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February 13, 2007

The Years of Lead

by remembereringgiap
adopted from a comment

A meditation on the release this month of a member of the Red Army Fraction in Germany. She is only one of four people left in German prisons for actions taken during the 'années de plomb' - the years of lead.

What our own slothrop fails to see - is how deeply implicated the U.S. intelligence & military intelligence services were in the strategies of tension - that allowed the putschists to arrive in power in Greece, for Andreotti - prince Bhorghesi, the fascists in Portugal & in Spain - in fact the whole anti democratic movement in Europe was completely organised through the United States - whether it was operation 'gladio', the strategy of tension - or the compromising of almost a generation of European parliamentarians of their respective countries, created in the 50's by James Jesus Angleton, bore its fascist fruits in the 60's, 70's & 80's.

The U.S. made of European politics a rubbish bin of their own sordid habitude.

The left was doomed to its own destruction at just the point where it was most integrated with the masses - this was especially true in Italy & France. & an organised left was something Germany had through its shame created. In France - it is impossible to look at the so called leadership struggles in the parti communiste français without seeing the hands of the CIA - a political left could not have been led by a more compromised leadership, in Italy the left was destroyed by the infiltration of fascist agents within their organisation. In Germany what gave birth to an armed opposition (the propaganda of facts) was immediately compromised with connections to the Turkish grey wolves, the Italian new order - all under the instructions of the CIA - all comprimised & corrupted by American agencies.

In 2007, it is horrifying to look at the damage done to the left - by their enemy & finally by themselves & all the major players of this U.S. led fascism like Andreotti - alive & well.

I remember this moment very clearly, very precisely & I remember it in more detail today than perhaps then. I rememember & remember categorically that even the armed opposition to U.S. politics was borne in the horror to what was being done in Vietnam - that time's illegal & immoral war. Good people, a generation of the best were swallowed up in politics that were conceived somewhere at Langley & the bureaus of 'intelligence' services in every country you can name.

It was in that moment of history that I understood deeply the profound immorality of the politics that dominates those United States, it was in that particular history that I would witness exactly how far those pathological policies would go.

Only someone who is completely blind to what has happened in the history of the last fifty years of the 20th century would be capable of defending that national entity, those United States.

In those days the fascist were glad to call themselves exactly that - they were proud of their heritage - the elites were lost in their own venality (as they caricaturally are in Latin America or Asia for example) that they could not see they had already won their battle when the bitch Thatcher - who was a symbiosis of the stupidity & criminality of both Andreotti & Reagan - herded her people behind the barriers of fear from where they can view the world that passes them by - it is no wonder they neeed that antiquated service - the BBC to tell them of their own heroism, their own humour & their own intelligence because - we the world have forgotten them. We forgot them when they sacrificed their miners, when they sacrificed their rail & ship workers, when they destroyed the printers & any movement of workers that could produce a menace to their power.

& we were not so stupid to not see their criminalisation of politics in Ireland & within their own borders as a testimony of their failure to conduct real politics. They, with criminal disposition - destroyed the social fabric of that nation - they lied about their underclass, their homeless, their drug & drug addled public who are wound around the fingers of state through the subvention of needs.

They might have won & yes Sarkozy might win here - what was collaboration then - is called atlantism today - the collaboration of an elite against the interests of their people manipulating the fear of those people - which was in the last analysis the reason for the 'strategy of tension' - to create the conditions where the elites could rule without fear of a real opposition.

It is Bush & the U.S. elites deepest desire that we return to that moment - to the moment where Europe follows fearfully in the U.S./Israel worldview & not seeing the natural & organic relation that the European people have with the people of the Middle East.

So in the month when they will release a member of the Red Army Fraction - I do not salute her but I do salute the movement that gave birth to her & I taken notice that the enemy then is the same enemy today.

Sorry for being so brutal but that is exactly how I feel.

