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December 31, 2006

On The New Year

As several barflies, MoA and Whiskey Bar commentators, join with me today for some new years eve celebration, there'll be no time left to put up an elaborate piece.

But let me say thanks to all of you, dear readers and commentators, for the thoughts, ideas and links you have given here over the past year.

My very best wishes to you and the world for the new year.


Fate now allows us,
'Twixt the departing
And the upstarting,
Happy to be;
And at the call of
Memory cherish'd,
Future and perish'd
Moments we see.

Seasons of anguish,--
Ah, they must ever
Truth from woe sever,
Love and joy part;
Days still more worthy
Soon will unite us,
Fairer songs light us,
Strength'ning the heart.

We, thus united,
Think of, with gladness,
Rapture and sadness,
Sorrow now flies.
Oh, how mysterious
Fortune's direction!
Old the connection,
New-born the prize!

Thank, for this, Fortune,
Wavering blindly!
Thank all that kindly
Fate may bestow!
Revel in change's
Impulses clearer,
Love far sincerer,
More heartfelt glow!

Over the old one,
Wrinkles collected,
Sad and dejected,
Others may view;
But, on us gently
Shineth a true one,
And to the new one
We, too, are new.

As a fond couple
'Midst the dance veering,
First disappearing,
Then reappear,
So let affection
Guide thro' life's mazy
Pathways so hazy
Into the year!

"On the new year"

Posted by b on December 31, 2006 at 9:26 UTC | Permalink


Thanks b (and thanks for the ride from the airport and the Berliners and well, everything)

The amazons have landed!

beq, fauxreal, and conchita (annie is descending)

Posted by: beq | Dec 31 2006 10:07 utc | 1

Naturally, we (who can't attend) expect a full accounting, and a picture as incriminating evidence. I cant believe how jealous I am. Have a round on me.

Posted by: anna missed | Dec 31 2006 10:22 utc | 2

live from hamburg!
everyone is gorgeous, not a dog in the bunch.
you'll hear more from us, hopefully not too drunk. haven't slept in 2 days.

thankfully i was not accosted at the airports due to my nationality. forgiving citizens. thinking of you all...
in solidarity

Posted by: annie | Dec 31 2006 12:16 utc | 3

Looking forward to greeting ASKOD as our house guest and meeting you all later this evening. For tomorrow I'll prepare tante aime's Comfort Food: beef stew - all are welcome!


Posted by: Hamburger | Dec 31 2006 13:36 utc | 4

Happy new year to all, and many regrets that I am unable to join you this year. But I am there in spirit, as, I am sure, are many others.

Please... group blogging! With photos! And live reports! (OK we don't require 24-hour live feeds, but... at least a post a day?)

Don't all go silent on us now...

Most of all, hope you have a fabulous time and come away renewed and re-energized to continue and extend the efforts we put here in new ways in 2007.

Posted by: Bea | Dec 31 2006 14:07 utc | 5

it's wonderful just to think of you all together...

Posted by: selise | Dec 31 2006 14:09 utc | 6

I never miss your writings and enjoy everything about your blog..and I'm in far away Australia..where what happens to the US does matter,as our P,M is the worst kind of Bush stooge-crony.!!
Good Luck and Happy New year and my hearty thanks

Posted by: brian | Dec 31 2006 14:13 utc | 7

Zu meinen Freunden in Deutschland

Auld Lang Syne

Ich erinnere mich an Sie in den Gebeten

سنة جديدة سعيدة

Ihr irakischer Freund

Posted by: n/a | Dec 31 2006 14:23 utc | 8

i am pale with envy. glad a good contingent has made it by plane, i worry about that. have the most wonderful time, don’t go tripping over any carpets, at least no-one is going to get into a political fight -maybe just a heated a discussion which would be rousing- and there won’t be any family members to start asking those awful questions like why did you marry Dad anyway that was a big mistake? :)

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 31 2006 15:02 utc | 9

Wow! Great to hear from all of you. annie and fauxreal have crashed already, building up energy for tonight. I can't sleep. Too excited.

