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October 23, 2006

WB: The Price of Failure


Another way to put it would be that Shrub has finally, at long last, completed the process of failing upwards.

The Price of Failure

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We Hate To Bring Up the Nazis, But They Fled To South America, Too

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 23 2006 21:55 utc | 1

Dubya's key personal strengths are an engaging, gregarious personality bent on getting people to like him, and a domineering streak that people will call charisma in a rich man, and slippery in a used car salesman.

As a business executive, he's a public pickpocket. This man who literally could not find oil in Texas went on to find his true talents lie in swindling the public. His pappy and his brother Neil surely showed him the ropes.

Or perhaps it was Dubya's daddy's posse who steered the budding thief toward filching from the public purse, if only to spare their own wallets the recurring expense of bailing young Master Frogblaster out of his latest corporate collapse.

First with the Texas Rangers, then as a Governor, and now as a President, the "action" for Bush has always been to line the pockets of the Have-Mores and Haves, and line them again, and yet again, and always from the public purse.

As a politician, the Dauphin is a completely empty head sticking out of a completely empty suit. He isn't in charge of, or particularly aware of, any damned thing at all; he's simply the senior front man for the mob in charge.

His entire personal involvement in the War on Terra is to strut about saying Stay The Course while imagining he is a War President. He is squarely among those who know not the difference between Sunni and Shiite, nor why he should know. He cannot push the pins around the map in the War Room without making an immediate mess of things, much less push anything of value around in the real world. That's something grownups do.

Like all idiot children, Bush can be relied on to do what you set him at doing until such time as you set him at something else. He can stay the course.

However, I regret to convey that he actually will be bailed out of even this fantastic fustercluck he calls a Presidency. Not a financial bailout -- that's hardly needed in his case.

He'll be pardoned by his successor, and probably sent home to build a Presidential Library full of papers no one will be permitted to see for a century or so.

He will be pardoned at the last not because of his power or influence, but because he will be as irrelevant then as he is now. You might as well prosecute a cardboard cutout. Bush isn't the heavy in this Administration.

The Dems in charge will be allowed to make reasonable rollbacks of the Bush extravaganza, to placate the public somewhat, for a while, for a Friedman or a few. But the powers that be will see that Leviathan continues on course, continue seeking full spectrum dominance of the planet, and of the lesser people on it.

The only real consequence for the Dauphin is that he won't be able to visit any countries that subscribe to the International Criminal Court. He won't be able to travel abroad -- (wherever that is.)

Who knows? He may well end his days on a ranch in Paraguay. Whatever. Honestly, whatever. He's not the enemy. He fronts for the enemy.

He is not Leviathan. And it is Leviathan that is eating all our children.


Posted by: Antifa | Oct 23 2006 22:22 utc | 2

"master frogblaster"

that's an instant classic

Posted by: slothrop | Oct 23 2006 23:36 utc | 3

you are outta hand antifa, fuster-cluck -- cluck cluck cluck

Posted by: anna missed | Oct 24 2006 0:04 utc | 4

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