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hear, where the dry blood talks
where the old appetite walks . . .
where it hides, look
in the eye how it runs
in the flesh / chalk

but under these petals
in the emptiness
regard the light, contemplate
the flower

whence it arose

with what violence benevolence is bought
what cost in gesture justice brings
what wrongs domestic rights involve
what stalks
this silence
what pudor or perjorocracy affronts
how awe, night-rest and neighborhood can rot
what breeds where dirtiness is law
what crawls
below . . .
[Charles Olson, "The Kingfishers" (1949)]

Thank-you R'giap...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 13, 2007 3:39:47 AM | 1

Yes, Thank you Rgiap. The Wikipedia links provided in your post were definitely eye opening reading to me. I have never heard of “The Years of Lead (bullets)”. Most Americans do not know about such immoral clandestine CIA operations of the past. The low depths that U.S. foreign policies have stooped appear to have increased dramatically in recent decades, especially with Bush I thru the current Cheney/Decider regime. Current U.S. administration efforts to hide so numerous acts such as deceitful U.N. presentations, routine secret CIA renditions, torture policies and the like have become futile. The current unjust Mideast fiascos are now apparent to the whole world. When will Americans simply say, “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

The Panama invasion was my first real mind experience with such depressing realities. Heck, even the name of the operation was intended to deceive “Operation Just Cause”. Reminds me of the “Patriot Act” –Why was it called that? One reason only, and that was to deceive the public. I hope barfly readers will forgive my somewhat personal rants about past disturbing realities, and I conclude with this question to fellow Americans “Where is Oliver North now?” Amazingly, he’s on Fox News with his own show! The man should have been sent to jail in disgrace; yet lying to Americans by our public servants has become more acceptable than ever.

Again, thank you Rgiap. I was very pleased to see Bernhard move your comment to its own thread and hope you will find the time to post more.

Posted by: Rick | Feb 13, 2007 5:51:44 AM | 2

Don't encourage him, Rick!

Just kidding of course. I don't know what the other nations have been up to but the US has been a busy international bee since the second world war.

They have a government funded machine that has been secretly, or at least trying to keep it a secret from its citizens; supporting revolutions, assasinating leaders, now kidnapping and torturing people.

It's hard to keep up. I recently read a history of the CIA which paints an ugly picture of a US agency gone astray, big time. The author explains that John Foster Dulles planned that the CIA should be all fun and games, not simply the collator it was defined as.

And so it was. The US made some attempt to lead after WWII, to foster a community of nations. Instead it became defensive, reacting to tugs on its string of cobwebs, each tug stimulating what seems like an inevitable reaction of deceit and force. And apparently many tugs on the string were actually initiated in Washington then sent to the local ambassadors or State Department staff to be then filtered back to Washington.

It's an interesting read:

" The CIA is the center of a vast, and amorphous mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations ... or as Allen Dulles always called it,"Peacetime Operations." In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level High Cabal, that may include representatives and highly skilled agents of the CIA and other instrumentality's of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation. It is this ultimate Secret Team, its allies, and its method of operation that are the principal subject of this book."

Posted by: jonku | Feb 13, 2007 6:34:03 AM | 3


thankfully it was b who supplied the links

there are a whole series of books & documentaries that cover this period - partiicularly a franco italian documentary of several hours called - 'orchestre noir' - which more or less follows judge silvanai's investigation into the fascist bombing of italy. he would speak of u s intrusion into his dossier 20 years after the facts

europe was & is deeply marked by these intrusions in their civic life. it is most noticeable initaly & france because they possessed communist parties that were monoliths but perhaps it was greece that suffered the most & the leftish influence among the greek people remains great today precisely because as europeans they know directly what the latin american experienced

it is also important to know that as i noted a whole series of parliamentarians from the right & from the 'left' became what the cia lovingly call 'agents of influence' - & these were very prominent in the 'leadership' of the trade union movement - one of these agents of influence became the prime minister of australia, bob hawke. & true to their formation they were also fanatic converts to the state of israel

the mafia controlled christian democrats could not have existed & flourished until their demise after the palermo trials without the direct influence of the u s. khol in germany & every part of their leadership was also deeply implicated in a realtion with u s state power - that ridiculises the notion of national souvereinte