Rick Happ and dan of steele are here too.

Firecrackers outside and it's not dark yet.

b hasn't approved of any photos yet. (must preserve dignity)


Posted by: beq | Dec 31 2006 15:09 utc | 10

To slothrop: Several days ago you wrote with questions regarding savings and capitalization.. I am reading now a book with a prodigious information as to how the economic system of the USA works. It is entitled " The Boom and the Bubble" I have learned very much. I borrowed it from our public library. Happy New Year.

Posted by: jlcg | Dec 31 2006 15:55 utc | 11

Happy New Year to all of you. And those who are in Hamburg - enjoy and have fun. Am looking forward to hearing the stories. Wish I could have joined you.

Posted by: Fran | Dec 31 2006 16:15 utc | 12

Happy New Year guys! Have a great time in Hamburg! Hope 2007 is not going to bring any new wars...or economic crises...All the best!

Posted by: vbo | Dec 31 2006 16:38 utc | 13

Happy New Year to everyone from an infrequent-commenter-but- daily-reader.

The things I've learned from you people!


Posted by: Lisa B-K | Dec 31 2006 16:39 utc | 14

utterly miserable that i am not there with you - but this beautiful body broken & not a little unaffected by the barbarian act performed by political pornographers in baghdad

love to all there - but you know that

i wish that all the force & tenderness - that is so necessary - arrives

have a strong & fun time for the rest of us because we'll require your energies

at midnight i will think of you all in hamburg (& such good news that rick, skod, & dan of steel were able to be there - ô cloned there will be another time) & of all those others who make this such a good home that while sometimes having the character of a refuge is the contrary - it is a base from where the work we do in our daily lives can be informed by more than our own pain

still steel

Posted by: r'giap | Dec 31 2006 16:51 utc | 15

I have arrived safe and sound in Hamburg, so I am writing from Hamburgers computer. Looking forward to meet the rest of you all shortly.

And - *entering medial trance, speaking in oracle voice* - I predict there will be lots of toasts to absent friends.

Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Dec 31 2006 17:38 utc | 16

Funky New year folks!!! I'm so envious !

Did anyone get the ol' pat down by our Fatherland thugs?

Damn, you would think youtube would have the vid, but it doesn't look as if they do, it is one of the only Eagles songs I can stand, as I loath 'classic rock' due to the repetition of 80/90's market driven radio and they seem to only play it once a year:

Went to a party just last night

Wanted to bring the year in right

Woke up this morning I don't know how

Last night I was a happy man, but the way I feel right now

It's gonna be a FUNKY NEW YEAR


Ooo, Ahh, got to be a FUNKY NEW YEAR


Can't remember when I ever felt worse

Nothing matters and everything hurts

They were passin' round the bottle, made me feel brand new

Trouble with the new man he wants a hit too, hit me



oooooo, it's a FUNKY NEW YEAR





Nurse I'm worse FUNKY NEW YEAR

I got to perk up a little FUNKY NEW YEAR

My hair hurts FUNKY NEW YEAR





A party baby

Never again FUNKY NEW YEAR


Who's shoes are these FUNKY NEW YEAR


Party hardy baby FUNKY NEW YEAR


What year is this anyway?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Dec 31 2006 17:54 utc | 17

auld lang syne.

let me know how the stalinist fruitcake tastes this new year.

Posted by: slothrop | Dec 31 2006 17:57 utc | 18

Missing you immensely r'giap.

be well comrade.

Posted by: beq | Dec 31 2006 18:04 utc | 19

Damn, on a sad note, don't go to youtube today, I counted like 23 Saddam Hussein hanging vids on the front page. I can't watch that shit ;-(

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Dec 31 2006 18:09 utc | 20

I can't watch that shit

I feel the same about the front pages of the NY papers this morning. I've had to turn away so many times I'm dizzy.

