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June 03, 2007

Kennedy Airport Terrorist Hoax

Terror plot tops 9/11
Plot to blow up JFK airport thwarted
Foiled Terror Plot Could Have Caused Incredible Damage

The Alleged Plan to Bomb JFk, i.e. to blow up some fuel pipes or depots, fits with the Miami 7 plot to blow up the Sears Towers and the 'mist on a plane' alleged attempt to blow up planes with some mystic liquid explosives.

In all cases the alleged plot was technically not feasable. The plotters lacked the knowledge needed to harm their alleged target. They didn't have the materials needed.

In the first two cases longterm sting operations were ongoing and in the third case the people in question had been under surveillance for over a year.

In all cases the people in question were a bit dumb and deranged and none of them had any connection to proven terror cells. All plots were simply duds.

But like usualy the administration has the media jump up and down. Page 1 stories in major Sunday papers and wall to wall coverage in the cable news.

Could journalists please start to think before reporting such propaganda?

Posted by b on June 3, 2007 at 16:29 UTC | Permalink



the media is already deeply immersed in the constructions of such obvious fraud. they are so deeply immersed that they holler each time an incident which lacks all credulity is paraded before their eyes, then our own

& at the same time this complicit & criminal media - hides & helps to obcufacate obvious truths - like the deaths of iraquis or even the deaths of their own soldiers. they weave such a web - that it is impossible without the presence of bloggers & a few honest writers - to illuminate that reality

the intention of the immersion & the fraud on both counts is to create darkness & fog - from which all rights & laws can dissapear

Posted by: r'giap | Jun 3 2007 17:08 utc | 1

Don't forget last summer's highly implausible "liquid explosives" plot in Britain, the only effect of which has been an explosion in on-board beverage sales to thirsty passengers who cannot save money on their discount airlines by bringing their own...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jun 3 2007 18:57 utc | 2

Could journalists please start to think before reporting such propaganda?

No they cannot as they are the low level life, the creepy crawly slaves of their betters, as they see it.

They are the secretaries who typed the bosses letters in 1930. (ex.)

The are paid handsomely for their subservience, their paycheck is good, they can cock their noses at the neighbors, buy antique rugs, get darling daughter into the top dance company (for a while.)

They are not paid to think, is is forbidden. All the pitfalls and strictures turns them into robots. They probably also realize they are not needed, play a fig leaf role. AP. Reuters, Murdoch, etc. could just publish the state bulletins directly; they still, for their own obvious reasons, prefer to uphold the fiction of ‘opinion’, ‘independent reporters’, and so on. It costs them a bomb and will probably be soon phased out.

So the journos are hanging on by their fingernails. They will refuse nothing, be ready for all sacrifice, all ass-kissing, etc. The fact is it costs them no time, no effort, -they are smart, some even very educated- it can all be done in dream, then you go home to the BBQ, servant problems, Johnny’s autism (he chewed up the rug, and the dog!) or hopes of meeting the..what.. well...maybe...President!

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 3 2007 18:58 utc | 3


Fatah al-Islam's Plot: 9/11-Style Lebanon Attack

An Nahar newspaper said Sunday that Fatah al-Islam militants, whose fighters are besieged at the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, were planning a September 11-style attack on Lebanon.

It said interrogation of arrested fighters revealed that the attacks on a hotel, embassies and tunnels would have caused destruction similar to the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

"Fatah al-Islam planned to attack a large hotel in the capital using four suicide truck bombs at the same time as launching suicide attacks on embassies in east and west Beirut," the paper said.

The planned attacks' explosives, that have made their way from Syria, were seized in a weapons depot in the northern port city of Tripoli, the daily said.

An Nahar also said the group "planned to launch attacks on the Shekka tunnel linking Beirut to Tripoli with the aim of cutting off the north and proclaiming an Islamic state there."

The Lebanese army is locked in deadly battles with the militants since May 20. But fighting intensified on Friday when the military made a push against Fatah al-Islam which has vowed to fight to death inside Nahr al-Bared.

