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March 24, 2008

Clinton on Housing and Sex Offenders

WHITE PLAINS, New York (RBN) - Hillary Clinton, a presidential candidate and senator from New York, said the Federal Housing Administration should "stand ready" to buy, restructure and resell failed mortgages to strengthen the ailing U.S. economy.

She said a bipartisan group should determine whether that approach was sufficient or whether the U.S. government should step in as a temporary purchaser.

The working group could be led by bipartisan economic heavyweights such as Republican Greenspan, Democratic former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and Robert Rubin, the treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Clinton also introduced a new initiative to increase mandatory penalties for paedophile sex offenders. Under her proposal repeat offenders would be required to do at least a  year of community work, preferable in orphanages and kindergartens. "That's where the need is the greatest," her spokesperson said.


Posted by b on March 24, 2008 at 18:22 UTC | Permalink


WTF??!! It's like sentencing the over eaters to work in the buffet line. Doesn't somebody vet her thoughts before they get issued?

Posted by: Steve | Mar 24 2008 18:29 utc | 1

My favorite quote from the reuters article:

"[It] would be designed to be self-financing over time -- so it would cost taxpayers nothing in the long run."

Didn't they say the same thing about invading & occupying Iraq?

Posted by: ralphieboy | Mar 24 2008 18:33 utc | 2

Ditto #1 comment. These are the best things our "leadership" can come up with?

Posted by: Ben | Mar 24 2008 18:37 utc | 3

Putting Greenspan in some role to help the economy out of the bubble that he helped to create? If he wanted to stay and help the economy out of the housing crisis, he wouldn't have left the Fed and given the problem to Bernanke. I think this is just putting the fox in charge of protecting the remaining hens in the henhouse that the fox hadn't eaten yet.

Posted by: foreclosurefish | Mar 24 2008 20:05 utc | 4

Sure says a lot about Clinton - more of the same - signed sealed and delivered, I suppose with Greenspan on one side and Madelyn Albright on the other.

Posted by: anna missed | Mar 24 2008 20:26 utc | 5

this is just putting the fox in charge of protecting the remaining hens in the henhouse that the fox hadn't eaten yet.

exactly...from foster grant

Wall Qaeda is butchering
their own fishery.

Posted by: annie | Mar 24 2008 21:22 utc | 6

Thank you, b, for that perfect contexting.

Posted by: citizen | Mar 24 2008 22:07 utc | 7

Bipartisan commissions are a standing joke here. They're convened to do nothing but buy time. This is more like getting the pederasts to masturbate to Shirley Temple movies.

Posted by: ...---... | Mar 25 2008 0:36 utc | 8

There's not much to add to the volumes of ink shed over this latest
of many decades of Neo-Con assaults against the American people, so
I'll add just a caveat emptor, behind an ad hominem.

Many years ago my family traveled through a 3rd world country whose
name is unimportant, starting out in a motel near the main airport,
then whisked our way by autobus inland to the first of several nice
boutique cabanas, native meals, even hot tea every day at 4 PM.

As the days wore into a week, we learned to parlay from Lonely Planet, ventured into the farmers market, and started buying our
food fresh, or served hot from food carts. Each day we learned a
little more native, and drifted farther afield, first comfortable
homestays, then farther, until one evening we found ourselves in
an ancient rural town without a single tourist in sight.

We wandered to the farmer's market, and that night I learned how
to speak with body language, inflection and the art of the haggle.
We did pretty good, getting delicious food and a comfortable stay
for less than 1/3 what we expected to pay when we first started,
and never spoke a word of English.

And real countryside! Wow! By then we were riding in bimos with
the locals and their livestock, 100 rupiahs (10c) in a jingled-up
microbus would take you as long as you cared to ride. 10c! Meals
you'd drool over in NYC, 10,000 rupiahs and you'd push away the
plate, stuffed to the gills, freshest fruit, choicest fish. $1.00!

Our last day before we had to head back to civilization, we came
upon a sacred site, with 1,000 steps down into a jungle canopy
over an ancient elephant temple. At the top, the tourist traps,
the coconut monkeys and articulated wooden snakes, priced so high
we just laughed. Further down the steps, sarongs and flowers for
temple wear and an offering, for a modest price. And at the last,
the very last step before the temple, an ancient grandmother in
a weather beaten bamboo shack, selling fresh green coconuts.

Man, it was hot! We were wiped out! 1,000 grand steps down into
the steaming jungle, soon a 1,000 back up again. She spoke only
the native language, so we started haggling in a sort of pidgeon.
Just gently. She would watch my face as we rested, and every time
my eyes caressed those coconuts, she would pick up her machete.

"You like?" "No, no", I would look away. It's a gentle game,
haggling, best played when you're well fed and well rested.

A half-dozen offers, and half-dozen rejections, until finally
we agreed to parley. The price went up, and down, up and down,
until I thought we'd gotten a real bargain. I gave up the rupiahs,
and she opened up an absolutely delicious green coconut. Then just
as we were congratulating ourselves on being smart hagglers ...