Posted by: mats | Dec 31 2006 18:39 utc | 21

sorry to inject frivolity, but for those of you playing along at home-

andrew bird - mysterious production of eggs & weather systems

jolie holland - escondito

be good tanyas - blue horse

leo kottke -various

dinner -

django reinhardt & stephane grappelli - nuages


debating on etta james rocks the house & howlin´wolf or miles davis, monk & coltrane.

all suggestions welcome

p.s. itäs different to tzpe on a german kezboard

(it´s different to type on a german keyboard)

Posted by: dj fauxreal | Dec 31 2006 19:01 utc | 22

Have a Happy New Year all, and a nice party :)

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Dec 31 2006 19:12 utc | 23

Happy New Year to all the lucky Hamburgers. May your buns stay toasty as the goons of the world 'mix mustard with gas and relish war.' Let's hope for a not-insane 2007.

Posted by: biklett | Dec 31 2006 20:21 utc | 24

@ dj fauxreal

Je m'appelle Baghdad

Posted by: n/a | Dec 31 2006 20:29 utc | 25

@ dj fauxreal

Al Mutanabi

Posted by: n/a | Dec 31 2006 20:41 utc | 26

@dj Fauxreal

I suggest Gilad Atzmon's CD "Exile" if you can get it. Both for its haunting musical qualities and for its political significance -- beacon of a better way for the future.

Posted by: Bea | Dec 31 2006 20:46 utc | 27

@ dj fauxreal

Mesopotamia (Babylon is burning mix)

Cradle sound of civilization

Posted by: n/a | Dec 31 2006 20:53 utc | 28

don't drink all the beer, I'm on my way in 24 hours!!

r'giap, all my best wishes for your returning health.

kisses all around.

Posted by: catlady | Dec 31 2006 21:20 utc | 29

@ dj fauxreal

Internationale 1

Internationale 2

Allah ma3akom

Posted by: n/a | Dec 31 2006 21:31 utc | 30

sadly, I did not get to bake a stalinist fruitcake (boo hoo)

and no need because b has made a fantastic celebratory dinner...curried chicken in pastry with fresh veggies, savories of cheeses, pumpernickel and and white wines...and we're still au table with good conversation, annie stories, (and a brief moment of "an-nie, an-nie an-nie" as hamburger (here with bun) poured yet another glass of wine when annie said she could drink anyone under the table.)

I suppose we'll see about that... I have taken myself out of that competition...maybe that's why I'm the only one posting now...

later the more courageous will move to single malts, or so I'm told.

p.s. beq went with Tom Wait's Alice, and now we're on to a Coltrane and Monk collaboration.

dan of steele has been voted down on traveling an hour to fireworks because we could only take one champagne glass for all of us a train.

b has fireworks anyway, and they've been going off around here all evening anyway.

rick happ said I was the biggest surprise...he thought I was going to look like Granny Clampett or something.... instead of Jeb.

askod is adorable. you should check out askod's dream thread at le speak...we're living it.

Posted by: dj fauxreal | Dec 31 2006 22:21 utc | 31

Looking west over the tranquil Howe Sound, Bowyer Island and Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast past Gambier Island in the low hanging clouds. Another grey-shot sky as the mist rises above the islands, shimmering seas framed by cedars and Douglas firs. Ducks flocking in the air and on the sea.

This vista is a reminder of the true beauty of the world untroubled.

For the coming year I offer this moment free of doubt.

Posted by: jonku | Dec 31 2006 22:35 utc | 32

Were I there, I would a) compete with annie, but not with wine. Whiskey would be appropos and 2) play Neko Case.

Posted by: Rowan (aka DJ Cheerful Self-Destruction) | Dec 31 2006 22:46 utc | 33

Agent 22:

That is the latest model Enigma Machine.

We need the software.

The Fate of the World depends upon this.

When you get to Berlin, deliver the software to Jethro, the bartender at the Three Dwarfs Wine Bar, near the Brandenburg Gate.

Simply order a White Russian and tell him Double Nought sent you.

Hopefully Annie can pass out, puke on the floor, creating the appropriate diversion tonight.

Posted by: Bletchley Park Control | Dec 31 2006 22:55 utc | 34

Happy New Year Hamburg.

PS: I have a rotweiller. IF b survives the ladies, I hope he will let me post his picture. After all, he's German.