White smoke rose from the camp Sunday as the Lebanese army resumed its bombardment of the militants holed up there.(Naharnet-AFP)

Posted by: Bea | Jun 3 2007 20:17 utc | 4


For those interested in the subject of what happens when ideologues with enormous parliamentiary majorities and psychotic press secretaries/political gurus decide to overrule all the pragmatists and professional experts in their governments and go gungho for their own improvised foreign policies - something I'm sure NO subscribers to this blog are at all interested in - here's a heads-up for a radio drama I've written about Neville Chamberlain's foreign policy and those pesky pragmatists and moralists in the Foreign Office and on the backbenches and in the Labour Party who were foolhardy enough to try and oppose him.

It is a farce - because sometimes farce is the only way one can deal with the most disturbing emotions - but deals with the immense practical and psychological difficulties of successfully opposing Chamberlain in the run-up to the Second World War. It covers the Italian Crisis and the resignation of Anthony Eden, being the first part of a trilogy also covering Munich and the Norway Debate of May 1940 when Chamberlain was finally overthrown, to be broadcast on the 70th anniversary of each of these events.

"How Not to Run a Foreign Policy" is being broadcast this Monday - the 4th of June - on BBC Radio 4 at 2.15 pm, BST. For those abroad it will be available at the time on the BBC site - press radio, then Radio 4, then the live feed - or a few hours later it will be available on line for a week at:

Press the Monday strand.

Sincerely, John Fletcher.

Posted by: johnf | Jun 3 2007 20:30 utc | 5

Bomb an airport, yeah!

Had to laugh when I saw that story! I don't mean it would be impossible to blow up a waiting room or something, but the whole unserious treatment made it clear it was just a clumsy lie to fool suckers.

Which, unfortunately, it is doing.

Posted by: Gaianne | Jun 4 2007 0:09 utc | 6

It's odd that the first I usually hear of this kind of story nowadays is somewhere like MoA, since I've stopped watching TV news altogether. I think the 'common folk' here in SoCal have stopped watching, too, as I no longer hear people at the market (or wherever) chattering about the latest terr'ist plot while standing in the checkout line. Maybe the BoogieMen in the Department of Propaganda have gone too far and completely discredited the TV news? (Now, wouldn't that be nice!)

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Jun 4 2007 2:40 utc | 7

mullah cimoc say ameriki needing for remember mentally retarded black mans in florida. big terrorists??? like bush say or all the big lie. A. Big lie and sometimes the provocation by government secret agent.,

please ameriki need google: mighty wurlitzer +cia

usa government so afraid now. him army man getting the picked off every day more and more
to reach the majic number of him ten black body bags each day as
gift for ameriki people.

him legal strategy to backfire and them finding themselves face the war crimes charge.

him ameriki ruler elites make up the even more lies each day for mind control ameriki people.

Soon maybe braveheart ameriki leading resistance against israeli spies in whitehouse
and pentagon--then aemrika be the free once again .

this bible justice. masters in tel aviv thinking: yes, we send our slaves the ameriki
for attack our enemy him arab. then so confident. who can estimation that total ameriki
society destroy and israeli masters face the true destruction. that why this bible justice.

all president candidate him him only the two qualification: traitor to usa people and main goal
to serve him master in tel aviv.

Posted by: mullah cimoc | Jun 4 2007 4:25 utc | 8

It always the airplane, the airport. Thats what the guys with the white stetsons spend their efforts survelling, and if they don't get some action soon their funding might get cut off.

Ports, chemical plants, rail yards, pipe lines, transmission lines are all out in the middle of nowhere so who wants to guard them. There are mosquitoes out there and we won't be able to get home for supper.

So let's hang at the airport and divert ourselves with grandiose schemes of mayhem and keep the funding channels open.

Posted by: Allen/Vancouver | Jun 4 2007 5:23 utc | 9

Good point, Allen. Now that there's a Giant Industry that's developed domestically, they've got to gin up shit to keep budgets high. Thanks to JackAss Party for insisting upon "dept. of Homeland Security".

That said, we've said all along that if they want to assault Iran, they're going to have to pull a stunt domestically to get the sheep sufficiently hysterical, so we've been expecting this.

