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November 18, 2007

Deciduous Designs

by b real



"The question is not what you look at but what you see"

Henry David Thoreau


Posted by b on November 18, 2007 at 18:28 UTC | Permalink


nice, b real. and thank you. global warming cheated nyc out of a real fall this year. the trees outside my window are still green with a dismal edging of brown on the leaves. maybe if we have a frost we will see colors, but somehow i doubt it. almost a metaphor for the malaise over this country.

Posted by: conchita | Nov 18 2007 20:29 utc | 1

I've been looking for something beautiful. Thank you b real.

We've had a draught but the colors are nice here. I wish for snow though, and lots of it.

Posted by: beq | Nov 19 2007 0:03 utc | 2

It's the middle of November in Montana and almost seventy degrees, at night. It's been cool, but not cold, of course for us, the mean stuff doesn't hit until after the holidays.

Last year we maybe had a week and a half out of the whole year of what I would really call winter. Snowed maybe four times, melted the same day each time. Mostly very mild. 40's 50's, which sound cold, but once you acclimate is not really that cold at all.

Looks like the same tree in different seasons? Thank b real...Turn turn turn turn...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Nov 19 2007 2:09 utc | 3

We had three nights of frost in October, so we had a real nice palette of color in Denmark. The yellows were especially nice -- we don't have a lot of red, assume it's the kind of trees we have here.

I got some pix, but not as nice as I would have liked.

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Nov 19 2007 5:07 utc | 4

Nice, like how they look flat, and the leaves/color seem separate and not discernibly connected to the branches. As they soon will be --

Posted by: anna missed | Nov 19 2007 7:42 utc | 5

since i moved back to calif i sleep on my enclosed porch and wake up every morning to the japanese maples outside my window. last week i got out my ladder and finally closed up the windows for the winter. the weather warmed a couple days ago and i opened them again. i love the canopies.

all the best things in life are free.

beautiful b real. thanks.

Posted by: annie | Nov 19 2007 7:54 utc | 6

no, uncle, same day, different trees.

i liked how these two pix stood out when viewed from across the room, almost taking on a painterly aspect.

fall colors finally arrived here about three weeks later this year than the last, probably delayed by the first fourteen days of october hitting temps in the eighties. the main trigger for color change is the shorter daylight hours, while the intensity depends on the temperatures. being so warm this year (average oct temp here for 2007 was 7.9 degrees f above oct 2006) there weren't as many brilliant displays as in previous seasons. still, it is a spectacular show & i managed to spend most of the day saturday outside w/ my head in the trees.

Posted by: b real | Nov 19 2007 20:17 utc | 7

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