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April 28, 2007

DC Madams

When Ambassador Randall L. Tobias explained:

A key element of our strategy is the balanced ABC policy, pioneered with tremendous success in Uganda. It does include an emphasis on 'Abstinence'. especially for youth, but also on 'Being faithful,' especially for those in committed relationships, ...
The U.S. is also partnering with communities to find solutions to such issues as sexual coercion and exploitation of women and girls, as well as fighting sex trafficking and prostitution, while still serving victims of these activities.

He certainly did know his subject:

Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias submitted his resignation Friday, one day after confirming to ABC News that he had been a customer of a Washington, D.C. escort service ...
On Thursday, Tobias told ABC News he had several times called the "Pamela Martin and Associates" escort service "to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage."   Tobias, who is married, said there had been "no sex," and that recently he had been using another service "with Central Americans" to provide massages.

Bush knows who to call about massages too:

.. as specifically about our position on prostitution, I'm going to have to talk to the Secretary about it.

You see, there are DC madams for men like Tobias to call and then there is The DC madam.

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"AIDS czar"

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised Tobias' work. "Randy Tobias has indeed had many roles in his life, but none more important than the roles he's played in government, where he has been someone who has been most involved in organizing America's compassion to the world."

Posted by: annie | Apr 28 2007 15:35 utc | 1

Gag order? gag order? hahaha... they never ever stop with the sexual innuendoed powered control game do they?

It's cool guys. Jesus wants me to get my dick sucked./snark

I want to see all 10,000 names. If the moralists aren't hypocrites, they have nothing to hide. Re-meme-ber, "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear" -- it's just what they tell us when they tap our calls and video our demonstrations data mine our medical records and bank accounts etc, etc...

In all seriousness, a commenter asks, "...the security issue is not the fact that he was seeing prostitutes and sharing state secrets as pillowtalk. The security issue is that prostitution is illegal in most parts of this country and also widely frowned upon, and this means that Tobias had made himself vulnerable to blackmail, whereby he could have been coerced to share state secrets so that noone would find out about his secret prostitute visits."

Conjecture, however, I have read more than a dozen times, that AIPAC and ilk are really good at sexual blackmail.

Guess we're all wearing the blue dress now.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Apr 28 2007 15:45 utc | 2

Guess we're all wearing the blue dress now.

Dang. Great line, Uncle. Wish I'd thot o' that.

Posted by: Hamburger | Apr 28 2007 17:27 utc | 3

Guess we're all wearing the blue dress now.

Dang. Great line, Uncle. Wish I'd thot o' that.

Posted by: Hamburger | Apr 28 2007 17:28 utc | 4

oh hell. never mind.

Posted by: Hamburger | Apr 28 2007 17:29 utc | 5

this could get fun

Palfrey already has named her first name, as it were, on her website, where she has posted a court document from April 12 in which she alleges formal US naval commander Harlan Ullman was a "regular customer" whom she needs to subpoena.

With James Wade, Ullman developed the military doctrine of "shock and awe" used by US government in its invasion of Iraq. According to one definition, it is shorthand for rapid dominance based on the use of "overwhelming decisive force," "dominant maneuvers," and "spectacular displays of power" to subdue the other side.

Earlier this month Ullman told CNN that "The allegations do not dignify a response," and referred any other questions to his lawyer.

Posted by: annie | Apr 29 2007 1:25 utc | 6

Hairdresser gossip:

Rice's friends insisted the attraction to Bush was platonic, but Brenda Hamberry-Green, her Palo Alto hairdresser, who had spent years commiserating with Rice over how hard it was for successful black women to find a good man, noticed a change when Rice started working for Bush. "He fills that need," Hamberry-Green decided. "Bush is her feed."
Excerpt: Condi's Rescue Mission - In his forthcoming biography of Condoleezza Rice, NEWSWEEK's MARCUS MABRY explains the roots—and the consequences—of her loyalty to the president.

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