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March 08, 2008

Lectures by Toni Blair

Yale University - Media Information: Prime Minister Blair to Teach at Yale

New Haven, Conn. — Yale University is pleased to announce the appointment of Prime Minister Tony Blair as the Howland Distinguished Fellow for the next academic year.

Mr. Blair will lead a seminar at Yale and participate in a number of events around the campus. The course in which he will participate with Yale faculty will examine issues of faith and globalization. His efforts at Yale relate to the work of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that he will be launching later this year.

The Deans of the Yale School of Management and Divinity are working with Mr. Blair on finalizing details of the program.
The foundation will promote understanding between the major faiths and increase understanding of the role of faith in the modern world.

Yale School of Management
Yale Divinity School
Fall 2008
YM&D 666 01
Issues of Faith and Globalization
Toni Blair

Within this seminar Mr. Blair will hold eight lectures, each followed by plenary discussions. Topics for four of these lectures were set by Mr. Blair. The community is invited to propose topics for the remaining lectures.

Lecture plan:

  1. From the Spanish Inquisition to Abu Ghraib - Faithful humbleness in the service of discovering divine truth
  2. Jews and Muslim - Solving inter-faith conflicts by submitting to papal guidance
  3. Schism and 'long wars' - Europe's Thirty Years' War: a template for globalizing the Middle East and Africa
  4. (to be selected from submitted topic proposals)
  5. (to be selected from submitted topic proposals)
  6. (to be selected from submitted topic proposals)
  7. (to be selected from submitted topic proposals)
  8. Blessed oil and its use in anoitments - An argument for applying force to liberate Khuzestan

This lecture series is sponsored by the Initiative on Religion and Politics at Yale, Freedom's Watch, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton Inc and British Petroleum.

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Topic proposal:

"I am a false prophet and denounce God as a superstition."

- Paul Sunday, Church of the Third Revelation


Posted by: Hamburger | Mar 8 2008 13:19 utc | 1

When I was an University of Chicago undergrad, we would stop by Rockefeller Chapel to sing the benediction, "Praise God from whom oil gushing flows, praise him all buyers here below...." Good to see that the links between big oil and American religion still exist. (Halliburton and Lockheed Martin are new twists, however. )

Topic proposals:
"How hard is it for politicians to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?"
"Would a modern Judas Iscariot accept stock options or insist on precious metals?"

Posted by: infoshaman | Mar 8 2008 13:32 utc | 2

always heartwarming to see a mass murdering war criminal get an Ivy League gig. and check out those war promoting and war profiteering sponsors.

Posted by: ran | Mar 8 2008 15:25 utc | 3

You have an evil sense of humor, b.

4. From Creation to Apocalypse in 6000 years -- how world leaders can make it a success.

Posted by: Ensley | Mar 8 2008 15:57 utc | 4

Topic proposal, feminist perspectives:

Patriarchy po Juno, Demeter, Jezebel, and Medea:
"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature"

We will pray to Aphrodite
Even tho' she's rather flighty
They say she wears no nightie
And that's good enough for me--
Gimme that old time religion
Gimme that old time religion
Gimme that old time religion
And that's good enough for me

Posted by: catlady | Mar 8 2008 16:13 utc | 5

Freedom Watch, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton and British Petroleum (and Yale?) want to promote what the French call ‘communitarisme’ - the splitting up of ppl into little ethnic/cultural groups. Religion as a key is chosen because it has some weight or appeal, particularly for those who are lost, isolated, undeducated, poor, or who suffer; but mostly because it is completely irrational (in the sense of not directly related to reality and happenings on the ground, though there are exceptions that are made much of, such as Sharia Law, etc.); because the definition or division can’t be condemned as ‘racist’, or ‘war-like’, or ‘against minorities’ or ‘a certain class’ (such a gays, factory workers, brown people, women, etc.); because respecting other’s irrational beliefs is part of polite society in the West in our times.

Imprison people in these boxes, see to it that that is their core identity, and then set them against each other, and le tour est joué.

Legitimize these divisions by running seminars, conferences, lectures, publishing books, etc., with a lot of hand-wringing and stabs at inter-cultural or inter-faith understanding. Bemoan the differences while sneakily pushing people to take sides, affiliate.

Posted by: Tangerine | Mar 8 2008 16:18 utc | 6

I found some of these seminar titles difficult to believe - is the source good? There's no link.

"An argument for applying force to liberate Khuzestan" I found this difficult to believe, as it advocates open aggression.

"Jews and Muslim - Solving inter-faith conflicts by submitting to papal guidance" Now that is funny.

Posted by: | Mar 8 2008 16:40 utc | 7

Maybe next year he can team up with Dershowitz at Harvard for a course in Faith and Legal Ethics in Institution Building with the goal to achieving Middle East Peace. Hope and Charity will not be included.

Posted by: ww | Mar 8 2008 16:45 utc | 8

This is so OT, I'll probably be banned, excommunicated and maybe even waterboarded (although not tortured..) But I ran across this Lady of the Autoharp y'day and I am so gob smacked...

Hmn, a title for a seminar, "How to save your soul and screw the world in one easy flip of the conscience..."

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Mar 8 2008 17:01 utc | 9

Chuck Cliff - check link.

Thanks b. Funny and not because it's almost all believable.

Posted by: beq | Mar 8 2008 17:07 utc | 10

link in 9 now corrected
@7 - is the source good? There's no link.

