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October 27, 2006

WB: Paranoia Watch


We'll know soon enough which explanation is correct.

Paranoia Watch

Posted by b on October 27, 2006 at 4:35 UTC | Permalink



This is a major nuclear warfare drill.

This information was taken from the following MUST READ white paper from STRATCOM Global Strike exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled October 24 – November 8

STRATCOM, which describes in depth their plans for nuclear war and Cheney's CONPLAN 8022 (which CIA agent Philip Giraldi said will be used against Iran following a terror provocation)

Reguardless, It'll be fascinating to see how long this New American Century lasts.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 27 2006 5:58 utc | 1

Also from Uncle $cam's whitepaper link:

2006: The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is scheduled to provide U.S. Strategic Command with improved nuclear cloud modeling and the "ability to predict the effects from multiple, simultaneous nuclear weapons detonations."

Hmm, I wonder where they're going to get their data for the model?

Posted by: The Key | Oct 27 2006 7:00 utc | 2

It seems clear that the timeline for an attack takes months, years to move the pieces into play.

The concurrence of US Navy movements, war games, elections was probably started at least a year ago. If the US was going to attack Iran they would need to have both domestic political opinion onside and the necessary forces in place.

So this might be an insight into a slow-moving chess game where the pieces take months to cross the global chessboard and the necessary shaping of the domestic message, no matter how smart Karl Rove is, still takes months to set in place.

The idea of an attack on Iran seems to be downplayed right now but if the decision is to be made, the strategic deployments have to be set in motion a long time before.

Otherwise the answer would be, "we can do that but it will take six months to get ready."

I believe that none of this can turn on a dime. Powers that would like to see a Republican victory in next week's US election might try to drop gasoline prices. Even if possible (I think it is) this is not something that can be calibrated to a day or even a week. However, gas prices are cheap right now.

Those same powers might also hope for a threat to the US, real or perceived, beacase those have been shown to up Bush's support numbers. Maybe that's the nub of "Paranoia Watch."

Posted by: jonku | Oct 27 2006 7:36 utc | 3

The thing that pushes my paranoia button, even despite the actual number??? of strike groups in the persian gulf -- its still alot of ships and firepower -- there is so little acknowledgement of the risks entailed. That givin the weight of what so many have said, that much of the administration has actively planned and advocated (and may have already started) an attack on Iran, why is the envelope of risk being escalated at this time. Thinking back to the Iran/Iraq war, when the U.S. was on Saddams side against Iran, the U.S. was busy keeping the shipping lanes when civilian>Iranian Flight 655 was shot down by USS Vincennes, arguably, by an overzealous captain who was in Iranian water. Such an event, were it to happen within the present context, could rapidly escalate into a major retaliation this time seeing that Iran is'nt tied up in Iraq (like it was then). Iran has the capacity, with much improved weaponry, to make that retaliation very significant, like say an aircraft carrier. And that would be 911 redux -- and very appealing for the same reasons -- to those about to loose that political advantage. Givin the track record we'd be remiss not to be paranoid.

Posted by: anna missed | Oct 27 2006 9:30 utc | 4

No need for paranoia. Just pick up your manual over at Arstechnica(How to steal an election) and get to work.

Posted by: BillGalt | Oct 27 2006 9:48 utc | 5

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