the current court cases in italy & germany against the extraordinary rendition are excceptional jurisprudential responses to specifically american crimes

the paradox of the modern state is that their defenders, their real defenders have come from the judiciary from men & women every bit as brave as those who fought their struggle in another manner. the country of italy is littered with the dead bodies of judges who saw straight into these realities & were killed because of it

that valet of u s imperialism & atlanticism - guileo andreotti - whose hands are covered in the blood of judges - has not escaped conviction but he will most certainly escape prison - under italian law he is too old to be placed in prison but he must have had nervous days after his palermolitian comrade & mafia chieftan & european parliamentarian salvatore lima was killed by toto rïina for not fulfilling the state/mafia contract. wherever there was malfeasance in italian political life there was andreotti & wherever there was andreotti - there was u s policy

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 13, 2007 7:17:08 AM | 4

Thank you r'giap. It's hard to hear but good to know.

Posted by: beq | Feb 13, 2007 7:55:09 AM | 5

Just an additional remark here - the US does/did not only intervene politically, but a lot of CIA operations were "economic activities". Spying on European companies to the sole benefit of US companies: Former CIA Director Says US Economic Spying Targets "European Bribery".

In light of this I can not understand why European companies do not put more pressure on their governments to not give data to the US. Especially passenger data and financial transaction information that is tranfered for "anti-terrorist" activities is quite sensible to businesses.

Posted by: b | Feb 13, 2007 8:28:04 AM | 6

This morning there was also some interesting developments in Italy that somehow tie into our friend's timely piece

Police in Northern Italy have arrested 15 people on suspicion of belonging to an offshoot of the notorious Red Brigades guerrilla movement

Posted by: dan of steele | Feb 13, 2007 8:50:52 AM | 7

Well, if you see at WWII as a 3-ways struggle and war of European conquest between Germany, USSR and the USA, dump the whole "freedom for Europe" bullshit of the US invasion in 1944/45 - which was actually labeled as such by the Anglo-Saxon press -, and consider that Western Europe was merely occupied by new overlords instead of being truly liberated from foreign occupation, the whole history of the last decades begins to make more sense. Of course, the nature and depth of the occupation varies, depending on the country, but its true nature can't be denied.
I mean, how many friggin US bases are still located in Europe? And if having your bases in foreign countries doesn't count as occupation, what does? Heck, the Roman Empire didn't go that far with several of its own provinces.

Posted by: CluelessJoe | Feb 13, 2007 9:00:13 AM | 8

dan & b

i think one part i understand - that post war europe just reflected yet another form of intercapitalist rivalry & everything that goes with that - the weaknesses & comprimises of the local & comprador formations in each country

what is still horrific for me & yes emotionally disturbing (because after all my reaction & involvement in the vietnam war was rooted first in an emotional & visceral response to american crimes) - is the completely cavialier approach to the people of these countries who for many decades were not only threatened with nuclear war & all the phenemonological abuse that goes with that - but on a practical level - that at a local, regional & national level - their civic & political life was corrupted. corrupted in a way that still disgusts me - because had that not happened - the europe of today would be a natural alliance of unique forces

with a civic & political life so corrupted it was only natural that also you had such developments of the 'urban guerrilla' - which were misreadings of carlos marighela, regis debray & franz fanon. this coupled with a monolithic left that had been deeply comprimised augmented by programmes of destabilisation - created the urban guerrilla from a less violent form of resistance

in italy the very real threat of a fascist coup from 1948 onwards (where the americans completely destroyed the political process) - which went on & on with the prince bhorghese attempted coup, the ps1 etc - demanded & was historically connected to the resistance during the war - of creating an armed resistance. in italy the left were digging up the weapons from the 40's to fight & defend against the possibilities of a coup. but immediately this movement was corrupted both by the insistant & premeditated interventions of the u s security appareil - that i think very clearly - that much of the 'action' was of questionable value - & was being used to create the conditions of a coup d'état - something the american wanted since 1948

