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October 25, 2006

WB: Expert Testimony


Considering how razor-close the Missouri race appears to be, Rush may have just single-handedly booted away a Republican Senate seat.

Go Rush! Go!

Expert Testimony

Posted by b on October 25, 2006 at 5:36 UTC | Permalink


Wait, billmon, what happened to hoping the Republicans win the midterms?

Posted by: Rowan | Oct 25 2006 5:57 utc | 1

My hopes were aimed in the same direction as billmon, but enough is enough; The stench has become absolutely unbearable.

Posted by: A | Oct 25 2006 6:17 utc | 2

The cleansing effects of investigations

A healthily functioning democracy depends upon transparency and a well-informed citizenry, and that is exactly what we have lacked for virtually the entire Bush presidency.

Investigations, hearings and subpoenas will change all of that. For those who work in the White House, the whiff of the rule of law is becoming stronger. There is a virtual tidal wave of Republican officials and their allies in Washington being investigated, arrested, and even imprisoned. Court decisions, such as in Hamdan and in ACLU v. NSA, have begun finding that the actions of the administration are illegal. They cannot ward off accountability forever. Our system of government was designed to maximize protection against abuses of power, even by political parties who have managed to seize control of most of the government.

They know that their conduct cannot withstand the scrutiny of truth-finding processes and that is why the stakes in this election are so high for them.

Posted by: A | Oct 25 2006 6:33 utc | 3

"Investigations, hearings and subpoenas will change all of that."

I wonder if those Arabs whose families get butchered after November 2006 will laugh at the irony of amerikan self-delusion.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Oct 25 2006 9:28 utc | 4

LImbaugh managed to put this local ad on the front page of the national newspapers, as well as get it into newscasts and radioshows. Well done for Mr SlipperyPole.

Posted by: SteinL | Oct 25 2006 14:43 utc | 5

I am sorry now I didn't get the URL, but the National Parkinson Foundation issued a press release stating that Fox's jerky movements were because he IS taking the required meds. Without them, it said, he would become rigid. I guess Limbaugh is now another video diagnostician, and wrong.

Posted by: Ensley | Oct 25 2006 14:53 utc | 6

Oxycontin taken orally as prescribed is one thing. 'Cooking and shooting' like Heroin is a whole other. It is extremely addictive and harder to kick. Like heroin it tends to turn a person off food as well. So never ever give it to your girlfriend (even if that's the only way she would ever stay with you). She could end up skinny as a rail, losing her high profile job and having to go to rehab.

Posted by: pb | Oct 25 2006 16:57 utc | 7

Wait, billmon, what happened to hoping the Republicans win the midterms?

I was being facetious.

Besides, if the Dems win maybe Rush will stroke out -- which would make the ensuing debacle for the left entirely worth it.

Posted by: billmon | Oct 25 2006 17:23 utc | 8

a url for Ensley.

Posted by: beq | Oct 25 2006 17:35 utc | 9

"Well done for Mr SlipperyPole."

This ought to have major blowback. [I say ought]

Posted by: beq | Oct 25 2006 17:43 utc | 10

Someone should have done a sequel to the frying pan ad with the caption "This is your inner ear on oxycontin". If only Rush had seen it, he would have stopped before it was too late.

(cues up Carole King track)

I'm reserving my opinion about Fox's movement disorder until we hear from the world authority on teleneurology, Dr. Frist.

Posted by: Roger Bigod | Oct 25 2006 17:44 utc | 11

Thanks so much, beq. Now I can ship it around to a few of my loud-mouthed acquaintances.

Posted by: Ensley | Oct 25 2006 18:59 utc | 12

(cues up Carole King track)

Actually, I was thinking the Jefferson Airplane and White Rabbit.

Posted by: billmon | Oct 25 2006 19:02 utc | 13

The Carole KIng track I had in mind was "It's Too Late, Baby", commemorating Rush's irreversibly damaged inner ear.

The drugs associated with Airplane are for intensifying experience (not always wisely or advisedly, of course). The drug Limbaugh used is for people who don't like who they are and want to ease the pain of being themselves for a few hours.

Posted by: Roger Bigod | Oct 25 2006 20:58 utc | 14

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