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July 19, 2006

War Porn

So why is she writing in English?


Probably could not write English.

Posted by b on July 19, 2006 at 16:33 UTC | Permalink


well, the loading instructions are already in english-us

Posted by: b real | Jul 19 2006 16:55 utc | 1

I doubt she's been listening to Marianne Faithfull:

Could have come through anytime
Cold lonely, your return
What are you fighting for?
It's not my security
It's just an old war
Not even a cold war
Don't say it in Russian
Don't say it in German
Say it in broken English
Say it in broken English
Lose your father, and your husband
Your mother and your children
What are you dying for?
It's not my reality
It's just an old war
Not even a cold war
Don't say it in Russian
Don't say it in German
Say it in broken English

Posted by: biklett | Jul 19 2006 17:02 utc | 2

Maybe she's an American with dual-citizenship and can't write in Hebrew, and Mom thinks it cute that she's participating even if she has to write in English.

It always fascinated me. Why must I give up my American citizenship if I apply for, say, Brazilian citizenship, while Americans who apply for Israeli citizenship can keep their American citizenship? Another little discriminatory perk.

Posted by: Ensley | Jul 19 2006 17:17 utc | 3

Colletive guilt:

A poll in Tuesday's Yedioth Aharonoth, an Israeli daily, found that 86 percent of those surveyed said that the Israeli offensive against Hezbollah was "the right thing to do," and 81 percent wanted it to continue; 58 percent said it should continue until Hezbollah is destroyed, and 17 percent said they favored a cease-fire and the start of negotiations.

Posted by: b | Jul 19 2006 17:20 utc | 4

saddest picture i ever saw in my whole life.

Posted by: slothrop | Jul 19 2006 17:35 utc | 5

Other messages on those rockets are written in Hebrew.

And if you look closely you will see a typical ‘foreign’ mistake:

WHIT for with (by Daniele). This is a mistake a native English writer, even very young, when he/she writes English boldly and fluently if shoddily and with many mistakes, is beyond the very beginning level - does not make.

But for foreignors words like WITH, WITCH, WHICH, or the series like THOUGHT etc. are very problematic, because the H has a different function than it (or any other letter) has in their native written language. Often, the presence of an H is known, or intuited, felt, but its placement is random. Such errors are typical of good school learning of English (or home school learning with parents who are teacher-like) as a second language - pupils who do grammar and exercises but read almost nothing but a few very short set texts or phrases in ‘conversation’ or ‘grammar’ books. Some school systems even tolerate them and don’t deduct points!

If you look carefully you will also see that size control is poor, lower case and upper case are hesitantly handled (the L of Love and the I of Israel) - this too is typical of a young second language writer from a non Roman alphabet country.

Letter formation is telling, too: did you ever see a lower case a with that little tail on in it plain printing?

I also thought she might be ‘dual’ and that is certainly possible, but her schooling will have been Israeli, her oral language skills will have made her a star in English, or her parents will have supervised the sending of post cards in English to Granny, that kind of thing.

Well that distracted me from bombs for a while. Sorry to blather on...

(Want to hear who wrote the anthrax letters?)

As war porn, it can’t be beat. Incredible. It is utterly disgusting. The little girls are made appetizing in a way that edges very close to an another genre, repressed world wide. There are codes to these things, one is the sleeve or strap on the shoulder or arm...

On one board, I saw one of the pictures posted, and someone immediately bounced back with a picture of small Palestinian boys dressed in mock army uniforms marching in formation and carrying (fake) rockets. That is of course quite different, not that I approve of those pictured events myself.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 19 2006 17:50 utc | 6

the real pornography is the disspossession of the arab people's humanity

the cruel calculus is so cold, so full of death & hatred

& the arabaphobia is so ugly in its transparence

the world is complicit in this massacre as they were in every other massacre that has occurredduring our lifetimes

Posted by: r'giap | Jul 19 2006 17:58 utc | 7

English has become the accepted language of international threats, so it is only fitting...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 19 2006 18:23 utc | 8

This could be a propaganda photo for the Bund der Deutschen Madchen. Do you think she realizes the absolute connection between her photo and the one below?

Biklett read my mind.
What are you fighting for?
Say it in broken English.

Posted by: Aigin | Jul 19 2006 18:31 utc | 9

source for articles by robert fisk

Posted by: r'giap | Jul 19 2006 18:34 utc | 10

fisk, in his telephoned interview on democracynow today

...this is a mass punishment of a whole people for the actions of a very ruthless, powerful guerilla army, Hezbollah, which does not represent the Lebanese people.

Anyway, it is important to remember that the Hezbollah crossed that border against all international law. No one gave them a referendum or a vote to cross the border and kill Israelis and capture two Israelis and start off this war. But, you see, they relied upon -- they totally relied upon the cruelty of Israel's response. And Israel, as usual, obliged them. So no one will now criticize the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Posted by: b real | Jul 19 2006 19:12 utc | 11

did you ever see a lower case a with that little tail on in it plain printing?