alexander stille in the book excellent cadavers - the fall of the italian republic makes this clear. the palermo maxi trials in their historic documents that have been redacted in italy as 'the veritable history of italy' makes it even clearer. nearly every process that has involved either the mafia or the right have gone over this agaian & again. & a role of the catholic church that is profoundly disturbing & connected to their link with protecting nazis & other fascist ever since the 2nd world war

in england the destabilisation took another approach - the militants of the union movement - where the real threat came from, was met with the buying out of the leadership(many who later became knights) & with the deregistering, criminalising & destruction of the militant union movement.; cnd & other forms of protest at coldwar politics also were isolated & demonised. on & on
until thatcher & every successive prime minister has attacked not only the workers movement but also that of the poor & marginalised with an exceptional violence. all in parallel to a campaign of their press barons lying to their back teeth to assist in that demonistation & destruction

the responses of the european populace to both 'great wars' - was instinctual & correct, they became anti imperialist & anti war. this organic development in the people had to be destroyed. & it was. by fear. then that fear was brutal & cruel in its process. today that fear is elucidated in a way that is no less brutal but is subtle in its elaboration

compassion has drawn many of us to oppose the illegal wars of our time but also common sense because we have seen where they lead so for someone to say that it is being done to 'protect', to 'save', to 'secure' a people - i find in both fact & theory, repulsive

what is happening in iraq comes from a long line of destabilisation & destruction

Posted by: r'giap | Feb 13, 2007 9:36:15 AM | 9

three-part bbc documentary on operation gladio avail here

ganser: The CIA in Western Europe and the Abuse of Human Rights

Posted by: b real | Feb 13, 2007 11:38:44 AM | 10

really, merci b real - i will watch them this night - this is the treasure of this site - & its posters - because something like a meditation on social fabric is ably assisted with links that thoroughlly follow through

Posted by: r'giap | Feb 13, 2007 11:46:36 AM | 11

what an incredible post and thread. i have gotten lost numerous times in the links (thank you b) as this subject is so fascinating to me. the true skeletal structure of our governments and the lies that keep them afloat.
thank you r'giap. uncle for the poem, b glad you posted the bbc series. i had never heard of this galido and the wiki link just made me thirsty.

Posted by: annie | Feb 13, 2007 12:47:38 PM | 12

what an incredible post and thread. i have gotten lost numerous times in the links (thank you b) as this subject is so fascinating to me. the true skeletal structure of our governments and the lies that keep them afloat.
thank you r'giap. uncle for the poem, b glad you posted the bbc series. i had never heard of this galido and the wiki link just made me thirsty.

Posted by: annie | Feb 13, 2007 12:50:07 PM | 13

Myself, and to others this all comes as a revelation. What I remember of these events I can now see are the desired end product of decades of manipulation and propaganda. Many thanks to r'giap and others for bringing the underlying story to light -- disgusting as it is.

Posted by: anna missed | Feb 13, 2007 3:32:11 PM | 14

Myself, and to others this all comes as a revelation.

May we have finally discovered the gap between U.S. and European posters on MoA here?

The Europeans know and have prove that the CIA had and has intimate influence on European policy - influence by the gun.

That this comes as a suprise to U.S. people who are awake is new to me. I thought you did know this all along.

Who, do you think pays Merkel or Sarkozy? It is obvious to me that they are not acting in European interest ...

Posted by: b | Feb 13, 2007 4:12:01 PM | 15

It is obvious to me that they are not acting in European interest ...

they are not acting in US interest either

Posted by: annie | Feb 13, 2007 4:31:55 PM | 16

Anyone who is interested in this kind of information about the 'years of lead' in europe from 68-77 should read 'comments on the society of the spectacle' by guy debord. Freely available online.