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Dec 31 2006 23:00 utc | 35

Bright blue sky. The low, golden hues of sun in the hour before set, glowing on snow on rooves, on hills, on branches, on purple mountains of the west, a world of golden light. This is the first day of sun after days of stormclouds and winds and snowstorms. Tomorrow should be more of the same. Cheers to the new year and to all the good company and music in Hamburg!

Posted by: small coke | Dec 31 2006 23:16 utc | 36

You folks at MoA are awe-inspiring. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Posted by: Copeland | Dec 31 2006 23:21 utc | 37

I read all of you often and comment hardly are all far too brilliant. :)

I wish everyone here the happiest of New Year's...filled with peace.

Posted by: byteb | Jan 1 2007 0:08 utc | 38

Hopefully Annie can pass out, puke on the floor, creating the appropriate diversion tonight.

excuuuuse me? i am a responsible drunk!!! no one has broken out the whiskey yet. i happen to have nerves of steel, (dan, move over). i may be a 100 lb lighweight, but i can hold my booze. the only thing that gets loose when i drink is my imagination (thanks beq). the barrier between my mouth and my mind disintegrates which may get me into trouble but does not leave me puking!

humph. what confidence. we do have wavering drunks in this crowd, but it ain't me babe. i'm riding the wave...on a jetlag high in the company of very rad compadres. beq just broke out some virginia gentleman. damn, americans still do something right!!

Posted by: annie | Jan 1 2007 0:31 utc | 39

really wonderful to have heard the voices from hamburg this night & a graceful way to enter the new year, ready for battle

i am not all surprised( tho i really did imagine dan of steele as being a bit like sydney greenstreet)that all goes well there

the proof of the pudding was already in the eating & we do that here often - to 'materialise' that in meeting is just a form of justice in a world where there is so little

matter & mystery go together & that is as it should be - i hope you ring this year into the morning light & not suffer too greatly from headaches & other forms of immateriality

i hope too that we can have 'regular' meetings between us beyond the pages here

you are special & bring something special

after all we are all old soldiers

Posted by: r'giap | Jan 1 2007 0:51 utc | 40

one more thing btw. i was actually at a loss for words (shocking i concede) when i excused myself explaining it was merely(merely!) a case of jetlag and that i could easily drink anyone (now we have broken out the whiskey, thank you askod, whom i need around more often for editing purposes) under the table. context is everything daarling. and naturally i exaggerate w/flourish!

wish you were all here, we did just toast to you btw, w/out we are nothing! NOTHING!

Posted by: annie | Jan 1 2007 0:53 utc | 41

Wonderful to hear your voice r'giap. Still steel.

Posted by: beq | Jan 1 2007 1:02 utc | 42

we did just toast to you

My predictions are coming true. I feel the medial powers flow... Another prediction coming up:

(now brace yourself because this one is real)

(dum, dedum de dum...)

During the next year a lot of people will die, even more will be born and everyone will have a birthday.

Posted by: a swedish kind of eath | Jan 1 2007 1:07 utc | 43

another new year! glad to hear the delegation has arrived safely. cheers to all! ..clink

Posted by: b real | Jan 1 2007 1:23 utc | 44

first a disclaimer, i am typing on danofsteele's computer. all comments herein should be constured as written by conchita not danofsteele.

okay, just in case anyone is wondering annie is sitting up straight, sipping whiskey and has not (yet) puked. indeed this has been a highly civilized crowd. we have sipped a wonderful chianti riserva and vingo verdi, joined with german tradition and munched on berliners, sampled german cheeses, and dined on a lecker dinner prepared by bernhard, the most gracious host of hamburg. hmmm, juries out - hamburger and her "euro spouse" will be contesting that title tomorrow with a tante aime stew.

seriously, how fortunate can we be? we have such great friends that have traveled oceans and miles to come together this first time. next i hope we are an even larger group (if only because it is so much fun to realize that someone you have long thought was a woman is truly a man). what a great moment to be with friends, to mix words as we always do, but to also mix faces and voices.

i wish a happy new year to all, those here and those not. it is through our friendship that we can make a difference.

p.s. for those wondering what it is like here at this moment - try to imagine three threads, maybe four, happening all at once - verbally - volume, emphasis, excitement, accent. lots of fun. hope we are all together gain next year.

