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March 18, 2008

MoA Needs Money II

Two days ago I asked for financial contributions to Moon of Alabama.

A big thanks to all of you who gave something and to all who would have liked to give, but can not afford to do so. It is the intent that counts not the money.

It seems like this may sum up eventually to afford a new blogging machine, though not a gold plated one.

To those who missed the call and want to contribute, the necessary information is here.


Posted by b on March 18, 2008 at 13:19 UTC | Permalink


i get "Page Not Found - PayPal" when following the link. tried it in different browsers to make sure it wasn't blocked by my config tweaking on firefox. anyone else encountered that?

Posted by: b real | Mar 18 2008 15:08 utc | 1

@b real - did you use the "Donate" button here? Works for me and seems to have worked for others too.

Posted by: b | Mar 18 2008 15:28 utc | 2

right. that's what i tested. doesn't work from here, but it's not just the link on the moa page that isn't working for me. from the paypal homepage, i get the same error page when i click "send money". will try from a diff location later today.

Posted by: b real | Mar 18 2008 15:53 utc | 3

can you wait til next month?
i promise you i will pay with interes

Posted by: curious | Mar 18 2008 15:59 utc | 4

@curious - thanks. Of course you can give whenever you want, but do not feel obliged. I am not that tight myself yet.

All: This blog doesn't live off money, but off the comments you are adding to it.

Posted by: b | Mar 18 2008 16:17 utc | 5

Why don't you just lose a ton of money on bad mortgage-bond transactions? Then Ben Bernanke will write you a check for $14 billion...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Mar 18 2008 16:25 utc | 6

oh what a good laugh you gave me ralphieboy - thanks. now to put a tip in the jar. next round's on me.

Posted by: Hamburger | Mar 18 2008 17:01 utc | 7

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