Posted by: drunk as a rule | Feb 13, 2007 5:01:08 PM | 17

what i think that bothers both european & american politics is the disgraceful dance of an apocalyptic foreign policy & a completely negligent domestic policy which has its repercussions not only in the western world but self evidently in other nations

the politics of force has become yet another form of gunboat diplomacy

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 13, 2007 5:05:26 PM | 18

didn't know anything about gladio. thanx

Posted by: slothrop | Feb 13, 2007 5:24:49 PM | 19


Operation Gladio - Behind False Flag Terrorism
These documentaries were originally aired on BBC2 in 1992

Third Possibility In Madrid Bombings

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 13, 2007 5:51:04 PM | 20

people would laugh when I mentioned these activities and wonder if my ball cap was tin lined

Posted by: jcairo | Feb 13, 2007 6:07:28 PM | 21

@jcairio #21

We cannot go on living our lives the same way we are today. The problem is not physical. It isn’t even environmental. The problem is in ourselves and in our way of addressing it intellectually. We must start to talk with one another in a new way. ~ Karl-Henrik Robèrt

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 13, 2007 6:16:26 PM | 22

& speaking of a strategy of tension multiplied - the bombings in lebanon have all the hallmarks of such a destabilisation - the american & israeli & their local valets of course blame the syrians - when it is obvious to a blind man that it is the syrians who would benefit least from such an action

the saudi 'peace process' is giving the us & israel the willies

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 13, 2007 6:18:22 PM | 23

b, post #6: ”In light of this I can not understand why European companies do not put more pressure on their governments to not give data to the US. Especially passenger data and financial transaction information that is transferred for "anti-terrorist" activities is quite sensible to businesses.”

Although my post here in response to b may first appear to be somewhat off-topic, I feel it is important to post under rgiap’s thread, and it is somewhat relevant to his subsequent post #18. As Uncle $cam has been warning us, I am afraid things will only get worse regarding information gathering. Quite bluntly, unless there is a grand awakening soon, Corporatism will make us all literally economic slaves, and when I say all, I mean all people of all nations of this world. I heard the following BBC news story on National Public Radio this morning on my way to a jobsite. When I came back home this afternoon, I looked up the following link to this news story for all barflies.

Mobile phone operators and banks are backing a scheme to allow those who work abroad to use their phones to send money home.

The initiative is backed by 19 mobile firms representing over 600 million customers in over 100 countries.

'Immense benefits'
Less than one billion people have a bank account worldwide but close to three billion now have a mobile phone, according to the GSMA.
"The only way to sustainably serve these people is through mobile communications," said GSMA spokesman Ben Soppitt.
If successful, the initiative could double the number of recipients of international remittances to more than 1.5 billion and quadruple the size of the market from $230bn (£117bn) to more than $1 trillion (£513bn) by 2012, the GSMA says.
Sunil Mittal, chief of Bharti Airtel, India's largest mobile operator said the scheme would provide "immense benefits to people in developing nations such as India".


Posted by: Rick | Feb 13, 2007 7:07:42 PM | 24

Thank you r'giap for this post.

An interesting point I notice is that the mainstream news accounts of Brigitte Mohnhaupt's freeing manage to avoid any mention of how the RAF's first generation died: collective suicide in their prison cells:

In the course of the night, Baader was found dead with a gunshot wound in the back of his head and Ensslin hanged in her cell; Raspe died in hospital the next day from a gunshot to the head. Irmgard Möller, who had several stab wounds in the chest, survived and was released from prison in 1994.

The official inquiry concluded that this was a collective suicide, but again conspiracy theories abounded. Some have questioned how Baader managed to obtain a gun in the high-security prison wing specially constructed for the first generation RAF members. Also, only a total commitment to her cause would have allowed Möller to have herself inflicted the four stab wounds found near her heart. However, independent investigations have shown that the inmates' lawyers were able to smuggle in weapons and equipment in spite of the high security. Möller claims that it was actually an extrajudicial killing, orchestrated by the German government, in response to Red Army demands that the prisoners be released.

