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February 24, 2006

Something Funny

Are you interested in learning about taxes? Have you considered helping people prepare their taxes? Sign up for the H&R Block Income Tax Course, and learn a new skill in only 11 weeks.
Income Tax Course


As part of its ongoing work to remediate control weaknesses in its corporate tax function, the company said that it will restate its results for fiscal years 2005 and 2004, as well as previously reported quarterly results for fiscal 2006. The restatement pertains principally to errors in determining the company's state effective income tax rate, resulting in a cumulative understatement of its state income tax liability of approximately $32 million as of April 30, 2005.
H&R Block Reports Third Quarter Financial Results

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Remember the old John Belushi sketch about "H & L Brock"?

"At H & L Brock, we are prepared to lie and cheat on your taxes!"

Posted by: ralphieboy | Feb 24 2006 19:49 utc | 1

But the really funny sketch is that H & R returns
are electronically-transmitted to Indo-Pakistani
tax preparers, complete with your social security
numbers, investment CUSIP's, your capital gains,
medical deductions, business credits, everything
a counterfeit would need to assume your identity.

"Everything Outsourced", as Neo's Great March Forward,
and the most perfect of socialism, everyone watching
everyone, with the CIA/NSA watching everything, even
this post, on this blog, at this moment in their-story.
Electronic-traced back to US like Buchenwald tatooes.

They can outsource service workers now for $3.50/hour.
They can outsource factory workers now for $0.35/hour.
They are already outsourcing ad copy if you look close.
They are already outsourcing entire industry segments.

"We cannot blindly follow what economic theory says.
America's only way forward is for a prolonged period
of socialist counter-revolution to emasculate labor."
George 'Bushie' Xiaoping

Mao liquidated five times more liberals and intellectuals
than Adolf did jews and gypsies. The day China backed the
US invasion of Iraq, was the day before the US looked away
while China burn ten thousand corpses of Tienamen Square.
The day after that, the US incinerated more Iraqis than
under the thirty years of 'terror' beneath Saddam's rule.

Wait, American Idol's on! Change the channel!!

Posted by: Pis Sant | Feb 25 2006 6:58 utc | 2

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