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March 18, 2008

Manipulation Operations

Most of you will know about Operation Gladio and the strategy of tension. CIA operations in NATO countries which included the use of terrorism to manipulate public opinion against communism.

There is a new book out that describes how a slightly different operation was used to prop up anti-Soviet public opinion in Sweden:

Following the stranding of a Soviet Whiskey-class submarine in 1981 on the Swedish archipelago, a series of massive submarine intrusions took place within Swedish waters.

However, the evidence for these appears to have been manipulated or simply invented. Classified documents and interviews point to covert Western, rather than Soviet activity. This is backed up by former US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who stated that Western 'testing' operations were carried out regularly in Swedish waters. Royal Navy submarine captains have also admitted to top-secret operations.

Ola Tunander's revelations make it clear that the United States and Britain ran a 'secret war' in Swedish waters. The number of Swedes perceiving the Soviet Union as a direct threat increased from 5-10 per cent in 1980 to 45 per cent in 1983. This Anglo-American 'secret war' was aimed at exerting political influence over Sweden. It was a risky enterprise, but perhaps the most successful covert operation of the entire Cold War.

There is no reason to believe that operations like these have stopped or are restricted to those countries you are not living in.

Depending on the 'favorite enemy of the day' such operations might be used to induce anti-Islam, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese public opinion. The best defense against these manipulation is to stay informed and to process all 'news' with a healthy dose of salt.

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Saw a documentary the other year. They had intervued one of the officers trying to bring up a submarine in Hårdfjärden. It was trapped, when suddenly the troops were ordered to stand down. It was made clear that the order originated somewhere in the top of the command chain, so while the troops were hunting submarine the high command knew it was a fake.

Still today no one on the swedish side has been held accountable, and there is no political wil for any hearings. One of the politicians that made a career on tough on Russia stanses, is the present foreign minister Carl Bildt.

Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Mar 18 2008 21:56 utc | 1

I remember a quote from a Swedish naval officer about this operation. It seemed they were in on it and he said with a bit of smirk something like "We never said which countries submarines were invading our waters"

Posted by: swio | Mar 19 2008 2:11 utc | 2

The secret behind Bush.Con's drug-gangster strategy of seizing and controlling assets!

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Posted by: Terrence Micheals | Mar 19 2008 5:04 utc | 3

Tune in next week to hear the hapless and confused say: And who in the world killed Olaf Palme?

Posted by: Emilio | Mar 19 2008 11:49 utc | 4

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