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December 24, 2007

A JAG Captain named Kelvey?

Harpers' Scott Horton has an update on the kangaroo court set up in Iraq to find Associated Press photojournalist Bilal Hussein guilty of whatever is convenient to the Pentagon. Bilal Hussein has been jailed by the U.S. military for nineteen month without trial.

Bilal’s case has been assigned to investigating Judge Dhia al-Kinani, who has already conducted a long series of evidentiary hearings in the case. The source said the Pentagon is confident that they will secure a conviction in the case. “Nothing is being left to chance in this case. It’s important and a lot of resources are being thrown at it.”
The U.S. military has assigned a team of five to act effectively as prosecutors in the case. The team is headed by a JAG Captain named Kelvey. (Says the source: “We recognize, of course, that the U.S. has no authority to prosecute a case in an Iraqi court. That’s one of the reasons that a gag order was essential.”)

You should read the whole piece as I only have a minor point.

Who is "a JAG Captain named Kelvey"? Google comes up empty for "Kelvey JAG", "Kelvey Iraq", etc.

But what about Captain Kevin Calvey, who has a J.D. from Georgetown University and is currently in Baghdad?

Calvey is a former state representative from Oklahoma. A staunch Club of Growth tax cutting republican who in 2006 ran for Congress. His own bio says:

Kevin is also not afraid to fight when called to action.  After the start of the War on Terror, Kevin joined the Army National Guard.

When did the War of Terror start? The local newspaper profile says:

In 2003, Calvey joined the 45th Infantry Brigade in the Oklahoma Army National Guard.


Kevin is a devout Christian, and has taught Sunday School for the last ten years. 

This from his 2006 profile:

Spouse: Brenda; Children: Chance and Chelsey

After the congress race didn't turn out to be successful he needed some change. That's why some think he is a bigot:

Kevin Calvey is proud of being a Sunday school teacher, but is dating a 23 year old after divorcing his wife.

A funny aside -  in 2002 Calvey tried to ban common-law marriage in Oklahoma.

House Bill 2682 by Rep. Kevin Calvey and House Bill 2397 by Rep. Raymond L. Vaughn, Jr., both received “do pass” recommendations Monday from the House Committee on the Judiciary. The measures were referred to the full House for votes sometime during the next four weeks.

HB 2682 decrees that after Nov. 1, 2002, a common-law marriage of a man and a woman “shall not be recognized as a valid form of marriage in Oklahoma.”
“We require a license to drive a car,” Calvey, R-Del City, noted afterward. “How much more important is a marriage?”

Cpt Calvey is an expert in counterinsurgency. In one of his old blog-entries (scroll down) he says:

My impression is that most of the insurgency in Iraq would dry up pretty quickly, or at least become relatively ineffective, if it were not for meddling by forces from Iran and Syria.

All these meddling foreign forces - nasty, ain't they?

His newer blog, though the last entry is from September, say little about his job. He is good at keeping that secret.

But he tries to go to mass daily, works out a lot and his new wife's name is Toni.  He recently had a "second honeymoon" during some R&R downtime.

Calvey is working in the "International Zone" in Baghdad. In the mid of the year he "changed his job" within the military. He regularly goes out to the red zone to "work with Iraqis". There are thoughts about Guantanamo:

That’s about it. That’s all the rights to which such detainees are entitled. Not a full-blown trial. Not a right to view classified material.

A number of American law firms and others are pompously “representing” these terrorists and self-righteously claiming that the US government is wrong to hold them.

Perhaps these lawyers will take note from the fact that their “clients” when released are going back to recruiting children to be terrorists, beheading people, and blowing up car bombs in marketplaces.

I don't know if Calvey really leads the case against Bilal Hussein. But the names match and he certainly has the right attitude.

Posted by b on December 24, 2007 at 19:22 UTC | Permalink


Dangerous drift of prejudice. You write about a man disparagingly without knowing with certainty whether he is the original source of your concern. Besides you speak of him going to mass daily but you tell us only that he is a Christian not that he is a Catholic and you mix that with a story of divorce and perhaps adultery. Many minds become obfuscated by hatred of institutions. I am reading precisely this afternoon a book on the French Revolution and I fear that the same bloody self righteousness is infiltating this site.

Posted by: jlcg | Dec 24 2007 19:40 utc | 1

huh? Get a life jlcg.

