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October 04, 2007

WaPo Journalists Rewrite History

Who controls the past controls the future:
who controls the present controls the past.
The past is whatever the Party chooses to make it...
If the facts say otherwise then the facts must be altered.
(George Orwell - 1984)

Robin Wright and Ann Scott Tyson are fulfilling their party duties. In today's Washington Post they fib about Iraqis to Pay China $100 Million for Weapons for Police:

The China deal, not previously made public, has "alarmed military analysts who note that Iraq's security forces already are unable to account for more than 190,000 weapons supplied by the United States, many of which are believed to be in the hands of Shiite and Sunni militias, insurgents and other forces seeking to destabilize Iraq and target U.S. troops.

The article does NOT quote any "alarmed military analysts" who notes something towards what these 'journalists' assert. They, without sourcing, put culpability on Iraqi security forces, where the U.S. military is known to be the culprit.

As the Government Accountability Office was reported to have found:

The Pentagon has lost track of about 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols given to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005, according to a new government report, raising fears that some of those weapons have fallen into the hands of insurgents fighting U.S. forces in Iraq.
The GAO found that the military was consistently unable to collect supporting documents to "confirm when the equipment was received, the quantities of equipment delivered, and the Iraqi units receiving the equipment." The agency also said there were "numerous mistakes due to incorrect manual entries" in the records that were maintained.

The U.S. military never tracked most of the weapons it distributed to the various Iraqi forces. The Iraqi government never had a chance to control or account for the weapons the U.S. military distributed without records.

Additionally there are credible reports that the Department of Defense was, by neglect or intent, active in weapon smuggling:

Hundred of thousands of small arms and light weapons from the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) war-time stockpiles together with tens of millions of rounds of ammunition were reportedly shipped - clandestinely and without public oversight - to Iraq by a chain of private brokers and transport contractors under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Defense, [...]

However, whether a series of shipments of AK47-type assault rifles documented as weighing 99,000 kg reached or remained in Iraq remains in doubt.

By claiming that the problem of vanishing weapons is Iraqi accounting, Wright and Tyson are rewriting history. It is the Pentagon that distributed the weapons without records.

Wright and Tyson obviously use Orwell's 1984 as instruction manual for their 'jounalism'.

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I doubt that these weapons were really "lost," just as I doubt that the Bush administration is really incompetent, but, clearly, plausible deniability needed to be maintained as to where the weapons actually went.

Until the US press stops relying for all of its foreign policy information on anonymous "analysts," we will never have a press that is not controlled by government interests.

However, I find the unstated subtext of the article interesting: Alarum! Iraq is now buying weapons from our enemy!!!!!

Sadly, the real story is this: A nation that was, and is, awash in arms, is now spending $4/person this year on this one item -- a not insignificant amount -- to control its own people, when great poverty and need exist, and that money could be spent on alleviating suffering and helping and empowering people.

Posted by: Malooga | Oct 4 2007 13:21 utc | 1

If I may use this as the current Iraq thread,

Controversy in parliament as MP joins armed resistance

The Iraqi parliament's first deputy speaker rejected a demand from the Iraqi Accordance Front to agree to consider one of its parliamentarians as resigned, while the parliament's session witnessed a controversy on the legal position of MP Abdul Nasser al-Jenabi following his decision to join the armed resistance.

Not apparent from the above piece, but as far as I can understand the IAF, Jenabi's block, wants to formalize a resignation, but the other blocks resist this as it would entail full rights, a retirement salary, etc. They want him sacked instead.

Iraqi trade union leader on the current situation in Iraq

The change in situation will come from the workers' movement. The occupation is not preventing the clash between the rival groups in the struggle for power. An end to the occupation will not result in further chaos; on the contrary, because the occupation is fuelling the sectarian war, it will be easier for the workers to shift the balance towards something more favourable to their interests once the occupation is finished.

Posted by: Alamet | Oct 4 2007 15:21 utc | 2

Malooga brings up a point here -- if the weapons were not "lost", if incompetence is a decoy, then what?

But to follow that line of thought, one needs a double secure tinfoil hat with ostrich feathers attached:

First, the billions of dollars is fresh 100$ bills, vacuum packed and supposedly thrown off the backs of trucks at the beginning of the Iraqi occupation to unknown recipients like it was Halloween trick-or-treat. Who can believe this kind of shit? The money went to black operations of some sort.

Second, the "misplaced" nuke armed cruise missiles, supposedly sent to destruction, but sent to the wrong airbase, the one which is a staging area for the Muddled East -- that story sinks! First it was 5 then it was 6 missiles. The story was, my guess, blown by somebody who wasn't in the loop. We're talking 6 warheads here, the kind you set a dial on as to what the destructive yield will be. In this case, from 15 to 150 kilotons (I'm guessing on the lowest setting, here). Jeeze, that's enough to take out a medium sized country! A commenter over at Lurch's place linked to something I would not give much credence if it were not for the fact that I think this codpiece administration deserves and has earned all my mistrust. The short story, is that the misplaced warheads were to be used to do a bad thing.

Soooo, hundreds of thousands of small-arms munitions are missing? Collecting cash for more black operations? A stash for a coup somewhere?

I dunno, I can't figure out how to adjust my tinfoil hat today.

