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February 20, 2007

More Terrorist Videos

The Tapped blog points to some funny Ahmadinejad videos on YouTube and guesses "it's part of somebody's propaganda war efforts."

Indeed it is. The person under the pseudonym FardaRoshanAst who posts those videos says:

Most of the videos that i've host the past 10 months are from the Iranian Resistance Television, Simaye Azadi (INTV - Iranian National Television -

The domain is registered by:

      Linear Communications
      Nasrin Saifi
      1164 Solano Ave. #120
      Albanay, CA 94706

Hamid's email address domain is registered as:

Administrative Contact:
      Azimi, Hamid mardom@IRAN-E-AZAD.ORG
      PO BOX 7862
      BERKELEY, CA 94707-0862
      (510) 528-0605

The Congressional Research Service in a 2004 report on Foreign Terrorist Organizations (pdf) says on page 65ff:

The State Department continues to resist pressure to remove the MEK from the FTO list. On August 15, 2003, the State Department added the group’s political wing, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCR)296 to the group’s designation.

296Their website is located at [].

Hamid Azimi, who registered the site where these videos are copied from, is obviously a member of the pseudo-marxist cult MEK. Neocon Michael Rubin has quite a complete account of its history and denies any neocon support for its action. But the White House lauds it as a source of intelligence:

At a March 16 press conference, Bush said Iran's hidden nuclear program had been discovered not because of international inspections but "because a dissident group pointed it out to the world." White House aides acknowledged later that the dissident group cited by the president is the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), one of the MEK front groups added to the State Department list two years ago.

Nasrin Saifi, under whose company the site is registered, was at one point the president of the Association of Iranian Women in northern California.

The Hill reported in 2004:

The MEK has often created fictional philanthropic and social organizations to convey legitimacy. In a 1994 dossier on the group, the State Department noted that “many of these member groups are actually shell organizations, established by the [MEK] in order to make [it] appear representative and … popular.

“Likewise,” the report continued, “the [MEK] has formed associated groups with benign names, such as the ‘Association of Iranian Scholars and Professionals’ and the ‘Association of Iranian Women.’
  A website for US for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran, yet another program sponsor, is Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the MEK, was arrested in Paris last year on terrorism charges. The group’s site was registered to Hamid Azimi, once president of the Southern California Society of Iranian Scholars and Professors, another MEK front group.

So most of the videos posted, according to the poster himself, are provided by a TV station that is run by an organization designated as terrorist.

As some are valuing the MEK service as intelligence source, I wonder who pays the organization for distributing those videos ...

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My tax dollars at work. Again.

Posted by: beq | Feb 20 2007 22:33 utc | 1

Food for thought: Famous liberal blog posts "funny" MEK clips ridiculing the Iranian regime, without identifying them. Thanks Bernhard.

Posted by: Badger | Feb 21 2007 0:08 utc | 2

Bernhard, all I can say is a big "thanks" for your hard work and digging down through the layers of deceit.

We are against terrorists, except when they are "our" terrorists, I guess.

I guess it is a waste of time to ask why high-paid journalists don't do this kind of digging?

Posted by: Maxcrat | Feb 21 2007 1:04 utc | 3

b, another doozy post. you rrrockin'

wow, badger visits us


Posted by: annie | Feb 21 2007 2:24 utc | 4

Amazing post Bernhard. The implications many. I wonder if YouTube knows it's carring water for a terrorist organization.

Posted by: anna missed | Feb 21 2007 3:39 utc | 5

great work, b!

Posted by: b real | Feb 21 2007 7:12 utc | 6

Nice research. Funny that with all the tens of millions of dollars funneled down these ratholes of propaganda, I mean, public relations; they aren't more professional in covering their tracks. Similar I guess to the competence exhibited (not!) in Iraqi reconstruction.

Or perhaps these really are amateurs, MEK or no. If I were them I would be worried about all the tracks being left around for the inevitable day when they are no longer on the "right" side and it will be their turn to be rounded up for the gulags. Al Qaeda was on the US payroll once as well.

Posted by: PeeDee | Feb 21 2007 7:45 utc | 7

This MEK group must make eyes glaze over. Even though they tried to overthrow the Shah (our guy in Persia) the present band of criminals embrace them because MEK is against the Mullahs. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend. strange stuff, it sounds very much like the people b speaks of above are nothing more than useful idiots who will quickly be discarded when they no longer serve Ledeen and Co.

Posted by: dan of steele | Feb 21 2007 11:03 utc | 8

This is Iran, but not as you know it

Tehran is one of the most talked about cities in the world; many people believe it could well be the next target for the Bush administration’s third invasion in its so-called “war on terror”. The majority of the limited reports and images to have emerged from the Iranian capital in the past year have been about alleged nuclear weapons programmes, senior members of Iran’s theocratic state and, of course, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Very little has been said that accurately describes this nation of 70m, which is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse countries in the Middle East. Despite a recorded history of more than 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest civilisations on earth, Iran remains shackled to a small number of clichés; turbaned mullahs, women wearing the black chador and antiwestern rhetoric.

As a news correspondent this Iran was familiar to me. I’d seen many angry rallies postFriday prayers and done interviews with politicians and military figures. But I longed to show the unseen and hugely varied life of ordinary people in Tehran; one of the least understood cities on earth.

You can also watch the video google video Torrent

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 21 2007 19:26 utc | 9

Also, lest ye forget...

Bolton: No "Inhibition" Supporting Some Terrorists like the the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK). And though he may be gone, (for now) it shines light on the mentality
of murder inc.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 21 2007 19:37 utc | 10

@ Uncle (#9) "Despite a recorded history of more than 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest civilisations on earth,"

Well there's a primary target. Oh, my heart, my mind.

Posted by: beq | Feb 22 2007 0:48 utc | 11

"A friend turned me on to the following interview, and makes a point I hadn't considered:

phil giraldi (in this interview with scott horton):'there are things that iran could do if we attacked them. they could assassinate Musharaff in Pakistan and turn pakistan into a nuke-capable islamic state'

oh, btw, USS. John Stennis has arrived in the Persian Gulf for those whom weren't aware...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Feb 22 2007 6:48 utc | 12

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