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September 18, 2006

WB: Today's Gardening Tip


I'll never believe Pangloss again.

Today's Gardening Tip

Posted by b on September 18, 2006 at 5:00 UTC | Permalink


One would do well, to drink in Isaiah Berlin's advise of the comming political cataclysm of the West and it starts with Merica, The New America. If only to remember what could have been. Our garden has become toxic. Why do I have Pat Travers slash crash and burn in my head as sound track to the new stillborn republic? Can we slash and burn? Start over agin, reset, do over, remix Westphalia? "Optimism"? hardly...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Sep 18 2006 6:05 utc | 1

How does the garden grow?

Yikes...US federal income taxes at work. A 2007 version is now available.
Finally! Death and [War] Taxes: 2007 is released
Here's the project homepage.
When the US fiscal house of cards finally tumbles, historians will point to the ludicrously big circle to the left.

Enron nation by and for the MIC and it's sycophancy.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Sep 18 2006 6:44 utc | 2

I give up!!!

Sweden just elected a (kinder gentler) fascist government.

A beacon of socialist success for so many years.

I didn't think the Swedes could ever be neo-conned.

All I can say is; They'll be sorry when they have to replace paying taxes by paying for corporate profits.

Posted by: pb | Sep 18 2006 7:39 utc | 3

But did you know that you can use a walnut to mask a scratch on a wood table. Just rub the scratch with a piece of walnut and it will color it brown.

Posted by: mpower1952 | Sep 18 2006 13:46 utc | 4

I didn't think the Swedes could ever be neo-conned.

The Social Dems have been in power since 1994. Taking a break and going into opposition might be healthy for them. The center-right coalition has only a razor-thin majority (seven seats) and is talking about some really stupid things:

Controversially for a country with a determined history of neutrality, Mr Reinfeldt also favours joining NATO.

Of course, you could have said the same things about Shrub and Company in 2000. But Sweden is a parliamentary system with a sophisticated and highly educated electorate. The "Moderates" will have to watch their steps. The last center-right government in Sweden lasted just three years. I bet this one doesn't even make it that long.

Posted by: billmon | Sep 18 2006 15:46 utc | 5

billmon, try paint thinner. i find it helps w/those impossible stains.

Posted by: annie | Sep 18 2006 15:55 utc | 6

Watch also for the banana sap where you break your banana from the bunch. It's a sort of stealth stain, starting as a few clear drops. Time or laundering will reveal the indelible brown spots. Many say nothing can be done. I had some luck with lemon juice and sunshine, after trying everything else.

Posted by: small coke | Sep 18 2006 17:23 utc | 7


Sorry you missed the word: Walnut is famous for its powerful stain. The good news: It works really well when you want it to.

Posted by: Gaianne | Sep 18 2006 20:45 utc | 8

Well now I know.

Posted by: billmon | Sep 18 2006 23:59 utc | 9

well, somebody has to hull the nuts.

Posted by: slothrop | Sep 19 2006 0:14 utc | 10

i love walnuts

Posted by: annie | Sep 19 2006 0:43 utc | 11

Crushed walnut hulls mixed with water have been used for hundreds of years as drawing ink in the south of France. It is called "peau de noix," and imparts a wonderful deep rich sepia tone to your line. I bought some in Aix-on-Provence, and I used to use it quite a bit in the eighties.

Posted by: Malooga | Sep 23 2006 13:35 utc | 12

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