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November 30, 2006



Displaying grace or beauty in form or action; elegant; easy; agreeable in appearance; as, a graceful walk, deportment, speaker, air, act, speech.


"I know there's a lot of speculation that these reports in Washington mean there's going to be some kind of graceful exit out of Iraq," he said. "This business about a graceful exit just simply has no realism to it at all."
Bush agrees to speedy turnover in Iraq

So how does an ungraceful exit look?

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I'd say, like this.

Posted by: CluelessJoe | Nov 30 2006 16:48 utc | 1

Whatever it looks like, I'm afraid we're about to find out.

Posted by: queridobobo | Nov 30 2006 17:10 utc | 2

graceful; as in the boots on the ground will be doing a whole lotta praying as they turn tail.

Posted by: b real | Nov 30 2006 17:39 utc | 3

ungraceful; as in the boots on the ground & the boobs in the suits will be doing a hell of a lot of cursing as the turn tail.

Posted by: b real | Nov 30 2006 17:40 utc | 4

Iraq withdrawal timetable would cut US leverage: Clinton

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Nov 30 2006 17:53 utc | 5

So how does an ungraceful exit look?

lika dis perhaps

Posted by: gmac | Nov 30 2006 18:36 utc | 6

I think gmac has the definitive answer...

Posted by: Lexington | Nov 30 2006 18:46 utc | 7

OT: Grace is deeply political:

Kissinger to Serve As Papal Adviser?

Pope Benedict XVI has invited Henry Kissinger, former adviser to Richard Nixon, to be a political consultant and he accepted.

National Catholic Register:>link

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 30 2006 19:25 utc | 8

Cockburn: Iraq Nears the "Saigon Moment"

On the day after I left Sunni and Kurdish police officers fought a gun battle in Jalula, the village I had been warned not to enter. The fighting started when Kurdish police refused to accept a new Sunni Arab police chief and his followers. Here in miniature in Diyala it was possible to see Iraq breaking up. The province is ruled by its death squads. The police say at least 9,000 people had been murdered and after such bloodshed It is difficult to see how Sunni and Shia in the province can ever live together again.

Posted by: b | Nov 30 2006 21:30 utc | 9

Ungraceful exit

Posted by: | Dec 1 2006 17:09 utc | 10

Some say it is too late for the United States to determine the outcome of the war in Iraq either way. "For all the excitement in Washington, this will be decided on the ground in Baghdad," said Richard C. Holbrooke, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who brokered the Dayton peace accords, which ended the Bosnian war in the 1990s. "The United States has lost its capacity to shape the events on the ground, regardless of what's recommended by the commission, regardless of what's done by the U.S. military and the president."
Iraq Plan Strives To Bridge Divide

Posted by: b | Dec 2 2006 7:04 utc | 11

"For all the excitement in Washington, this will be decided on the ground in Baghdad,"

of course it wil, and we wil be sticking it out to slop up leftovers,as long as it takes, as much blood and treasure required for the good ol' black gold.

Posted by: annie | Dec 2 2006 7:49 utc | 12

Ungraceful: 91 die in triple car bombings in Baghdad

Three parked car bombs exploded in central Baghdad on Saturday near a predominantly Shiite area packed with vendors, killing at least 91 people and wounding dozens, officials said.

Posted by: b | Dec 2 2006 16:10 utc | 13

"This business about a graceful exit just simply has no realism to it at all."

In a nutshell. That's what made me laugh out loud when he first said it. Bitter, black laughing, better than nothing? As it sometimes does, when B43 extemporizes, his subconscious apprently broke through and spoke the truth that Holbrooke and we all know.

Of course, the msm commentary and news clips, reporting B43's latest statement denying any Iraq departure, all drop that last sentence, or ignore its unequivocal, descriptive meaning. Bernard, of course, heard it.

Posted by: small coke | Dec 2 2006 17:16 utc | 14

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