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December 15, 2007

Spoilt Brats

Cloned Poster points to an interesting BBC Newsnight story about an influential UK thinktank and its faked research.

As the Guardian sums up:

A rightwing thinktank which claimed to have uncovered extremist literature on sale at dozens of British mosques was last night accused of basing a report on fabricated evidence.

The report by Policy Exchange alleged that books condoning violent jihad and encouraging hatred of Christians, Jews and gays were being sold in a quarter of the 100 mosques visited.

But BBC2's Newsnight said examination of receipts provided by the researchers to verify their purchases showed some had been written by the same person - even though they purported to come from different mosques.

Several receipts also misspelled the names or addresses of the mosques where the books were supposedly sold.
Policy Exchange's research director, Dean Godson, insisted it stood by the report "100%". He said the thinktank had checked its evidence thoroughly and the allegations did not challenge the substance of the study - that such extremist literature was being widely sold.

The Policy Exchange report was published on the evening of the Saudi king's state visit to the U.K. It was certainly intended to somewhat influence it.

Dean Godson, the Policy Exchange's research director, is such an extremist neocon that even the editorial page of the rightwing ToryTelegraph fired him. As the Telegraph editor explained:

It's OK to be pro-Israel, but not to be unbelievably pro-Likud Israel, it's OK to be pro-American but not look as if you're taking instructions from Washington. Dean Godson and Barbara Amiel were key departures.

The author of the Policy Exchange report is one Denis MacEoin. As he writes in a bio of his:

Hasbara doesn't just come out of that liberalism or my knowledge of Jews and Judaism, but from a deepening belief that the future of civilization comes down to Israel in one way or another. If Israel goes, the values that have sustained Western civilization will have gone with it. We aren't simply fighting a war on terror, we're fighting for values that once seemed certain to survive and are now being threatened, above all by an unreformed Islam.

Hasbara is public advocacy for Israeli government policy.

On his blog MayEoin presents

arguments to show that Israel actually embodies the best in democracy, anti-racism, religious freedom, and rights for women, gay people, and minorities of different kinds.

Oh really?

These neocons have published false data about Muslim "extremism" to futher the policy of Israel.

Spinwatch has some good reporting on Dean Godson and his brother Ron, The Godson approach to political warfare, that explains how black propaganda and outright lies are their prefered trade.

These people are convinced to be right in their opinions and policy. But as everyone but them thinks those are dumb, foolish and inhuman ideas, they rely on lies and deception to sell them.

When they are caught in such, they whine about it.

Spoilt brats.

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This is a very important story. Spoilt Brats is a bit of a soppy term. These agent provocateurs are not playing children's games.

I have bookmarked the Spinwatch site, thanks.

In fact there is reason to believe that Cold War methods of psychological warfare are already shaping the debate about Islam and the war on terror in Britain.

Dean Godson himself may be one the most successful practitioners. Certainly, he comes from a family with long experience of what the CIA calls ‘covert action’.

The same game is played here in Australia.

Posted by: DM | Dec 15, 2007 2:39:33 PM | 1

"If Israel goes, the values that have sustained Western civilization will have gone with it"
Stupid excuse of an human being, Western civilization has developed, then conquered most of the world at a time where Israel did not exist.

Posted by: CluelessJoe | Dec 15, 2007 3:52:06 PM | 2

Gordon Brown, where does Mr Bean go now?

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Dec 15, 2007 6:34:07 PM | 3


i imagine the genetic pool is getting smaller & smaller for the ruling class to choose its vassals. the 'leadership' is getting more cretinous by the year - something happened from reagan i imagine - i mean, they were far from bright, erring always on the side of stupidity - but from the 80's onwards - they have moved swiftly to the moronic, the messianic, & the maniac

gordon brown is clearly of the bovine kind & i wouldn't expect much more than moos from him

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Dec 15, 2007 7:00:44 PM | 4

Giap, the PTB, are laughing their silly asses off. Clowns in control, Murdoch prints tits on page 3, what's the need for wars amoung the "developed" countries, banks go low interest for 5 year, boom property is worth a million, Gee I am a millionaire, must spend it.

I think Planet Earth is a failed project. We are sucking those riches left by our antecedents at an "impossible rate". Wall street crash?, Armageddon?, I think Yellowstone Park's Volcanoe will act first and bring misery for a long time until PUFF!, the human genome is no more!

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Dec 16, 2007 12:24:10 PM | 5

Heh, Gordon Brown does look like Mr. Bean. I knew there was some resemblance to someone somewhere but couldn’t put my finger on it!

Posted by: Tangerine | Dec 18, 2007 12:47:54 PM | 6

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