The link in the course title works for me - hmm.

Posted by: b | Mar 8 2008 17:36 utc | 11

your sceptisism serves you well. The lecture plan is b's sense of humour. (The link to the triumph of death jpg is a clue.)

I suspect the real lecture plan will be less obvious and have much less input from students (since that means work).

Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Mar 8 2008 17:44 utc | 12

J'espère que Tony n'est pas avoir le cul entre deux chaises!

Posted by: Tante Aime | Mar 8 2008 18:08 utc | 13

Lecture #7: John Phillip Susa as Harmonic Embodiment of Our Divine Right
as God's Chosen and Anointed to Pillage, Rape and Plunder Unclean Heathen

"unclean heathen" derived as English derogatory for Picts / Scots in 1295
"unclean heathen" revived as English derogatory for Sud Bengalis in 1757
"unclean heathen" thrived as English derogatory for Dost Mohamedans in 1839

Those "unclean heathens" kicked some Major Tommy ass!!

Posted by: Peris Troika | Mar 8 2008 19:00 utc | 14

Lectures from George W Bush:

Bush explains veto of waterboarding bill

"This is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe," the president said.

Yea, like the proven track record of the torture produced evidence extracted from al-Libi that Powell presented to the UN on WMD in Iraq. Even if you were in favor of torture you would think that a person would want to keep it on the sly, not overtly campaign for it. What a pathetic country.

Posted by: Sam | Mar 8 2008 20:31 utc | 15

Hamburger, that needs to be followed up with this course:

"Bowling balls, bowling pins, and their uses in truth therapy."

Posted by: Phoenix Woman | Mar 8 2008 21:57 utc | 16


Bush vetoes waterboarding bill

Posted by: | Mar 9 2008 0:13 utc | 17

a hierarchy of covenants - discourse on dominion, democracy and delegation

Posted by: b real | Mar 9 2008 4:22 utc | 18

smoking them out: a remedial for further meditation

cops and dogs: get the fuck off the sidewalk

commonwealth: how quaint

posturing: i'll never tell

mom went to camp and dad says she can't come back: why fight us?

the dollar and the price of tea from china: the middle class: bye.

:) 'cookies: mmmmmm'

Posted by: bellgong | Mar 9 2008 7:36 utc | 19

Surprise guest speaker!

How to groom a poodle.

Posted by: beq | Mar 9 2008 12:23 utc | 20

Does he give these lectures while fellating a dog?
or rimming a well-fed cow with diarrhoea?
Or anally impaling himself repeatedly on a large file?
Cause I still wouldn't be interested.

Posted by: waldo | Mar 9 2008 13:33 utc | 21

tony blair was born in the barf of aneurin bevin outside some irish bar in soho. there has been ne, & i mean no more execrable 'leader' of the labor party in this century or the last & he does have a lot of competition

like so many social democrats they learn the art of treason well

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 9 2008 14:34 utc | 22

I've been wondering for quite a few years now...and this Tony Blair Lecture Series brings back the wondering: Why do so many "smart" people pay so much to attend Yale?

So here's another theory-on-the-fly; If one is 17 and in a prep school, he hasn't had enough worldly time to figure out that some of these guys are real criminals, I mean mass-murderers. There's pressure from dad & mom & friends to get into a good college; there's the rarely stated mutual understanding that Ivy Leaguers are the cream of the crop and will be properly taken care of for life. Etc etc.

But here's the thing; if one were to eventually smarten up to the scam (much easier of course not to do that) he would find it very painful to abandon it. It feels too nice to be a member. See "Trading Places" (1983, Dan Ackroyd & Eddie Murphy)

Posted by: rapt | Mar 9 2008 17:34 utc | 23

at least rutgers has the dignity to bame a number of its buildings after ex student paul robeson & refuses to name one after ex alumnee & criminal milton friedman

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 9 2008 17:54 utc | 24

i suppose one of the lessons of tony blair is that he has revealed the emptiness of the proposition of 'the great man' view of history - perhaps because we are living through an 'interesting' history that the hollowness of that proposition is apparent

people & people alone are the determing fact of history. the problem is that their manipulation has been at the centre of the project of conservatives using fear as their principal tool

one of the ironies of our time - we have never witnessed a mass movement to oppose the war in iraq - right up until the invasion & their has been a corresponding 'samllness' in the leaders. here in france that opposition transformed a discredited president (along with his principled opposition to the strategies of israel) into a histoical figure of some substance

if we watch the many documentaries on the iraq war - we cannot but be humiliated by the openly criminal character of its architects. small men all. cheny to feith - they are cretins of a calibre almost unkown in history since attilla

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 9 2008 18:36 utc | 25

if people in the West would understand how much less relevant ideas from the likes of Tony Blair are to where the world is headed today, maybe they'd ignore him

Posted by: jony_b_cool | Mar 9 2008 21:57 utc | 26

"The track record of the Christian god, whose major attribute is purportedly love and faithfulness for his people, shows he is no more caring than Allah, Vishnu, or any of the dozens of other savior-gods of history. (Maybe if this god were a she, things would be different) A bible full of contradictions, inconsistencies and errors plus no credible 1st Century historical confirmation of a Jesus of Nazareth compounds Christianity’s credibility."

As in Europe, Christianity's influence is fading in America

Posted by: jcairo | Mar 10 2008 16:04 utc | 27

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