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May 29, 2008

Administration Shake-Up Imminent

WASHINGTON D.C. (RBN) -  RBN has learned of imminent changes in key government positions as launch of a "last push phase" of the Bush administration. The moves were confirmed by two senior administration officials directly involved in the current reorientation.

Secretary of State Condolezza Rice is expected to resign within weeks to pursue a new academic position at Stanford University. Her current position will be filled by Stephen J. Hadley, currently the National Security Advisor. Elliot Abrams, now the Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy will be promoted to head the National Security Council.

As was rumored earlier, Christopher Hill, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, will also leave the administration. His position has been offered to John R. Bolton, former Permanent US Representative to the UN and currently of counsel to the law firm Kirkland and Ellis.

As the sources explained to RBN these moves were initiated to allow a more "forceful pursuit of the President's aim to make history."

This week a Wall Street Journal editorial attacked Rice for not taking a sufficiently militaristic stand against Iran. On the same page the Iranian exile Amir Taheri remarked how she "proffered" negotiations with "Iran's mullahs."

In what amounted to a political obituary, a recent essay in the Weekly Standard by Vice-President Cheney's biographer Stephen F. Hayes accused Rice of "jettisoning of the Bush Doctrine." Hayes alleged her of circumventing the political process by allowing her Assistant Secretary Christopher Hill, to negotiate with North Korea.

According to our sources additional shake ups in the cabinet are planed, but have been delayed. So far no potential successor was found for Secretary of the Treasury Paulson. Paulson had warned of severe economic consequences of further wars in the Middle East. The nomination of Paul Wolfowitz as new Secretary of Defense is held up by "hefty resistance" on Capitol Hill, the sources say.

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So, basically, we are back to the IranContra group, a group of cowards who seem to feel they got short-changed under Reagan.

I wonder how hard it is for Americans to wander into Iran to observe and protect.

Posted by: IntelVet | May 29 2008 14:16 utc | 1

The pollyanna case to go with RBN's very reasonable null hypothesis is rats jumping off of the sinking ship. They gotta go write rueful books. And who would step in but real lunatics? Evidence for simple attrition would be an influx of malleable mediocrities into lower-profile posts, as happened in the waning days of Powell. Treasury's a special case, as you can always lure tycoons with the blind-trust rule and the concomitant tax exemption for their massive unrealized capital gains, but now's an awkward time to stick a chump in there. They need someone who's got a reputation to lose. With a critical mass of cultists in the Ceausescu palace, they could give it the old college try, of course, but if they do, Bush will find it much harder to live in his fantasy world. The people he works for will lose their patience. If we do go to war with Iran, you had better start re-arming.

Posted by: ...---... | May 29 2008 14:47 utc | 2

I could see Rice leave soon, but Hill's post is a confirmable post: Bolton? Finally, what is RBN

Posted by: GPC | May 29 2008 14:50 utc | 3

Oh what fun, eh. Of course, when the article suggests that Wolfowitz's nomination as secdef is being held up by resistance on Capitol Hill ( not exactly a leak-proof environment ) then you know that the whole thing is, er, a massive joke.

There's simply no way that any of the above-mentioned could ever get through a confirmation process at this late stage in the Bush administration, and placeholders for 6 months on recess appointments would be unable to function in any kind of bureaucratic setting.

Can't say I've ever heard of RBN - are you just making shit up for a laugh, B?

Posted by: dan | May 29 2008 15:38 utc | 4

Hadley to SOS?
Elliot Abrams to head NSC?
Bolton to head... anything?... much less Assistant SOS for East Asian "Affairs" (eg. bomb bomb bomb Iran)?

And just who's gon'a vote to confirm any of these num-skulls?

Me thinks maybe Junior just wants to get his approval ratings down to single digits.

