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October 24, 2006

WB: The Mr. Magoo of Journalism


[M]aybe Howie just needs to get his eyes checked.

The Mr. Magoo of Journalism

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Well, we sure don't want the "Have Less's" out there voting do we?

Tell them it's 'in the bag' and they won't bother voting.

And, therein lies the fucking rub.

Posted by: pb | Oct 24 2006 20:47 utc | 1

Well, of course we don't know how to keep the death-rate AND the profits on an upward scale simultaneously! Well, of course! Duhh! STAY THE COURSE, ya big dummy!

Posted by: A | Oct 24 2006 21:16 utc | 2

Ahhhhhh......the mighty Mario.

Sure would be interesting to stratify journalists above and below the mighty Mendoza line.

But as for those who do the pontificating on the journo game, rather than actually playing it (see: Kurtz, Howie), it might be worth remembering that old Dewey Finn as Ned Schneebly adage: 'Those who can't, teach..... and those that can't teach, teach gym'.

Which means nothing at all, unless you knew the following:

Former major leaguer Mario Mendoza, whose five seasons batting under .200 caused players to term it the "Mendoza Line" when referring to whoever was dead last in the weekly league batting average listing, in June (1991) was named batting coach for a California Angels farm team in Palm Springs.


Posted by: RossK | Oct 25 2006 0:10 utc | 3

U.S. Rank on Press Freedom Slides Lower (Washington Post)

Some poor countries, such as Mauritania and Haiti, improved their record in a global press freedom index this year, while France, the United States and Japan slipped further down the scale of 168 countries rated, the group Reporters Without Borders said...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 25 2006 5:10 utc | 4

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