...she bounded up the stone steps like a leprechaun, waving the
rupiahs in her hand, and laughing with the other vendors at us.
In a gentle way.

Next time you're in WalMart, try haggling for their plastic shyte.
WalMart buys their items in 12-packs from China, pre-wrapped, pre-
bar-coded, out of the bag and onto the shelf / hook, 1200% profit!

Or next time you're on house-tour, try haggling for 10c on the $1.
In a gentle way. By what wizardry is some cracker box built twenty
years ago, with corroded plumbing, leaking roof and termite-filled
insulation worth five times what it cost, when it was brand new?!

If not for those you may never meet, then for your own children.
Where the he|| are they gonna get $1,000,000 for a starter home?!
Because we're half-way to nowhere left to go.

Posted by: Barnum Bailey | Mar 25 2008 3:41 utc | 9

Huh. Hysteria about "sex offenders" at MoA? Really wouldn't have prognosticated that, but I also shouldn't be surprised. Every demographic needs their underclass of boogiemen, and the Freepers are already bogarting all the people from Middle Eastern descent.

I've taken to hanging out on other blogs where they have a much more moderate approach to this particular issue (although I wouldn't bring up the subject of shark attacks there... two summers ago, the media really sold them on that rising tide of potential victimhood). We all have our hot buttons, I suppose. The right will keep rendering (extraordinarily!) the dark-complected and the left will keep filling offender registries with public urinators or ruining the lives of people who just "creep them out". The politically apathetic still have sharks and bears and homosexuals to cover the coastal and inland regions.

No, the world is filled with scary monsters who will visit upon you your worst nightmares unless you act now to dehumanize them (nightmares will vary depending upon your political affiliation)! Fear, hatred and persecution is the only way to keep those scary monsters off your doorstep. I'd say Madame Clinton's comments were vetted perfectly.

Posted by: Monolycus | Mar 25 2008 3:57 utc | 10

Hysteria about "sex offenders" at MoA?

From Reality Based Mews (RBN) - an agency you will only read at MoA ...

(I tried to write that graph with "arsonist" but it didn't really fit the picture.)

Posted by: b | Mar 25 2008 6:19 utc | 11

It's cool. My observation was more comment-based than article-based, but everyone's mileage varies. No desire here for a protracted flamewar, just tossing out what I see for your consumption or rejection.

Posted by: Monolycus | Mar 25 2008 7:52 utc | 12

hysteria? i thought the pedophile angle was satire of a dark nature

Posted by: jcairo | Mar 25 2008 12:02 utc | 13

jcairo i thought the pedophile angle was satire of a dark nature

Was, was. Funny thing is I got satire out of the original and misinterpreted the comments. I'd just finished reading that link I posted (Yeah, the one that doesn't actually load now) and was already on a pretty high horse. I re-read the comments and realised I was projecting.

Greater people than me have said: "Never mind."

Posted by: Monolycus | Mar 25 2008 14:22 utc | 14

Pedophile jokes never seem to get the big belly laughs. I bet it was the same way with witch gags in Salem.

Posted by: ...---... | Mar 25 2008 15:45 utc | 15

Under her proposal repeat offenders would be required to do at least a year of community work, preferable in orphanages and kindergartens.


i thought it was funny! tho i admit i wasn't chuckling bigtime hrs later like i have numerous times since reading the wall qaeda reference. lol

Posted by: annie | Mar 25 2008 16:06 utc | 16

i laughed out loud when I read it first thing this A.M.

Posted by: jcairo | Mar 25 2008 17:25 utc | 17

These reported comments by Hill surprised me, but I couldn’t find them in the link. It was edited, changed, I suppose, which is interesting in itself.

The article title is Clinton proposes Greenspan lead foreclosure group..gulp! -but it’s all about that.

Nor did a quick google show up anything of the kind.

Posted by: Tangerine | Mar 25 2008 17:38 utc | 18

@Tangerine - the Reuters report has not changed. RBN took graph 2, 6 and 7 from it and added its own reporting. The link is just there to give Reuters some credit ...

Posted by: b | Mar 25 2008 17:46 utc | 19

So what is the link to those Hill Clinton remarks? Couldn't see anything on RBN.

Posted by: Tangerine | Mar 25 2008 18:07 utc | 20

17, sheet, does this mean we share a sense of sick humor?

Posted by: annie | Mar 25 2008 19:02 utc | 21

@20 - RBN (Reality Based News) is a news agency exclusivly working for MoA. It uses several sources, in this case Reuters, and adds its own reporting to accentuate the original message.

Posted by: b | Mar 25 2008 19:10 utc | 22

@21, yes I would say it does - at least to a point as I can only vouch for the extent of mine, which is sacred-cowless

I find being able to laugh at anything, no matter how vile, gruesome, or self-deprecating can be quite cathartic

Posted by: jcairo | Mar 26 2008 10:56 utc | 23

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