Posted by: jdmckay | May 29 2008 15:44 utc | 5

re dan #4 on timing and bureaucracies. 1) Since when did these guys worry about screwing up bureaucracies? They like that, shows privatisation is better,warns us that natural disaster relief run by government will be worse than after Katrina, which itself was significantly worse, slower at several stages and less effective, than the 1906 governmental responses to the San Francisco Earthquake. (Though like Katrina, seems likely lots more are dead than reported.) 2) Wolfowitz knows timing more than we do.

repeat of 08-04 #119:

thanks Uncle $cam #92 for>link to Wolfowitz West Point speech June '01, just watched it, hadn't heard of before. One of the comments mentioned his dismissive hand wave at about 3 min 21 seconds in when he mentions pre-WW1 theory that war had become unprofitable, so I rewatched that part several times. The man does know what is laughable, and I don't mean Straussian theory.

Here is link again, whole speech clip is only 4 minutes 44 seconds, well worth watching, listening.

{Part of uncle's #92 said: "Here's Wolfowitz practically giddy with excitement telling West Point academy students that 9/11 is about to happen, and will make war profiteers rich"}
(june 2001)

To uncle's OT 08/20 #43

thanks for link to excellent>clip on Bugliosi's book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder", remember he wrote over 1000 pages saying Oswald was alone.

I don't think anybody in public life does anything not allowed, and even when jobs change I suspect the demoted is fine with same, a warning to the sincere.(Spitzer I'm pretty sure, maybe not Montel Williams, almost surely not Phil Schneider {only say "almost" because disinfo always possible, truth known only at tippy-tippy-top, those we are told don't believe in truth, only in power - and contracts. And they love disinfo, spices things up and makes us fight each other}

Posted by: plu | May 29 2008 17:09 utc | 6

I'm #6 above, only just now clicked on RBN, dan #4 is right.

It's gotten so that if Chertoff went on Oprah to say, yes his surname does mean "Of the Devil", but he's not going to throw his relatives under the bus, and pointy tail discrimination scars the little devils, I'd be only a little surprised.

But Wolfowitz is pretty far up. He knows many interesting things.

Posted by: plushtown | May 29 2008 17:18 utc | 7

@GPC Finally, what is RBN

An insider joke. I have added a link now to explain that.

Posted by: b | May 29 2008 17:37 utc | 8

Sounds like the shuffle in April, 1945 in Germany. Goering and Himmler have decided to spend more time with their families. The Reichskanzlerei will be announcing their replacements momentarily.

Posted by: | May 29 2008 17:48 utc | 9

Only absolute hacks and losers join an administration in its final year, especially an administation that is going down in ignominy.

Bolton would definitely qualify.

And he only stands out amongst a pathetic lot.

Posted by: DonS | May 29 2008 19:09 utc | 10

I thought something was screwy at the start because Condi is a Deadender and will stay in the Bunker until it's just her and her Georgie.

Posted by: R.L. | May 29 2008 20:28 utc | 11

This is my first time on this blog. I have to admit that you totally had me there. I didn't have a clue that this post is satire until I read the Wolfowitz-Sec'y of Defense line.

Posted by: Green Eagle | May 29 2008 23:11 utc | 12

I'm waiting for Sun Myung Moon to be appointed Bush's Minister of Religion and perform one more mass marriage before they all drink the koolaid in the bunker Jan 19, 2008! Die with dignity you slimy rodents! A picture of the past flashed before my eyes:

A couple of decades ago my undergraduate advisor (History) told me how he was a member of Hitler Youth for three minutes. They rounded kids around ten years old and drove them to the bunker in Hitler's final week. They then dressed them in shiny black uniforms, gave them a dagger, and lined them up. Hitler then told them that the future of the Reich was in their hands and to defend the Fatherland to the death. He then descended into the pit to move around model tanks on a map and pretending they were real and perhaps attempting to consumate his marriage to Eva. The kids marched proudly out of sight, stripped off their uniforms, and ran like Hell to any basement they could find.

Ah yes. Will members of College Republicans, Young America and Horowitz Youth wise up and own up to the corruption of the Bush Machine? Or will they draw their daggers and run up to every T-34 and stab away? Knowing these idiots, I suspect the latter.

Posted by: Diogenes | May 30 2008 1:17 utc | 13

Last Push or Final Solution?

Posted by: scarshapedstar | May 30 2008 16:09 utc | 14

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