Posted by: danofsteele | Jan 1 2007 1:37 utc | 45

I'm visualizing and am insanely jealous. I spent a bunch of the day cleaning up after the cats.

I'll be thinking of you at midnight... and cheers to all the community.

(aside to dj fauxreal - for the post-single-malt downslopes, Oregon, Anouar Brahem, Kate Rusby)

Posted by: OkieByAccident | Jan 1 2007 1:46 utc | 46

Anouar Brahem! Dang. I should have brought him with me.

Whiskey's fine btw even without him.

Happy New Year to missing friends.

Posted by: beq | Jan 1 2007 2:03 utc | 47

My New Years Resolution

It has always been my habit to ignore traditions such as New Years resolutions due to the intrinsic value of drunken promises.

This year I have decided to compose a set of fifteen resolutions prior to beginning my yearly ritualistic alcohol fest. They go like this:

I resolve to remember:

1. In America: We elect Representatives not leaders or kings

2. Corporations are not living breathing natural persons and thus should never enjoy Constitutional rights as persons.

3. The first ten amendments of the Constitution of the United States (also known as the Bill rights) are not amendable.

4. Taxes collected and then spent against the will of the people constitutes taxation without representation.

5. The Constitution of the United States of America contains no language declaring America "Policeman to the world".

6. True American Patriots support and defend the United States Constitution NOT a political party or even FOX news.

7. Defending the United States Constitution is not a criminal terrorist act regardless
of any legalese contained in the Patriot Act.

8. A fascist government by definition; cannot enact the will of the people.

9. If George Bush could become President ANYONE of us could also be President.

10. Electing lawyers to serve in congress is akin to appointing Mark Foley Boy Scout Troop leader.

11. The original intent of the FCC was to prevent monopolization of the air waves, not to squelch free speech or hide Janet Jackson's nipples.

12. Jesus is not a republican

13. Jesus is GW Bush's favorite philosopher not his God.

14. Statutory law often runs ruff-shod over the United States Constitution.

15. There is no measurable difference between Republicans and Democrats

Happy New year.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 1 2007 2:57 utc | 48

I have managed to free myself from the silk scarves that bound me and exerting a great deal of will power overcome the fumes of massive quantities of toenail polish in order to drag myself to the old laptop and post this update at 4 am.

all is well, no black helicopters, no hooded men kicking down the door to b's appartment.

a truly wonderful evening, one that I doubt can be repeated.

it does sadden me that our friend r'giap could not be here and I wish him a speedy recovery.

may 2007 bring us some good news. I for one could surely use it.

Posted by: dan of steele | Jan 1 2007 3:08 utc | 49

we're trying to stay awake to wish in a happy new year (western calendar) to those east of the moon.

it's just past 4am here...I won't tell who's already asleep, but I'll give you a hint: it's not annie, beq, askod, dan of steele, rick happ, conchita, hamburger or her hun bun.

we were out in the street when the new year arrived here and shared the sound of fireworks with r'giap on the phone. b's neighbor found out about our motley crew (we were kind of hard to miss...) and joined us in toasts for a world full of compassion, understanding and champagne.

I did bring some Neko Case, Rowan, but only Blacklisted. Don't have the other cds noted, sadly. --and okie! nice to see your pixels.

It's so nice to see others post here who haven't before. In order to further spare b the american toenail polish treatment, one of our demands is that 5 lurkers must post.

think about it.

Posted by: fauxreal 2007 | Jan 1 2007 3:24 utc | 50

APB!! REPORTING FOR DUTY: COMRADES BEQ, R.E., FAUXREAL ANNIE & CONCHITA the last of the troops, standing strong. We are representing. We released DanofSteele and Rick Happ/y (what a dude), B has been exhausted into oblivion and is under maxiumum security, Hamburger, Mr. Humbunner, (pardon our American honesty, crassness, and joie de vie) and ASKOD have departed.

