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October 29, 2006

WB: Infectious Disease ++


III. Kiss and Make Up

II. Science Experiment

I. Infectious Disease

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Re: Crying Uncle

"Is it 'cos I is black?"
-- Wolfie B

Posted by: &y | Oct 29 2006 23:35 utc | 1

only if I can roast their gizzards and eat them afterwards. Obviously, as a leftist, I'm very fond of eating little Christian babies, born or unborn.

you never cease to amaze in w/your honesty. what about the chianti?

Posted by: annie | Oct 30 2006 2:49 utc | 2

re infectious
LOL! reportedly, kleenex boxes on his feet was the only thing hughes would have on when greeting guests. another parallel w/ cheney (germ-phobia being the first, not empty kleenex boxes on the feet) is this

Between 1965 and 1975 Hughes companies were awarded more than six billion dollars in defense contracts alone - the majority of the awards having been made without competitive bids.

-- jim hougan, spooks: the haunting of america - the private use of secret agents

Posted by: b real | Oct 30 2006 3:56 utc | 3

Picture very applicable to today's Iraq, produced in Italy as WW II propaganda

Ecco "Liberatori"

Posted by: Owl | Oct 30 2006 5:36 utc | 4

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