Everybody I know prints a lower case 'a' like that. I know that's not the way we was taught 50 years ago when it was supposed to be a straight up and down line. But I don't know anyone who writes it that way.

As for the mispelling, she looks to be about the 4th grade level. She's still awful young and can easily make mistakes. I know a lot of American adults who can't spell those words correctly either. Our school systems are not all that great.

And we have to take into account that she was under the gun, so to speak. You can see one photographer on the other side of the two girls, and of course the photo was taken from this side. So the kids are in front of at least two cameras (and probably more) with how many voices prodding them on, telling them what to write. This is not an idea a child would come up with. It's pure staged material.

Posted by: Ensley | Jul 19 2006 19:31 utc | 12


This picture sums it all up. More than I can tolerate.

Thanks again for the posting/thread. Maybe, just maybe, a picture like this will get some to think a little different.

And Ensley is right, this is not something a child would do on their own.

Posted by: Rick Happ | Jul 19 2006 19:54 utc | 13

slothrup: You probably never saw the picture of the innocent Iraqi kid, clothes completely burned away, his swollen corpse bright metallic blues and greens like a bottlefly from USA ordinance, field-tested, and delivered with 'laser accuracy'.

Am wondering if our Juden, and by that meaning Polish Jews from Hitler's death camps, back before there was an Israel, will come forward, amidst this fascist madness, and describe how Hitler's Jugend autographed bombs assembled by prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau, destined for Eastern Front's slaughter.

I wonder if the Dutch Boers in South Africa made their kids
kiss the elephant gun cartridges they used to shoot the San.

Or Brits has their kids autograph cannon shells for the Mau-Mau Uprising, the Malayan Emergency or Sepoy Uprising.

Everywhere Dark Peoples of conscience congregate to fight colonialism and work toward liberty, US are antagonists.

[George Bush and Condi Rice Supporting The Neo Indian Wars]

We have been set back 150 years by these NeoCon ass-clowns.

Posted by: Stripfest Dordrecht | Jul 19 2006 23:17 utc | 14


"We have been set back 150 years by these NeoCon ass-clowns".

slothrup is probably working late deconstructing the Fourth Geneva Convention for John Bolton, as it relates to Lebanon.

I imagine he will be in later this evening.

Posted by: Ms. Manners | Jul 20 2006 0:12 utc | 15

Poking about, I found this explanation for the photos

Posted by: jj | Jul 20 2006 3:43 utc | 16

that bit from fisk that i quoted above in #11 = that hezbollah instigated the events in lebanon, violating int'l law by crossing the border & kidnapping soldiers - is this the accepted chronology now? earlier reports said that it was israeli soldiers that had crossed the line & were engaged in actions in southern lebanon, which is what i've been believing up to now. stan goff pointed out how tightly controlled that border is:

The border of Southern Lebanon and Israel is a seamless web of intervisible Israeli outposts with night vision devices, tied together with ground surveillance radar, plowed-flat and raked daily to see footprints, and backed by quick reaction forces. Israelis routinely make incursive patrols into Lebanon. It is nearly impossible for an organized group of Hezbolla or anyone else to cross the border south, much less capture prisoners there. The very notion that this was an incursion INTO Israel is propped up solely by the credulity of the general public that knows nothing about military operations. In reality, the idea is as ludicrous as the Easter Bunny.

so to hear fisk this morning, i was thinking of the angry arab's condemnations of fisk's apologetics/biases and thought "what's up w/ fisk?". but i also see that uri avnery is pitching that hezbolla provoked israel.
What was Hassan Nasrallah thinking of, when he decided to cross the border and carry out the guerrilla action that started the current Witches' Sabbath? Why did he do it? And why at this time?

so, are there any definitive - assuming this is even possible - analyses of exactly what transpired?

Posted by: b real | Jul 20 2006 4:24 utc | 17

As I watch a lot of programs about Israel, during years here, Israelis being interviewed about all the different things I did catch that A LOT of them actually speak not broken but American English. I remember one of the settlers said in perfect American English that they are going to defend those settlements cause never and nowhere on Earth can’t they (probably being poor in America) have such a nice house by the sea. I don’t think rich Jews will ever live America for Israel voluntarily.
This is picture and this criminal bombardment is sickening and I am not going to comment further cause I don't want to swear and curse in public. I can only say in a long run Israelis have no chance to live by that specific sea...they spilled too much of the blood of their neighbors who are and will be outnumbering them greatly...
This is simply mathematics and it's cruel...

Posted by: vbo | Jul 20 2006 12:33 utc | 18

Oh yes and last night father of one of the kidnapped Israeli solders clearly said that this war has nothing to do with kidnapping. This is simply not first time that Israeli solders are kidnapped, it happens regularly and it never before triggered war.
This whole thing is staged and planed before and its end is who knows where...we'll see.
Lies, lies and more lies that's all we can expect from USA administration and their allies...