A collective suicide that raised certain questions naturally:

It would be just as difficult to prove that the CIA or any other secret service took part in the murders at Stammheim as it would be to prove that a murder took place at all at Stammheim. But if the deaths at Stammheim weren't suicides, then the involvement of the CIA is very likely since there is no doubt that the RAF actions were directed against U.S. imperialism, that the prisoners who died at Stammheim were responsible for the attacks on U.S. military buildings in 1972 and that service agencies in Germany controlled by, built up by and dependent on the CIA, would never have been able to carry out such an action without the knowledge of the CIA at least. The decision for such a specific action would not be made at a government level but in the secret service agency itself. It is clear, however, that such a decision, should it have been made could not have taken place without the general consent of the government, a consent which might have given long before, even if only in the form of passive consent.

Posted by: Alamet | Feb 13, 2007 8:53:22 PM | 25

For those who are new to the history of the Strategy of Tension, Daniele Ganser wrote a definitive book on the subject, NATO's Secret Armies.

A recent interview with Prof. Ganser that covers the matter quite extensively: NATO’s Hidden Terrorism.

Posted by: Alamet | Feb 13, 2007 9:00:24 PM | 26

sompe thoughts on the documentary b real & uncle scam posted

- this trilogy really complements the franco italian production of the 'orchestre noir' (which is more focused on just italy & on the jurisprudential road to the truth of the matter - following the magistrates through the lies weaved by andreotti & the atlantists)

- the evil son of james jesus angleton - michael ledeen proves once again he is a spawn of some kind of demon

- i had forgotten the horrible 'evenements' in belgium that appear on this documentary as stranger than they were at the time

- that it is clear that aldo moro in italy & hans martin schleyer in germany were liquidated precisely because they represented forms of rapprochement between some forces of the left & the elite

- what i have sd here often - while i approve of the heart & compassion of the urban guerrilla - their tactics were & remained so easily controlled by the intelligence agencies - the interview with the red brigade leade emphasises that - & it is a little pathetic to witness him understanding that he was a pawn in their game

- & that is & remains the paradox in the west at precisely the moment when a left could prove its affinity concretely with the oppressed - it was the intelligence service & agent provocateurs who by & large orchestrated the movement of the urban guerilla in western europe

- also interesting but not surprising to note that the us intelligence services & their valets always targeted the maoists for infiltration & i think i have already mentioned here that some time ago in holland you had a complete communist party (marxist-leninist) which had fraternal relations with peking etc - that was a pure fabrication of the secret service

& like angeleton in their wilderness of mirrors it is always as if they want to emphasise their cleverness, their subtility & their absolute contempt of people articulated by andreotti who once sd the people are the mud from which politics is created - but what is evident after all these years is the compete & utter moral depravity

& it is this utter moral depravity we are witnessing in the great game of the middle east - & it should shock us, it should turn us always away from the empire & all its deeds because they are repugnant

but as i have sd at other moments - it is precisely the dark times when we should understand & use our civic duty & not shy away from it. it is clear that the patriot acts are designed to force people away from that duty & the laws will foolow in europe again but i feel in europe a tiring with the atlanticist proposition - an awareness of its innate corruption & its inability to resolve the questions that need to be resolve in the long term

i am optimistic that because the tryants in washington have gone too far that europe will slowly walk to a meditteranian position - like that held by the greeks that will keep a disciplined distance from the madness that constitutes american politics

for the struggle now may not be for socialism (tho it remains so for me) but it is simply to reconstruct human decency for a new century - a human decency aware of all the crimes invented in the 20th century

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 13, 2007 9:09:55 PM | 27

from alamet's link

"Silvia Cattori: It is almost as if none of the structures created wanted to doubt the official version. Is it possible that they let themselves be manipulated by the lack of information organized by the ones who organize the strategy of the tension and the False flags?

Daniele Ganser: We are prone to manipulation if we are afraid. Afraid of losing the respect from the people that we love. We cannot go out of this spiral of violence and terror if we let the fear take over. It is normal to be afraid, but we must overtly talk about this fear and about the manipulations that generate it. Nobody can escape their consequences. This is even more serious when the politicians in charge react often under the effect of fear. One must find the strength to say: "Yes, I am afraid to know that these lies make people suffer; yes, I am afraid to think that there is less oil left; yes, I am afraid to think that this terrorism they talk about is the consequence of manipulations, but I will not let myself become intimidated."

