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October 25, 2006

WB: The Commissars ++++


V. Forked Tongue

IV. Jungle Boogie

III. The Lunatic Fringe

II. A Fresh Diagnosis

Commissars? To quote Homer Simpson: Did we lose a war or something?

I. The Commissars

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Beyond parody, the Daily Show doesn't need any scriptwriters.

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Oct 25 2006 19:18 utc | 1

Looks like Ken is swallowing a fish in that picture. Having heard about his preferences, I'd bet its a male fish.


Posted by: Max Andersen | Oct 25 2006 21:50 utc | 2

The war at home...

Antonin Scalia holds you and me in contempt

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 25 2006 22:31 utc | 3

re "Jungle Boogie": Oh good grief. Much ado about not much. Sounds like timpani and they are not very prominent.

Posted by: wren | Oct 25 2006 23:15 utc | 4

I just listened to the commercial too. First time w/o earphones and the second time with.

The drums are definitely meant to insinuate the "danger" of Harold Ford, whether they're "jungle drums" or not. The stirring chorus of whitey voices ascending to heaven when talking about Corker is equally annoying. I don't know if it's a racial insinuation with the drums or not, but it could certainly be perceived that way.

What's also annoying is that Corker supposedly has "Tennessee values" (what, prosecuting ppl for teaching evolution? -- Beating peaceful African American students during lunch counter sit-ins to fight segregation?

Studio musicians who can call it in?

Anyway, supposedly Corker has "Tennessee values" because he didn't leave the state to go to school. Did he marry outside his family? Is that a repudiation of "Tennessee values?" Is one of Corker's legs longer than the other from being a Ridge Runner? What other stereotypes make someone have "Tennessee values?" Does Corker have all his teeth? Maybe he should get a few pulled in solidarity with poor folk.

Posted by: fauxreal | Oct 26 2006 1:27 utc | 5

What other stereotypes make someone have "Tennessee values?"

whiskey, moonshine

Posted by: | Oct 26 2006 2:18 utc | 6

me on #6

all things considered

Appalachia holds a curious place in the American psyche. There is a pervasive perception of the region as a hinterland inhabited by a backward and developmentally stunted people.

ouch, that was mean

Posted by: annie | Oct 26 2006 2:22 utc | 7

The Lunatic Fringe

Maybe I'm not reading this right, but it looks like 14% -- or one in seven -- of the Americans surveyed by Gallup in this new poll say the Republican Party is too liberal.

In a poll cited by my local wishwrap only 17% of respondents in the US wanted to keep the current situation with republican control of both houses and presidency. So basically republicans are really supported only by this same group.

Posted by: a swedish kind of death | Oct 26 2006 14:08 utc | 8

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