Posted by: vbo | Jul 20 2006 12:52 utc | 19

i wonder why until now no blog i know of has set up special threads for jews to inscribe their shame because of the crimes of their govt, to say sorry, to pledge to abstain from and discourage such things in the future.

Posted by: name | Jul 20 2006 13:31 utc | 20

I imagine we'll see that start for the Jews, about the time it starts for the Arabs.

It's a psychopathic, Daltonian world out there after all.

Posted by: Ms. Manners | Jul 20 2006 14:10 utc | 21

Thanks for the 16 jj, I'm speechless at the moment, but may comment further later.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jul 20 2006 14:14 utc | 22

So glad the little girl isn't left-handed.

Posted by: mymind'd | Jul 20 2006 14:15 utc | 23

Children and War The civilized world eh?

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Jul 20 2006 15:07 utc | 24

Ok, Ensley it is all debatable and a trivial on the surface in any case .. just my take and we won’t argue about A’s I hope...

as Rgiap said:

the real pornography is the disspossession of the arab people's humanity

How that is instilled bit by bit is of interest. That girlie war porn was planned, in its smallest details, and one can be sure it raised the threshold of acceptability.

And no one, except some isolated bloggers, cried FOUL.

These pictures pass by and seem cute, they are accepted, carry a message, and then are forgotten in their details, with the message intact somewhere, as the mainstream pushes on to the latest horror.

So they do deserve special attention.

Handwringing after the fact doesn’t help.

Those pictures were published by AP and no protests were forthcoming, afaik.

Posted by: | Jul 20 2006 18:17 utc | 25

by ...

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 20 2006 18:18 utc | 26

on the subject of indoctrinating kids, here's more on that controversial issue of the children's magazine, Cobblestone, which is targeted to 9-14 year olds.

pr watch: War Is For Children: Reading, Writing and Recruitment

The May 2006 issue of Cobblestone, titled Duty, Honor, Country, is unabashedly pro-military, appearing as if it were the product of military recruiters trying to market enlistment to children. According to the Boston Globe Francis Lunney, a sixth-grade English teacher in Hudson, MA, immediately lodged a complaint with Carus Publishing, saying “It looked exactly like the [official recruiting] material you get in high school. It didn't seem to be that different the way it was packaged.”

The emphasis of the issue – and particularly the teachers’ guides – on the present and future of the military seems like an odd departure for Cobblestone.
Lawson’s guide contains some questionable suggestions. Under the Speakers/Interviews section, she recommends that teachers “invite an Army member, Army recruiter, and/or a war veteran to come and speak to your class.” (emphasis mine.) Under Writing, she promotes an activity that should have parents and child psychologists squirming:

“Using the articles, ‘An Eye to the Future: Opportunities in the Army’ and ‘Pick a Career, Any Career’ have the students read them and then pretend they are going to join the Army. Have them decide which career they feel they would qualify for and write a paper to persuade a recruiter why that should be the career they should be allowed to train for in the Army. When the papers are written, have them trade with a partner. The partner will read the paper and respond as a ‘recruiter’ as to why the writer will be allowed to train for that job, or why the ‘recruiter’ feels the writer would be better suited for another career. Share the results with the class.”

Posted by: b real | Jul 20 2006 22:24 utc | 27

a couple links from what really happened that state that israeli soldiers were inside lebanon when captured by hezbollah. a french news service wire, dated july 18: (translation via babelfish)
Western news services agreeing victims of the Israeli military censure

At the request of colonel Sima Vaknin-Gil, chief of the Israeli military censure, the Western press agreed to relay a truncated version of the events which have occurred these last days in the Middle East.
In a deliberated way, Tsahal sent a commando in the Lebanese back-country to Aïta Al Chaab. It was attacked by Hezbollah, making two prisoners. Israel A then pretends to be attacked and attacked Lebanon.
On injunction of the Israeli military censure, the news services and media having journalists accredited in Israel gave up informing their readers of the place where the Israeli soldiers were made prisoniers. They therefore did not lie, but abstained from.

and a syrian analyst over at asia times online, dated july 15. It's war by any other name

It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on Lebanon's side of the border with Israel. Hezbollah, which commands the Lebanese south, immediately seized on their crossing. They arrested two Israeli soldiers, killed eight Israelis and wounded over 20 in attacks inside Israeli territory.

Posted by: b real | Jul 21 2006 2:52 utc | 28

does the phrase Polish Border Incident ring any bells?

the astonishing thing about wingnut militarism is that it's a one (or, OK, maybe 3) trick pony. it never comes up with a new idea. just endless replays and reruns.

Posted by: DeAnander | Jul 28 2006 20:02 utc | 29


does me good to see you here

& yes the money spent on the westpoit/sanhurst/st cyr would be better spent on international studies, with specific work on middle east, africa & latin america

with what these fools have been doing under the cheney bush junta they may as well have gone to a mexican wrestling school or a beylorussian gym

Posted by: r'giap | Jul 28 2006 20:18 utc | 30

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