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 13, 2007 9:18:08 PM | 28

why on earth is the masonry a big power broker in italy? i though catholics can't be masons?

Posted by: slothrop | Feb 13, 2007 9:58:38 PM | 29

i don't think the masons are an important point & are wholly peripheral to the italian judicial & parliamentary investigation into gladio

the masons is one of those groups where the rich are unable to follow christ's maxim & to throw away childish things

the scope of the analysis of gladio goes to the heart of u s power & to its valets on the continent

you do not have to look very far into the italian situation to see chile 1973

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Feb 14, 2007 10:34:43 AM | 30

R' do not have to look very far into the italian situation to see chile 1973


1962 - US troops landed in Thailand because of the Communist "pressure"
1963 - CIA orchestrated coup against democratic government of Iraq
1962-1975 - US troops operating in Laos
1964 - DR Congo (Zaire) US troops support one side of civil war fighters
1964 - US troops give show of support to military coup
1959-1975 - Vietnam War, never declared by Congress
1965 - US troops (20,000 of them) invade Dominican Republic to crush revolt
1967 - DR Congo (Zaire) once more US troops aid in crushing revolutionaries
1968 - US orchestrated another coup in Iraq
1970 - US troops fight in Cambodia, various operations continue until 1975
1971 - US intervenes to force India from supporting Bangladesh but this backfires and as a result Pakistan loses but becomes a firm US ally
1972/3 - US orchestrates coup in Chile
1978 - DR Congo (Zaire) US troops once again provide support
1980 - US attempts to invade Iran to free hostages but fails
1981 - US sends military "advisers" to El Salvador and later funds dictatorship during the civil war
1981 - US shoots down two Libyan planes over Libyan territory
1982 - US troops land in Beirut and remain until 1983
1983 - US troops invades and occupies nation of Grenada
1983-1989 - US troops operate in Honduras to train and protect "Contras"
1985 - US Navy pilots force an Egyptian airliner to land in Italy in order to detain terrorists who were traveling on board
1986 - US forces bomb the capital of Libya in retaliation for an attack on a nightclub in Germany
1987-1988 - US naval forces actively support Iraq during Iraq-Iran war and fight several battles against Iran
1989 - US forces once again shoot down Libyan planes for "demonstrating hostile intentions"
1989 - US forces invade Panama and kidnap the Panamanian leader in defiance of UN resolutions and despite a lack of Congressional approval
1991 - US forces fight war against Iraq and re-install dictatorship in Kuwait
1991 - DR Congo (Zaire) US troops once again assist during revolts
1992-2003 - In Iraq US military enforces "no fly zones" which were never once authorized or created by the United Nations but were simply decided upon by the US and British goverments
1992-1993 - US troops invade Somalia per a UN resolution
1993 - US troops invade and occupy Bosnia. Troops remain to this day.
1993-1994 - US troops enter Macedonia to "protect stability"
1993-1995 Approximately 20,000 US troops sent to Haiti to protect stability
1998 - Several missiles were launched against Afghanistan and Sudan
1999-2001 - Small contingent of US troops sent to East Timor as part of a UN mission
1999 - US troops and NATO forces bomb Serbia and occupy Kosovo to this day.
2000 - US troops permanently stationed in Yemen
2001 - US attacked on 9/11 because terrorists "hate our freedom"
2001 - Passage of the USPATRIOT Act.
2001 - Invasion and occupation of Afghanistan begins
2002 - US troops begin limited bombing in Yemen against Al-Qaeda suspects
2002 - US troops and "technical advisers" assist government against rebellions. Continues to this day.
2003 - US invades and occupies Iraq
2003 - US troops set up permanent military base in Djibouti
2003 - US troops and "technical advisers" assist government in Georgia
2004 - US overthrows government of Haiti
2004 - US troops stationed in Kenya and Ethiopia
2006 - US forces conduct airstrike in northwestern Pakistan
2007 - US forces bomb Somalia at least twice and possibly conduct ground combat operations in or near Ras Kamboni.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 14, 2007 10:58:46 AM | 31

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