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March 28, 2008

Music for a while

There are many kinds of music that have influenced me in my youth. Naturally a lot of weird krautrock and, from the other side of the ocean, Springsteen's Born to Run album with Jungleland and Meeting across the river which somewhat caught my real live experience at that time. Rush's 2112 also deeply touched me.

When those albums were published, next to attending (or not) school, I was smuggling dope from Amsterdam to my home town in north Germany to sell it to GIs who were bored while pretending to guard a bunch of cold-war nukes. The Twilight zone coincided with a short h experience.

But in parallel to these 'growing pains' as my father thought of my tastes, there was a different strain of music I also fell to - Bach, Handel, Wagner and others. That 'schizophrenic' split, which I believe wasn't and isn't one, is still there.

When today I says "I'll go to a Neumeier concert tonight" my friends wonder: Mani Neumeier at the Fabrik or John Neumeier at the Hamburg Opera?

Why not both?

Here is Alfred Deller singing Purcell: 'Music for a while shall all your cares beguile ...'


Posted by b on March 28, 2008 at 20:44 UTC | Permalink


jimi's guernica - peace in mississipi

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 28 2008 21:24 utc | 1

& this wonderful asian kid's homage to it

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 28 2008 21:28 utc | 2

Have you found an internet "radio station" that plays them all?

For it's genre,>Radio Paradise has a nice mix.

Posted by: Bruce F | Mar 28 2008 21:31 utc | 3

Mediterranean Sun Dance

Three of the world’s finest guitarists, Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin and Al DiMeola, perform together in concert.

Posted by: annie | Mar 28 2008 22:38 utc | 4

music for a while
shall all your cares beguile
wond'ring how your pains were eased...

or sometimes it expresses our pains, more clearly than we can express them ourselves. if you're suffering from unrequited love, is there any song more grimly satisfying than Sondheim's 'Not a Day Goes By'? sad songs offer I suppose the comfort that someone else has been there before you and knows how you feel.

otoh the clever Paul Simon notes that "sometimes even music / is no substitute for tears"...

on my list but not yet read, This is Your Brain on Music, about the neuroscience of music perception. I should be getting to it soon, but I made a purely-for-fun detour into a (to me) new Terry Pratchett, and that is definitely eating dessert first :-)

Posted by: DeAnander | Mar 28 2008 22:59 utc | 5

In January I got a new PC that came with some music preloaded in the media center. It had a couple of tracks by a guy named Habib Koite, an acoustic guitarist from Mali. Haven't been able to listen to much else since. well worth a listen or two.

Posted by: mikefromtexas | Mar 29 2008 1:20 utc | 6

B, that was beautiful....

Also, annie the three guitar gods always fascinates me each one of the guys are masters in their own rite.

And now for the next guest in tonights show here at the moon, I was torn as to what to entertain us with, however, may I present something a little different, but I'm sure you'll be pleased.

A Dance interpretation... ;-)

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Mar 29 2008 2:47 utc | 7>it serves me right to suffer

Posted by: anna missed | Mar 29 2008 10:00 utc | 8

anna, don't know where to find it, but the rendition of that tune by Jimmy Johnson, the bar room preacher, is one of the best blues tunes I've ever heard. 'Serves me right to suffer, serves me right to be alone'. Have you ever heard any of Hooker's work with Van Morrison? 'Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive' is amazing. A delta bluesman and an Irishman, who, from a musical perspective, were twin sons of different mothers.

Posted by: mikefromtexas | Mar 29 2008 10:19 utc | 9

Must be something in the air, or synchronicity. I've just started a series of music diaries over at eurotrib. I'll post a link to this diary over there. It'd be good if moonofalabamans could embed their videos (I like being able to click the pic rather than the link--maybe I'm just lazy)...b, is there any code that can be used, or is it all complicated?

Lovely Deller piece, btw, I do enjoy Purcell, and Bach--ah!

Posted by: Argh | Mar 29 2008 11:29 utc | 10

patea maori club (check out the dance moves!)

family singing a maori waiata

Posted by: annie | Mar 29 2008 12:25 utc | 11

Thanks Bernhard. A similar dichotomy for me too. For most of my public school life I schlepped around with a cello.
In 1967 my mother returned from a trip to the U.K. with 3 record albums. I already had Sgt. Pepper and Their Satanic Magesties so my brother and boyfriend got those and I ended up with Jimi Hendrix. We had never heard of him but he came to D.C. to play at the old Ambassador theater and we went down to see his first set. Maybe a dozen people sitting on the floor. We returned for his last set two nights later. Hardly any standing room. He burned his guitar.

Now I'm here, there, and,everywhere.

[hope I got all this right]

Thanks for all the music.

Posted by: beq | Mar 29 2008 14:18 utc | 12

Where did I find this mystery baritone? Here at MOA? Can't remember. Please delete this post if the link is a duplicate.

Posted by: rjj | Mar 29 2008 17:05 utc | 13

zounds, the emded code did not work.

Thanks for the Deller. Went on a Deller binge about a year ago.

Posted by: rjj | Mar 29 2008 17:07 utc | 14

link to 15.

Posted by: beq | Mar 29 2008 17:30 utc | 15

@Argh - 10

(I like being able to click the pic rather than the link--maybe I'm just lazy)...b, is there any code that can be used, or is it all complicated?

The code is quite complicate and easy to get wrong. A mistake could screw up the comments. That why it gets filtered out.

Other than that I am a bandwidth conservative.

We do get some readers from countries with slow internet connections and from people who can't afford a big DSL pipe. With lots of graphics in a thread (like 10 youtube pictures) someone coming per modem or from Pakistan or Kenia would have trouble to read such a thread here.

As I do post a lot of international stuff, such people do come once a while. We had folks here from Iran, Columbia, China ... we shouldn't make it impossible for them to participate by clogging the connections.

As a tip, use Firefox as browser and use rightclick and "Open in new tab" to lauch the video.

Posted by: b | Mar 29 2008 18:46 utc | 16

thanks beq & thanks b for the info you gave to argh - re bandwith - being as dumb as i am - sometimes i don't make those connections

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 29 2008 19:17 utc | 17

I'm no expert in music theory, but I've heard Rock and Classical have a lot in common mathematically, so liking both is no surprise. Any combination of the genres is almost always amazing, like Metalica's S&M album. Or pretty much anything by Nightwish.

Posted by: Chemmett | Mar 30 2008 14:27 utc | 19

late to the party, but...

killing joke - sanity

Posted by: b real | Apr 3 2008 4:55 utc | 20

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