishing the tax system" was promulgated at the third session of the fifth Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK on March 21, Juche 63 (1974). The law took effect from April 1 that year.

This meant the realization of the centuries-old desire of the people to be free from tax burden.

U.S. anti-tax jihadis like Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform argue:

The government's power to control one's life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized.

With zero taxation, North Koreans have obviously achieved that aim.

The abolishment of all taxes in North Korea followed the introduction of Chuch'e, which in 1972 replaced Marxism-Leninism as the official state ideology.

The three principals of Chuch'e are "independence in politics" (chaju), "self-sustenance in the economy" (charip) and "self-defense in national defense" (chawi).

Such politics certainly echo with the non-interventionists and protectionist 'America First' agenda of the late 1930s and its contemporary resurrection by Pat Buchanan.

In 2003 North Korea introduced "People's Life Bonds." These are not a tax, but a lottery:

These instruments have a 10-year maturity, with principal repaid in annual installments beginning in year five (there does not appear to be any provision for interest payments and no money for such payments has been budgeted). For the first two years of the program, there would be semi-annual drawings (annually thereafter) with winners to receive their principal plus prizes. No information has been provided on the expected odds or prize values other than that the drawings are to be based on an "open and objective" principle.

"Open and objective" - followers of objectivism will applaude that idea. Indeed the idea for such bonds comes from Ayn Rand's state financing concepts laid out in The Virtue of Selfishness. Kim Jong-il seems to agree with Rand's claim:

A government lottery, for instance, [..] is one good method of voluntary taxation.

Fice years behind North Korea, Arnold Schwarzenegger last week proposed lottery bonds to finance the state of California.

As North Korea already resembles the anti-tax, isolationist and objectionist paradise Norquist, Buchanan, Greenspan and Schwarzenegger strive to achieve, we wonder when they will finally make their ideological aliyah and settle in Pyongyang.

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The only difference between PNK and USA then would be the Neo-lotto-bonds would layer
on and ladder up on top of taxes, fees, surcharges and tariffs that in municipalities
of the larger states are already at 50% of average citizen's income, which is a firm
necessity when 60% of Americans work either for government or contract to it, putting
Neo-lotto-bond schemes up there with burning books and marching in swastika circles,
10-Year Plans and Pobeda Gaz M-20 national automobiles. What I don't think Americans
understand is, the NYC and WADC bleedout is so severe, deflation of the credit.con
into energy & food commodities and carry-trade junk refining so inexorable and hugely
egregious, Neo-lotto-bonds and a myriad of Hysteria-Based Initiatives are inevitable.

What I know Americans don't understand is that these "solutions" will only serve to
grow government "services", grow bureaucracy, grow war on its citizens, until
at last there is no SSTF, MediCaid resembles factory farming, and their Neo-Soviet
Socialist American system is subsumed in international financial terrorism.

Look at building permits, just for a quick ad hominem. Building starts have been
fairly uniform over the decades, so are the permit fee rates allowed by the code.
But the cost of land and building materials has risen three or four fold. That's
bringing massive growth of municipal government infringement in our private life,
funded by an "invisible" 400% growth in fee and tax revenues derived from building.
Name one commercial industrial venture that's grown similarly 400%, besides Google!
What do all these newly-minted State watchers do? Cripple up our industry.

When I grew up, there was one sheriff and one deputy. Today, it's SWAT paramilitary!
Numerous social watchers shudder at EPA, CarbonCredit etc as our final Armageddon, a
wholly bad-faith-based government, whose only portfolio is to spike the tree, poison
the waterhole, and cripple the wheels of industry, until one day they tax your farts,
everyone is diagnosed with ADHD perforce, your DNA is stolen at birth and patented,
our beaks and horns are trimmed, and we're jammed four to a cage into Gaz chambers.

If not for 1984 invention of integrated circuits, and everything that derived from,
the US would already be a Soviet state. Sadly, the social integration which should
have derived therefrom, a distributed workforce interconnected by internet and VPN,
seems to have devolved. Now nanotubes, wind turbines even Tyra Banks can't save US.

Why is it so hot in here, and how did we get in this basket?

Posted by: Perry Trebuchet | May 23 2008 14:38 utc | 1

@ Perry Trebuchet and all the other aliases you use, I find your style fascinating and the content illuminating. What somehow spoils it is the different nicks you use. Who can tell if you are the same person or a small group. I think someone else made the same comment some time ago so I am kinda seconding the motion. let us know a little bit about who you are, the crowd is really pretty docile around here and we've all had our shots.

oh yeah, black uniformed, face covered with balaclava, submachine gun toting "security forces" are all the rage even here in Europe. I saw a couple of them in a department store in Northern Italy who checking receipts on the way out of the store. granted they didn't wear the ski mask but they had awfully big guns and were dressed in black with nice leather combat boots. you get to see them in all their glory at soccer matches and any kind of march or gathering where more than 50 people are expected. I mentioned that it was odd to see so much paramilitary presence in a really boring and calm part of Italy to some of the natives there and my comment was met with blank stares.

