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October 27, 2006

WB: Road Kill


I think I hear that same sound coming from the Rovian machine right now -- a doomed, crazed animal in its final death throes.

Road Kill

Posted by b on October 27, 2006 at 4:39 UTC | Permalink


Do NOT misunderestimate this man, he would chew his own foot off to get out of a trap if it meant beating a single Democrat in November.

I often wonder if there isn't some kind of strategy behind the negative press of late: namely the Republicans know that they are going to lose some ground, by making the Democrats think they smell a majority, they will get all flustered and start making some big mistakes (as if they needed help).

And then, when the Republicans don't lose as badly as predicted, they can claim it as a "moral victory".

Posted by: ralphieboy | Oct 27 2006 5:46 utc | 1

I think I hear that same sound coming from the Rovian machine right now -- a doomed, crazed animal in its final death throes.

we can only hope Billmon, we can only hope

Posted by: dos | Oct 27 2006 6:14 utc | 2

From the anti-stem cell people I've seen in Missouri, there is not so much an air of desperation as a complete sense of lunacy about their ads. Complete fear mongering about the menace of cloning. And really being afraid of saying that what they are really talking about is those poor little baby stem cells, whose "lives" are so much more important than an Iraqi's or a Palestinian's.

Unfortunately, I think it's just an instance of short-term gain. Yes, many people are paying attention who normally don't, but - remember Billmon's post about Riverbend's recent accounting of Americans - what will it really change? Not a whole lot other than whose dirtbags are in Washington. The corporate oligarcy continues. It allows some minor dissent, but shuts it entirely out of the major media - even the corporate wing of the internet, still many peoples' view of the internet.

We still are stuck with the same struggle.

Posted by: Planet B | Oct 27 2006 7:07 utc | 3

thanks for the memory billmon. those isolated rememberances that stay w/us forever. chilling.

Posted by: annie | Oct 27 2006 7:22 utc | 4

Rovian government might be likened to a big corporation that puts out new products at well timed moments - to blow the competition away. They are going to need a kick-ass release this time.

But it does not always work. Sometimes a corporation has to place its efforts into improving a consumer mood soured by screw-ups like recalls, faulty devices, cost of product/operation, management scandal, over-hype ... Otherwise, even a hot new product may flop.

Posted by: jony_b_cool | Oct 27 2006 9:41 utc | 5

Shudder. My story was nearly identical: a cat instead of a dog. The sound was horrifying. I hear echoes of it sometimes, lurking between the harmonics in the normal noises cats make. It's unbearable. I have to plug my ears, leave the room, run away, etc.

Like annie said, thanks for the memory.

It sure would be nice to win an election for once. Brave Clarice. You will let me know when the Republicans stop screaming, wont you?

Posted by: &y | Oct 27 2006 13:12 utc | 6

When a screaming dog becomes the reason to vote for Hilary's party............ Rome

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Oct 27 2006 13:15 utc | 7

Damn, Billmon can write! That took me back about 45 years. We were driving into downtown LA, and just where the Santa Monica Fwy. becomes the Harbor Fwy. (we called them by name in those days), I happened to glance out the window and saw a black kitten on the pavement in about the same condition, stuck to the pavement by its pulverized hind quarters, panicked eyes, waving front paws. And then we were past. But I've never forgotten.

Posted by: Zotz | Oct 27 2006 18:09 utc | 8

It reminded me of my reaction to David Brook's last column before the 2004 election. You could see he thought his side was going to lose, and every line dripped with venomous, primal hate. I flashed on a pretty sea creature, a colorful anemone or elegantly marked squid that someone had accidentally stepped on, and in response it had gone into spasms and discharged all the lethal toxins it could muster. Whenever I've tried to read him since, I remember the poison beneath the surface.

Posted by: Roger Bigod | Oct 27 2006 18:45 utc | 9

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