Happy Christmas b.

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Dec 24 2007 19:44 utc | 2

down with liberty!

Posted by: b real | Dec 24 2007 19:58 utc | 3


You write about a man disparagingly without knowing with certainty whether he is the original source of your concern.

Well, there is enough in his record to write disparagingly about him. You may want to google about his state career in Oklahoma ...

Besides you speak of him going to mass daily but you tell us only that he is a Christian not that he is a Catholic

According to the profiles I linked he is a catholic.

and you mix that with a story of divorce and perhaps adultery.

Divorce, yes, because it shows him to be a bigot. Adultery? Huh? Where?

I mock the guy - plenty of reasons to do that anyway.

Maybe he is the one Horton mentions, maybe not. I say that I don't know. Only that the profile and name would fit. What's bad about that?

Posted by: b | Dec 24 2007 20:02 utc | 4

@jleg: If I understand you correctly, you seem to feel Christianity does not include Catholicism.

Back where I was still getting religion pounded into my skull by nuns I learned that Catholics are Christians. In fact, much to the distress of the apostates and heretics of the Protestant sects, Catholics are the original Christians.

Posted by: Lurch | Dec 24 2007 22:58 utc | 5

"Only that the profile and name would fit. What's bad about that?"
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Posted by: Rebecca Tamerlain | Dec 25 2007 4:11 utc | 6

Scott Horton now links back here saying:

.. I did not have the spelling, and my rendering of the name was strictly phonetic. While I have no further information on the anti-free press crusading JAG captain beyond what’s noted above, I will post again when I learn more. The former legislator Calvey’s blog does in any event make for a very interesting read. He’s very, very deep into G.O.P. politics and is acutely concerned about the terrorists and their influence on the Democratic majorities in Congress. No doubt he’d make a perfect pick to handle a case like the one against Bilal Hussein. Why, if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are being manipulated by the terrorists, it must be child’s play for them to take over the entire Associated Press bureau in Baghdad.

Posted by: b | Dec 25 2007 5:52 utc | 7

I read a statistic that the divorce rate amone evangelical Christians in America is around 30%. The divorce rate overall is around 30%.

I also read that around 50% of the "promise takers", whose evangelical teenagers who get up ans solemsly profess to keep their virginity until marriage wind up losing it before marriage. Which is about the same rate as non-promise-taking teens.

So what is the ultimate point of all this holier-than-thou attitude except posing and posturing?

As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Dec 25 2007 11:04 utc | 8

b, re 7


Posted by: annie | Dec 25 2007 16:18 utc | 9

The Captain is caring for his wife (the new one):

My wife, Toni, is so sweet. She emails me everyday. She is very busy right now, selling real estate. BTW, if you are selling or buying a home, please call Toni at (405)630-0539 or email her at . She would be glad to help you.

Posted by: b | Dec 25 2007 17:13 utc | 10

Scott Horton writing a piece denouncing the investigation into Bilal? Who'd a thunk? The same Scott Horton that up until earlier this year was a partner in the law firm REPRESENTING the terrorist-come-AP photographer Bilal.

No mention of that in the Harper's piece. Scott Horton has proven yet again to be distrustful & deceitful. He enjoys disparaging people he doesn't know simply because of their political and religious leanings and has no qualms about twisting truths about a terrorist-come-AP Photographer.

His "source" at the Penta is a red herring. The source is his former partner who still heads Bilal's defense team.

Posted by: TruthseekingLiberal | Dec 29 2007 19:54 utc | 11

@"Truth" - The truth is that Bilal is a photographer, the terrorist part is pure fiction proven by the fact that despite any number of high powered attorneys, torture and all the other nasty practices of an illegal occupying force (did some perverted guard sodomise Bilal's son in front of the photographer to try and get a confession? I understand that is S.O.P. for your mob in Iraq) the amerikan authorities haven't even found enough evidence for one of their kangaroo show trials.

If you want to call a hardworking journalist like Mr Bilal a terrorist in here, bring some real proof.
The accusations against Horton mean nothing, since they don't change the facts of what he has written, your post is just the standard bullshit we have come to expect from a arselicker to those in power. You throw shit on the messenger to try and reduce everything to an 'our team versus their team' football match and divert the audience away from reality. Go and practice a bit more on your own dumb kind before you come back in here.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Dec 29 2007 21:10 utc | 12

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