I guess the problem is, a lot of people just don't give a shit about what happens. either they are intellectually lazy and un-interested in how things work or have been thoroughly indoctrinated by Madison avenue advertising....whatever, they are not going to do anything to make this situation better. That leaves those who benefit from the status quo and those who see what is going on. Those that benefit know exactly what they want and have the resources to get it. Those, like the people who post here, who see or think they see what is happening behind the curtain have very few resources to use to fight this stuff and what is worse, there is no personal gain to be had. Any struggle against totalitarianism or fascism or cutthroat capitalism is taken up simply because it is the right thing to do. what makes that even more difficult is that there are risks and definite hardships associated with being what one might consider an altruist. You can get blacklisted at the airport, denied a federal job, perhaps denied any kind of employment if someone messes with your credit history, and be the target of all kinds of subtle or not so subtle harassment. all this for what? to help someone else who doesn't even care?

sometimes you wanna just say, fuggit, I'm gettin mine and the rest of you can go to hell (maybe even in a handbasket)

Posted by: dan of steele | May 23 2008 17:05 utc | 2

"They're here!..."

Real Change for Real Neo-Zi's by Newt Gingrich

"Are you fed up with bickering politicians, self-satisfied bureaucrats, and a government that never seems to address the real problems facing our country? Can we create a government that is small, efficient, and responsive [read: outsourced to a tight cabal of ultra-right defense contractors and visigoths financed by Carlyle Group and Cerberus derivatively leveraged on emergency funding behind black ops] --from the state house to the White House?

[read: that's what the Neo-Zi's want, uniform extra-national paramilitary control.]

"Is that kind of real change even possible? Newt Gingrich, architect of the Contract with [read: on] America, says it's time for citizens to demand results from our elected officials. In this revealing and exciting new book, he shows how America can achieve transformational change--from a government of bureaucratic failure to a government that can meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

As a first step, Gingrich busts the pernicious myth (sic) that America is divided between conservative red states and liberal blue states. As Gingrich points out, [read: propaganda blurring by re-defining, by moving the goal posts, by reassigning a new IP address, by logging on under a different user name] the American people are united on almost every important issue facing our country--including immigration, taxes, defending America, and freedom of religion. The real division is between red-white-and-blue America and a fringe on the left.

Red-white-and-blue [arm-banded] America believes overwhelmingly--by majorities of 70 percent or more (sic)[ed: apparently not belief enough for all of them vote, however] --that we need a change in course.

He provides answers and a step-by-step, issue-by-issue toolkit for building a better America--the safe, [Code Word for 'white'] innovative, [Code Word for 'white'] and dynamic [Code Word for 'white'] America we all want. What will take us from the world that fails to the world that works? Real change--the kind of change that happens when politicians drop their own agendas and respond to the "will of the people".[Neo-Zi Code Word for fascism] Newt Gingrich shows us how we can make real change a reality."

Real change requires REAL CHANGE [ed. title stolen from Obama's campaign]

"We're standing on the edge of a potential golden age for America. [read: rich white people with pensions, annuities, quality health care, and 401ks who don't want higher taxes, so most folks won't starve] Advances in technology, science, engineering, and medicine hold the promise of benefits our parents couldn't even dream of. [what about our children!?] If we make the "right choices" now, [Code Word "ethnic cleansing"] America will enjoy a level of prosperity [Code Word for "white"], safety,[Code Word for "white"] and freedom [Code Word for "white"] unknown to previous [democratic populist] generations."

-- [comparing "Real Change" [Kampf für Änderung] to "Mein Kampf"]

"Prosperity, safety and freedom"; and "Safe, innovative and dynamic" are Neo-Zi Code Words mirrored from Adolf Hitler. We all know the Nazi Code Words: "peace and order" [Mein Kampf - Volume Two: The National Socialist Movement; Chapter II: The State]. "But it is a scarcely conceivable fallacy of thought to believe that a Negro or a Chinese, let us say, will turn into a German because he learns German and is willing to speak the German language in the future and perhaps even give his vote to a German political party."

And the other Code Words: "inferior race" "Today it must be regarded as a good fortune that a Germanization as intended by Joseph II in Austria was not carried out. Its result would probably have been the preservation of the Austrian state, but also the lowering of the racial level of the German nation induced by a linguistic union. In the course of the centuries a certain herd instinct would doubtless have crystallized out, but the herd itself would have become inferior. A state-people would perhaps have been born, but a culture-people would have been lost."