Posted by: jj | Jun 4 2007 7:08 utc | 10

A successful stunt would be required for sufficient hysterics, though.

Posted by: Pyrrho | Jun 4 2007 9:11 utc | 11

@bea - 4 - An-Nahar is a rightwing (christian) anti-Syrian newspaper. One can savely ignore what they write.

Posted by: b | Jun 4 2007 9:20 utc | 12

These minor and dubious terrorists plots are, I think, a sort of trickle-down. There is so much money sloshing around, and for limited ppl to perceive that to get into the swim of things one needs only to plot, raise specters, etc. From the two sides, of course: keen, somewhat crazed agents of Gvmt. as well as witless patsies with lost lives.

Self importance of law enforcement and homeland security and so on, as well as press complaisance, sees to the reporting.

This whole process runs itself. It is supposed to instill fear and subservience, or at least signal that to be a good citizen one must pretend to be outraged and go OOh Ahhh. As the French say, ce n’est pas serieux.

The thing is, the PTB don’t want to do more or different, as any plot or attack (outside of the badlands, Palestine, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.) that was truly ‘dangerous’ or ‘feasible’ or a ‘real threat’ would send markets plummeting (not in itself a disaster, but the equilibrium is kinda tricky), even if ppl in the know in the financial world realize it is all BS to whip up hate, there are no terrorists going to bomb the West, the war on terror is fake, yet... there are all these clueless investors. So it is a fine line, basically it is wink wink, the only point is to get Joe to re-discover his patriotic heart, and Jane submit to camera surveillance, body searches, etc. etc. and both of them to knuckle down and not demand better pay or decent health care. And eventually toddle off into misery because ‘there are so many enemies out there.’

Posted by: Noirette | Jun 4 2007 16:01 utc | 13

there's also the career incentive factor. the game is GWOT, so in order to advance to the next rank, salary, or award level -- or to establish yourself as a promotable player -- it is necessary to justify the premise of the game. same for funding. these departments have to show something to justify the money they've been alloted, the toys/tools they've been supplied w/, and they have to produce if they want to keep getting the budgeting or increase it next quarter.

and, as an extension of zero tolerance (and what the military now terms "phase zero"), one can be found guilty of thought crimes. if the provocateur can get the dupes to take the bait, no telling what they may be capable of someday. one set of glasses that law enforcement dons shows a world where sleeping terrorist cells are just waiting for the ticking alarm clock to go off & there's a lot of pressure (external & internal) to be the hero.

the media, otoh, say 'great! here's a story (practically already written) that will catch a lot of eyeballs which will allow us to justify the ad rates we charge & maybe we can get some more out of 'em.'

the govt says 'keep the little pigs afraid of having their houses blown down.'

Posted by: b real | Jun 4 2007 17:23 utc | 14

Terror plot suspect worked for the CIA's airline

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jun 5 2007 1:43 utc | 15

You asked why reporters dont think before reporting such propaganda. There is no press in America. What passes for "The Press" is now merely an arm of the zionist run corporate oligarchy that shifts lives and money from place to place. Yellow Journalism is now the only journalism.

Posted by: Jason | Jun 5 2007 4:57 utc | 16

@ b: An-Nahar is a rightwing (christian) anti-Syrian newspaper. One can savely ignore what they write.

Precisely my point -- that this is a propaganda effort intended to fearmonger us right on cue to support whatever is the real agenda right now -- massively increased US military aid to the Lebanese Army, the building of the air base, and God knows what else. It is also coordinated with the larger campaign -- jihad is infiltrating the Palestinians everywhere, says the NYT. And terrorists were going to blow up JFK... Let's all quake in our boots and hand over whatever is needed to keep this menace at bay!!!!

Posted by: Bea | Jun 5 2007 12:43 utc | 17

calm voice of reason

John Goglia, a former member of National Transportation Safety Board, said that if the plot had ever been carried out, it would likely have sparked a fire but little else, and certainly not the mass carnage authorities described.

“You could definitely reach the tank, definitely start the fire, but to get the kind of explosion that they were thinking that they were going to get… this is virtually impossible to do,” he told AFP.

Posted by: catlady | Jun 5 2007 22:15 utc | 18

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