We have reserved a table for four on January 4 at the Three Dwarfs Wine Bar and a pitcher of White Russians....

Uncle, bravo for the focused resolutions. Here's for front paging resolutions tomorrow/today (note to B when he returns). Annie sends a special "ehem" to you and we wish you were here.

We probably won't be up in four more hours and frankly we might miss it as we are all working on 36 hours without sleep. Keep it alive, babies, we wanna wake up to you!

Hey, Billmon, if you're out there, rock on!

Posted by: the amazon women | Jan 1 2007 3:46 utc | 51

Yikes! Not sure if I am a true "lurker" or just a "faux lurker" since on rare occasions I have commented in the past. Either way, I hope to spare dear Bernhard the horrors of the ghastly toenail polish treatment, so let me express best wishes for 2007 to all the MoA'ers in Hamburg tonight and all the rest of the MoA community wherever you may be. You all have meant a lot to me through the thoughts and discussions at this place. Particular thanks and best wishes to Bernhard.

I need this blog/community more than ever in 2007!

Onward! Through the fog!! (Favorite expression at my workplace. :)

Posted by: Maxcrat | Jan 1 2007 3:48 utc | 52

here's hoping 2007 is a good year...

thanks to b and all the wonderful folks who post here... y'all have fun together!

Posted by: crone | Jan 1 2007 3:53 utc | 53

cloned poster... camilla park-bowles lives with you?

Posted by: fauxreal 2007 | Jan 1 2007 4:03 utc | 54

Happy New Year to all the Mooners
I love you all like Brothers and Sisters

A toast to Billmon
for his part in expanding my world view over the years

A toast to Uncle Scam
for being as "extremely" Crazy as you are
don't ever change. Your fifteen resolutions look like words to live by to me
so I'm printing a copy and nailing it to the interior wall of my mind. (for future reference)

Its 20:20 12/31 where I'm at in a little town in S/W Washington State. I'm settled in at home with my wife, a pot roast w/onions, carrots and potatoes in the slow cooker and a full bottle of Crown Royal.

Wish you were here.

Posted by: tescht | Jan 1 2007 4:20 utc | 55

Al Ghorba

Posted by: n/a | Jan 1 2007 5:20 utc | 56

Thus sayeth byteb at #38, "I read all of you often and comment hardly are all far too brilliant."

Yea verily. And don't ever, EVER change.

The celebrations at Toronto City Hall were appropriately loud with music and fireworks, my extensive sampling of Australian wines gave me direct evidence of their quality, and all in all, tonight's rain is irrelevant.

Well, wishing you in Hamburg the continuation of a splendid party, and wishing us all a better 2007.

Wishing Billmon, who started the Bar and contributed to my enlightenment, a happy and prosperous 2007.

Wishing Moon of Alabama architect and construction manager Bernhard, and all the posters of everything from philosophy through art to music, a great 2007, and thank you for continuing my enlightenment.

And may God protect the Iraqis. And may the ancient Gods help too because the task is great.

And may the US soldiers in Iraq become aware of what they are doing and how they are being used, just as they eventually did in the Vietnam era. Only faster please. Bitte. Schneller.

Fred said it well in his Dec. 17th essay:

It Floats-- Addendum to Clausewitz

Once you are in the war, you can’t get out. We couldn’t either. While your commander in chief eats steak in the White House and talks tough, just like a real president, you kill people you have no reason to kill, about whom you know next to nothing—which one day may weigh on your conscience. It does with a lot of guys, but that comes later.

You are being suckered, and so are the social classes that supply the military. Note that the Pentagon cracks down hard on troops who say the wrong things online, that the White House won’t allow coffins to be photographed, that the networks never give soldiers a chance to talk unedited about what is happening. Oh no. It is crucial to keep morale up among the rubes. You are the rubes. So, once, were we.

Posted by: Owl | Jan 1 2007 7:15 utc | 57

Happy New Year to all my old Whiskey Bar friends from 2003 or so.

I wish you all the best; may you escape the incoming shitstorm body and soul unscathed.