-- [bad to Pavlovian cult porn]

"This well-written, compelling book is truly a tour-de-force for its clear statement of our current national problems and the solutions that are needed to turn the US back on track as a nation of acheivement.

The critical problem undermining America's well being, according to the author, is the unresponsive interference of government bureacracies dominated by the labor union mindset. About this there is no question, and I have seen how this mindless turf protection works its way down to the section head level where the mindlessness is enforced and creativity and problem solving solutions are shunned."

-- [compare again to Mein Kampf]

"In summing up we can state the following: All these views have their deepest root, not in the knowledge that the forces which create culture and values are based essentially on racial elements and that the state must, therefore, in the light of reason, regard its highest task as the preservation and intensification of the race, this fundamental condition of all human cultural development.

Even in this field, therefore, the struggle of the bourgeois world against the Marxist international must fail completely. It long since sacrificed the foundations which would have been indispensably necessary for the support of its own ideological world. Their shrewd foe recognized the weaknesses of their own structure and is now storming it with the weapons which they themselves, even if involuntarily, provided.

It is, therefore, the first obligation of a new movement, standing on the ground of a folkish world view, to make sure that its conception of the nature and purpose of the state attains a uniform and clear character.

Thus the basic realization is: that the state represents no end, but a means. It is, to be sure, the premise for the formation of a higher human culture, but not its cause, which lies exclusively in the existence of a race capable of culture. Hundreds of exemplary states might exist on earth, but if the Aryan culture-bearer died out, there would be no culture corresponding to the spiritual level of the highest peoples of today. We can go even farther and say that the fact of human state formation would not in the least exclude the possibility of the destruction of the human race, provided that superior intellectual ability and elasticity would be lost due to the absence of their racial bearers."


"And that is the charm Newt Gingrich shows in "Real Change," he knows how to frame really well, very bad ideas."

Bad ideas which we're about to see our $230B allegedly "emergency funding for Iraq, Afghanistan AND OTHER UNDISCLOSED NATIONAL SECURITY PURPOSES", employed across a full spectrum dominance of American political and financial culture, the greatest media onslaught in all of human history this next six months of the 1000-Year Reich.

2008 will make "1984" look good. Teach your kids the Code Words, so they don't internalize them, like the German people did in 1939! Explain to your kids the Big Lie, the Rounding of the Square, the xenophobic mask covering monopolistic fascism behind war profiteering, the iron fist in the velvet glove.

Read them this for their bedtime story: The Conquest of Bread


DoS, we'll soon enough get to know more about each other as zek's, with prison camp names and number tatooes, that's no jive-ass honkie pandering. Our names are "Zek".

Posted by: Ali Az | May 25 2008 4:36 utc | 3

fair enough zek, you sound a bit like Antifa who used to post here as well.

I was reading last night about how warlords tend to establish control when there is no strong and popular central government. This has been the case in a lot of the African countries b real so aptly writes about but nearly everywhere else too. You have the cartels in Columbia, organized crime in Italy and Russia, and then the more well known (thanks to corporate media) ones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Iraq.

Now in the US, we are seeing the local police getting all armed up with bulletproof armor, teargas, sniper rifles, machine guns, helicopters, armored personnel carriers and they always want more. There seems to be little anyone can do about this trend as anyone who questions the wisdom of a strong police force is branded soft on crime and a coddler of criminals. Some of this is due to good salesmen from the defense industry and some of it because law enforcement has a lot of prior military who already know and worked with these kind of things.

I wonder if there is not a more sinister driving force. All politics is supposedly local so that must mean that there is a local elite that wants to have a heavily armed militia who will ordinarily take orders from them. In some places the sheriff has quite a bit of power but he can be replaced quite easily if the PTB mount a campaign to remove him, so in this respect a powerful sheriff understands who his betters are and serves them faithfully. Now if a group attempts to hijack the federal government, and some say they already have, they still need to be able to control the state and local governments too. Many states have resisted this, witness the reluctance of the Louisiana governor to give control of the state's national guard to the feds during hurricane Katrina. I believe that many local governments have the same distrust of state governments as well. the feds respond by having US attorneys bring charges and otherwise harass those state and local officials who are not sufficiently obedient. this back and forth gets played out usually with the feds threatening to withhold money for infrastructure such has highway funds. they are often successful in getting their way. the republicans used to be all about state's rights which I assumed to be about this very thing.

perhaps I have been out in the sun too long, I wish I could better join my rambling thoughts and come up with a really cool opinion. in the meantime I would like to know if I am anywhere near in understanding how stuff works

Posted by: dan of steele | May 25 2008 9:18 utc | 4

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