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October 23, 2006

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A free Iraq will mean a peaceful world. And it's very important for us to stay the course, and we will stay the course.
President Discusses AIDS Initiative, Iraq in Botswana, July 10, 2003

It's in the national interest of the United States that a peaceful Iraq emerge. And we will stay the course in order to achieve this objective.
President Bush, Ambassador Bremer Discuss Progress in Iraq , October 27, 2003

... they want us to leave, because they know that a free and peaceful Iraq in their midst will damage their cause. And we will stay the course, we will do our job.
President Bush Visits California -- Talks to Victims of Fires, November 4, 2003

We will stay the course, and as more and more Iraqis realize freedom is precious and freedom is a beautiful way of life, ...
President Bush, Italian President Ciampi Discuss Iraq , November 14, 2003

I was able to assure them that we were going to stay the course and get the job done, ...
President Discusses Trip to Iraq with Reporters, November 27, 2003

And as in the aftermath of the terrible attack on Pearl Harbor, our Nation will stay the course, and we will prevail.
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, 2003 , December 5, 2003

We will stay the course until the job is done, Steve. And the temptation is to try to get the President or somebody to put a timetable on the definition of getting the job done. We're just going to stay the course. And it's very important for the Iraqi people to know that.
President Bush Holds Press Conference, December 15, 2003

I told the family how much we appreciated his sacrifice -- he was killed in Iraq -- and assured him that we would stay the course,
President Bush Discusses Iraq, 911 Commission with Reporters , April 5, 2004

We will stay the course. The Iraqi people don't have to fear taking the risk toward freedom and democracy because America won't turn and run.
Global Message, April 6, 2004

Look, this is hard work. It's hard to advance freedom in a country that has been strangled by tyranny. And, yet, we must stay the course, because the end result is in our nation's interest.
President Addresses the Nation in Prime Time Press Conference, April 13, 2004

And that's why we're going to stay the course in Iraq.
Bush, Blair Discuss Sharon Plan; Future of Iraq in Press Conference , April 16, 2004


If we don't lose our nerve, if we stay the course, someday down the road, an American President will be working with democratically-elected leaders in the broader Middle East at the table to keep the peace.
President's Remarks at Mike Sodrel for Congress and Indiana Victory 2006 Reception, March 24, 2006

And I'd just like to reiterate what the other governors have said, that it is very important that we stay the course, that we provide support for these incredible people that are doing such a service for liberty around the world and protecting our freedoms here.
President Meets with Governors Who Traveled to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, April 19, 2006

And I saw people wondering whether the United States would have the nerve to stay the course and help them succeed.
Remarks by the President at the 2006 President's Dinner, June 19, 2006

As a matter of fact, we will win in Iraq so long as we stay the course.
Remarks by the President at "Green for Wisconsin" Reception, July 11, 2006

But there's no alternative but to stay the course with it. And we will.
President Bush and Prime Minister Blair of the United Kingdom Participate in Press Availability, July 28, 2006

We will stay the course, we will help this young Iraqi democracy succeed,
President Bush's Remarks Upon Arrival in Utah, August 30, 2006

Stay the course also means don't leave before the job is done. And that's -- we're going to get the job done in Iraq. And it's important that we do get the job done in Iraq.
Press Conference by the President , October 11, 2006

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Nancy Pelosi: No Impeachment
"... because we Democrats are just as guilty of helping to lie the nation into a war!"

With Hand on Heart: Pelosi Admits Israel Comes First

The Democrats sicken me more more so than the rethugs...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 23 2006 18:55 utc | 1

This was my personal favorite:

From 60 Minutes Interview With Bob Woodward:

Mike Wallace: And Woodward says that no matter what's occurred in Iraq, Mr. Bush does not welcome any pessimistic assessments from his aides, because he is sure that his war has Iraq and America on the right path.

Bob Woodward: Late last year, he had key Republicans up to the White House to talk about the war, and said 'I Will Not Withdraw Even If Laura And Barney Are The Only Ones Supporting Me.' Barney is his dog."


Posted by: Bea | Oct 23 2006 20:01 utc | 2

@Uncle $cam

This article about Nancy Pelosi is truly, truly depressing.

Posted by: Bea | Oct 23 2006 20:04 utc | 3

I agree that the Democrat party is nearly as corrupt as the Republican, and have filth and blood on their hands as well. I have already sent in my absentee ballot, and voted Dem or Libertarian. When the Dems gain more control of govt., then we can use our skills of scrutiny, honed on years of exposing Republican corruption, on the Democrats. The cycle will repeat, until, I hope, Americans start voting for decent people. Of course, that would mean that decent people would have to run for office.

Posted by: Aunty Ism | Oct 23 2006 21:24 utc | 4

anyone visiting this thread as a result of billmons link should really check out bernhards response here or go to the homepage. welcome!

Posted by: | Oct 24 2006 0:45 utc | 5

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