Plan ahead.

Posted by: Lupin | Jan 1 2007 9:53 utc | 58

Happy New Year and thanks to MOA-ers and especially to Bernhard for all that he does to keep this place going.

Thanks to N/A for the beautiful Auld Lang Syne at #8 the other music choices.

Enjoy Hamburg, Berlin and especially the time together, those of you who made the trip.

Posted by: ww | Jan 1 2007 15:23 utc | 59

yawwwwwn. (that's annie)

It's ALWAYS beq's fault.(whatever that means...) sez fauxreal...

b stuck his legs out of the covers last night but maxcrat's post saved him just in time from the dreaded pink toenail polish...beq claims...

askod doesn't know what to say but mumbles something about the ugrian language family.

fauxreal beat dan of steele in a game of backgammon that went down to the last roll... killa..

b took us over the river and through the woods and the subways and the train and the sidewalks to hamburger and hunnie bunnie house we go-ed.

but this was... 2 ferry rides later, a steep descent down the side of the hill...I guess a riverbank, a flooded parking lot, frequent potty breaks for an unidentified short person... a race walk (for some) Oh, I mean a brisk walk through the park, the museum for ernst barlach sculptures, pommes frites aka french fries from luczifers at devil's bridge with curried catsup (and mayo...insert miserlou here for you pulp fiction fans) and hot chocolate with the angels where we missed the ferry and had to take the bus...

...and after picking up Rick off the street..

we worked up a great appetite for Hamburger's (who, btw, "has" buns of steel...maybe not what you think...and as opposed to having dansofsteele.) beef stew via tante aime from a food thread last year on of oct. 29, 2005, btw...and a good time was had by all.

the stew was great, and even one of the amazons who doesn't eat beef thought it was lekker. and so was the music and wine and the time with mooners, who, btw, arrived under something that looked like a full moon...

many thanks to Hamburger and buns for slaving all day (oh, like buns was slaving...) in the kitchen and opening their cozy home to bertold brecht brigade, or whatever we are....we're no longer sure.

with our humblest apologies to St. Virginia Woolf.

Posted by: amazon brigade | Jan 1 2007 21:38 utc | 60

a shout out to the lurkers who have joined the fray. keep 'em coming


(we are using caps even tho it is rather bourgeois..and between us, we spelled that last word, we hope.)

Posted by: amazon threat | Jan 1 2007 21:44 utc | 61

Annie, I trust that you are making sure that everyone observes the dress code.

And all, I suppose you haven't tried to tango yet because you are waiting until catlady arrives.

I fully expect to see a YouTube posting of the Last Tango in Hamburg before you depart. Oh, you can all wear masks if you prefer to preserve your dignity and not be photographed.

On a more serious note: I'm loving your dispatches... keep them coming!

Posted by: Bea | Jan 1 2007 21:54 utc | 62

I'll have to agree w/bea here, on two counts, the dispatches from Hamburg
very entertaining (please keep em up) also, fabulous idea of (privately?)
youtubing the toe torture aka painting and sleepy eyed annnie and the rest of the

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 2 2007 0:06 utc | 63

frequent potty breaks for an unidentified short person..

it's necessary when one has an aversion to paying for public restrooms (not free here)to become intimate w/the loverly shrubbery in the more natural settings around this stunning urban center.

necessity is the mutha natcha of invention (thanks beq)

carry on

Posted by: unidentified short person | Jan 2 2007 0:45 utc | 64

Thanks small coke. Snow and sun, a true gift.

Posted by: jonku | Jan 2 2007 1:11 utc | 65

just wanted to say a big thank you to the commentator who sent bernhard $50 towards the shindig in hamburg. we hope you are with us next year.... location to be announced.

Posted by: grateful amazons | Jan 2 2007 1:22 utc | 66

Youtube Gilad Atzmon: Liberating the American People
thanks bea!

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jan 2 2007 11:17 utc | 67

Very late to the party - Happy New Year to everyone.

Posted by: Dismal Science | Jan 3 2007 2:34 utc | 68

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