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March 16, 2008

MoA Needs Money

In the 100,000 Comments thread some asked if they could/should contribute money to run MoA.

Here's your chance.

The computer I use for blogging is on the verge of breaking down. The case and drives are some eight years old, the mainboard four and each day the machine is a bit louder than the day before. A sure sign of coming destruction. Additionally the wlan/DSL router went up in smoke last week and needs a replacement.

So if you can spare some money you are welcome to spend it on a blogging-laptop for b.

Of course that laptop shall be gold plated and with ivory keys, so add a zero to that number you just had in mind.

More seriously - blogging does take a lot of time and there are opportunity costs to pay for doing it. Besides of that it's my birthday today and I haven't received any gifts yet.

For your donation use either the PayPal button below or contact me by email at MoonofA @ for address and/or bank data.

Thanks and kisses. b.

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i am in atight situation, as always but i want to remind people of the generosity of b & of this community. it had a profound (&still has) effect on me practically & emotionally it gave me great succour in times when my physical health overwhelms me - b's & conchitas efforts & all the poster here made my life significantly more tender

so at this moment when b is in need i just wanted to remind people of b's steadfastness or as i would say in the red days, 'staunch'

& that is without the intensity of post coming from b that cover the waterfront

this to say thanks & to hope i can find a way to aid you

Posted by: r'giap | Mar 16 2008 18:19 utc | 1

Happy birthday, bernhard! e-mail on its way

Posted by: Argh | Mar 16 2008 18:22 utc | 2

happy birthday Bernhard is all I can afford and thanks for your efforts

Posted by: jcairo | Mar 16 2008 18:35 utc | 3

Happy Birthday Bernhard and we can all only hope that the world is in better shape on your future ones.

Posted by: R.L. | Mar 16 2008 19:19 utc | 4

Happy Birthday Bernard,

more than glad to contribute - did so - 'bout time I paid something on my bar tab...

some of the others here contribute in their wonderful posts and I appreciate that ever so much... as I usually sit in the corner and drink alone...

Posted by: crone | Mar 16 2008 20:26 utc | 5

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

email folgt

Posted by: dan of steele | Mar 16 2008 20:39 utc | 6

Happy Birthday Bernhard!!! Check in mail.


(can you cash my check in Germany?)

Posted by: beq | Mar 16 2008 21:05 utc | 7

Just through something in the collection basket - well worth it, too. MoA is such a source of solace, information, intelligent and often thought-provoking discussion and comment,
and sanity for me. Thanks to all of the regular commenters here, and thanks especially and happy birthday to Bernhard.

Posted by: Maxcrat | Mar 16 2008 21:08 utc | 8

Spend my dollars before they lose any more value!

Posted by: biklett | Mar 16 2008 21:09 utc | 9

Best wishes to your Birthday Bernhard. The struggle to filter out misinformation from whats really going on in the big wide world would be so much harder if it weren't for the MoA and its punters. Bottoms up.

Rgiap, thanx for mentioning Conchita, been wondering how she is going, haven't read any comments by her for what seems like ages.

Posted by: Juan Moment | Mar 16 2008 22:02 utc | 10

& happy birthday also, b

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 16 2008 22:26 utc | 11

Happy Birthday Bernhard. Always happy to help. Let us know if more help is needed.

Posted by: Rick | Mar 16 2008 22:28 utc | 12

when i was in great need - i didn't have to think - b with conchita & rick & this whole splendid community took charge. i cannot understimate what it was like to receive a gift, a tool, an arm from people who i had not met physically - except for conchita

i don't know if i will be clear - but i work with many communities - & some of those communities - those of men & women in shelters for example - are in some ways - as 'virtual' as this - everything is in the trace, everything is in the nuance - so this community has never had less 'reality' - the toughness & tenderness of the gals, the humour of certain, the rigor of others, the pure usefulness, the oblique angle that gives light to something i had not thought of, or had not though of in that way

i feel the solid rick, the urgency of uncle $cam, the patient work of anna missed beq & b real

but when you gave me that gift - that arm - i have never been so moved - because of the fervour, the rage even the fanaticism - i'm not so easy to like & i am not as clear as i want to be here sometimes & in a way that gift - heightened both the sense of being heard & of my own hearing

i think like i sd on the tibet thread - because of certain exigences - it is difficult for me to concentrate on all that is happening in our sorry old world & this place - moonofalabama - has opened me in ways that are extremely difficult to articulate

those tender comrades rick & b - who i imagine do not share even a half of what i say - not only allowed me to say it but deeply encouraged it with their words but also in their deeds

& it was also true when i was in the intensive care at the hospital - for my heart attack - the voices of this community became real in other ways - through the telephone, through this, through emails & letters & i am sure - the fighting back - whatever little i have fought back - i owe in large part to our community

& the deeds of b require some rewards. just the coverage of subjects we cover here & often at b's pushing is a wonder in the physical sense of that word

& given that b posts so much i know that he is a silent man & would not call if it was not needed

as odd as it may seem in this strange old world - he is a friend i would sorely miss

& i know that is true for all of us

force et tendresse

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 16 2008 22:48 utc | 13

If it's not enough, say so. You are highly respected and much needed.

Posted by: Wolf DeVoon | Mar 16 2008 23:15 utc | 14

happy b-lated b-day b

all i got are some usd, but will pitch in shortly

Posted by: b real | Mar 17 2008 4:58 utc | 15

Very many happy returns of the day. I sent mail.

Posted by: Tangerine | Mar 17 2008 12:21 utc | 16

Belated regards, b. Wish I had euros. Spend the $ before they go the way of Bear Stearns.

Posted by: lg | Mar 17 2008 15:06 utc | 17

Just a tad in the kitty -- switching jobs -- but hopefully it'll put some ivory on your spacebar.

Have you considered registering MOA as a brokerage house and then arranging a little loan with Ben B.?

Posted by: citizen | Mar 17 2008 19:44 utc | 18

Joining the chorus of best wishes, Bernhard.

Happy Birthday!

Posted by: jonku | Mar 17 2008 20:49 utc | 19

happy belated birthday, bernhard. hope it was a good day with cranes, dykes, and your favorite single malt. you will be hearing from me very soon.

Posted by: conchita | Mar 18 2008 6:10 utc | 20

me kellyhc, happy birthday!!!!

Posted by: anna missed | Mar 18 2008 7:20 utc | 21

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