Posted by: Chuck Cliff | Oct 5 2007 7:54 utc | 3

To connect two threads:

The US gov't, which MLK called "The greastest purveyor of violence in the world today," is like a glacier: Immense, cold, forbidding, obdurate, and unhospitable to life. Atop the glacier, it appears immobile, as all activity is below the surface, where the sharp ice meets the ground, so to say. We are left to divining that activity from imperceptible changes to the surface of the glacier, a difference in the rate of flow, an increased vibration or rumbling feeling, the imagined gurglings of meltwater a thousand feet below us. Despite the best efforts of our (political) scientists and journalists, our Chomskys, Blums, Petras', Wallersteins, Kleins, Roys, Tutus, Mearsheimers and Walts, McCoys, Hershs, Webbs, Bamfords, and Griffins, we are, for the most part, left clueless and guessing about what is happening, and what it all means. Those of us here at MoA are like a group of old-time dowsers, bent metal rods in hand, criss-crossing the surface of the glacier, intuiting the movement of water far below. It is easy to become lost, stray away from the group, rapidly become fearful and dangerously cold, fall down a black melthole. Care and community is needed in such extreme undertakings. We, humanity, are in extreme peril.

Especially now. The world is experiencing unprecedented global warming. Ever faster change is coming.

This vast glacier upon which we are perched has been built up over hundreds of years as a protective carapace for the elite, the masters of the universe, those that govern the manner and direction of all human activity upon the planet. This shell grew thicker and more complex by orders of magnitude during the cold war, as layer upon layer of storm ice was laid down: CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, Office of Intelligence, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Bureau of Intelligence and Research -- endless hieroglyphic layers, most unknown, have been deposited upon the mantle of Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Now the original government is but a small part of this vast hump-backed structure, The National Security State.

For the national security state, it is never cold enough. The Cold War was not cold enough, so secret operations, like "Gladio" were undertaken to make things even colder. When the Cold War melted away, new wars were invented, one upon the other: The War on Drugs, The War on Immigrants, The War on Terror, The War on Islmo-Fascism, The Long War, The Endless War, The Warfare State. All of these wars are needed to keep things cold. The cold is needed for the ice to accumulate. The ice, again, is our government metastacized into The National Security State. The National Security State is suppossed to keep us safe from others. But the real function is to deflect our attentions and keep the wealthiest 1/10th of a percent safe from everyone else, to perpetuate a system of exploitation of earth and man which is clearly unsustainable.

Now, planet and people, earth and humanity, are uniting to throw off the yoke of The National Security State -- which has morphed into the very avatar of destruction, an endless black hole for whom there is never enough to devour and shit out the other end.

The planet is rebelling by a process called global warming, and climate change. All the soldiers in the world, all the eavesdropping and spying, all the weapons and delivery systems, all systems of policing, jails, and population control are helpless before the immense powers of Gaia. As change accelerates, humans will understand the folly of this approach, and the Dominator archetype will lose its power. It is inevitable that for the Human species to survive, it must change its relationship with the rest of the planet. It cannot remain the abusive spouse for much longer, and this is a relationship it cannot live without. Change is inevitable and unstoppable.

The people, evervescent with life and vitality, are rebelling, too. Whole glaciers are calving off: Venezuela, with other parts of Latin America following suit, trailing deep, clear eddies of pure meltwater behind them. The Middle East is not interested in being part of The Great Game, and the people there waking up to their power. African leaders are becoming more and more resistant to being suborned against their people. At home, Americans are becoming increasingly restive. Despite the best propaganda in the world, more and more of them are waking up to the reality that something is terribly wrong, that they are on a train in the process of sailing off its tracks, and they no longer want to be part of that trainwreck. So too, in Europe. Fear must be layered on ever-thicker to prevent the people from awaking to reality.

The desperation of the ruling class is palpable. Their sweat only makes the glaciers flow faster. Change is coming, and for once they will be powerless to stop it.

The glaciers are melting. The landscape, ravaged by the power of water and ice, is coming into view. Vast fiords of opportunity are opening up. We are hearing the rushing of the waters. We see Nature, in its unfathomable immensity before us. We smell the scent of mud and life. We taste the salt of our tears. We feel the pain and struggle of all life. We are awakening.

And, as we awake, we become aware of more and more small leaks in the system. The six errent nukes being made public, the information on torture, real news filtering in from Iraq, Sudan, Etiopia, Mexico, and elsewhere, the news on the internet, over 50% not trusting the official government 9/11 conspiracy theory. These are some of the stories we labor to track and be part of. The ice can no longer build up fast enough to keep up with the melt below the surface. And indeed, in places, even the surface is opening up and revealing huge hidden networks of tunnels being eaten away by the melt. The ground begins to dissolve beneath our feet.

Change is coming. It is vast, immense, unstoppable. It will not all be good. The human toll and suffering will be immense too. But, over the course of time, as Martin Luther King fervently believed, Humanity will tend towards goodness, and the ice of distrust of all of life will melt away. A change is coming.

Posted by: Malooga | Oct 5 2007 16:34 utc | 4

Well said Malooga.

Posted by: beq | Oct 5 2007 16:46 utc | 5

The rising tide drowns all the swimmers.

Posted by: plushtown | Oct 5 2007 23:09 utc | 6

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