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November 28, 2005

Another Video and it is Worse

You may by now have seen yesterdays Telegraph story about a video filmed through the rear window of a private security company car in Iraq. It shows some random looking shooting with automatic weapons on cars coming up from behind. People seem to get hurt.

You can watch that video here and here, but there is another one and it is worse.

The Telegraph story lead me to a blog named The Red Zone about "Real life on the mean streets of Iraq". The current Red Zone post is about a very disturbing video made by US military in Iraq. It is hosted on flurl and here.

This video shows how US soldiers in Iraq, with the help of a robot, blow up a standing car that appears to have had an accident, while a young man, well alive but probably trapped, is still sitting in that car.

The trailer of the September 14 video names the National Guard 319th Ord Co (EOD) as author.

First we see Humvees and an M1 tank and a few hundred yards away a red car standing in the middle of the road. A tracked, radio controlled robot with video equipment is send to the lone standing car. The operators video screen shows the take from the robot's camera.

The red car looks like it had a very serious front crash - the hood is tilted upward, the  engine compartment is smashed, the driver door is open. I do not have the impression that there had been an explosion at this point.

The robot's camera shows a young man in working trousers and a white undershirt in the red car's driver seat. He is alive and does not appear to be injured but is distressed - putting his head into his hands. He seems not to be able to move away. His right foot might be trapped with the pedals.

The robot drives around the car and comes back to the Humvees. A demolition charge is shown and through a helicopter camera we now see how the robot drags this to the red car.

The demolition charge, the red car and the young panicked man are blown up. There is NO secondary explosion. The next pictures show him falling from the side of the car. He is dead.

Now a still picture of what may be a self made bomb is shown, but it does not appear to be at the same scene. Another short last cut is of an explosion somewhere in an open field.

What has happened?

Was this a suicide bomber who failed to explode his load and had to be taken out?

Or was this some unlucky innocent guy who somehow had an accident, was trapped in his car and blown up by the US military because they feared him to be a bomber?

What is your take?

The music on the quite professional video is AFI's, The Leaving Song Pt 2:

I saw its birth
i watched it grow
I felt it change me.
i took the life
I ate it slow
Now it consumes me

Posted by b on November 28, 2005 at 12:09 UTC | Permalink


Context and background is everything ...

British Mercenaries contracted by the Pentagon to protect US Diplomats killing Iraqi civilians for sport ?

Read this article to understand the background and history of the company, Aegis Defense Services (British) that was contracted by the U.S. DOD to provide VIP protection and escorts, both covert and overt for U.S. diplomats and defence bureaucrats within Iraq ... staff are primarily ex Brit SF and Army but not exclusively ... are 'offended' at being referred to as Mercenaries (sensitive souls) ...

The Video was obtained from a website run by a security contractor in Iraq to allow for grievances to be aired by Aegis operational staff ... Aegis management forced him to resign if he didn't shut the site down, so he resigned and the site continued to run ... a month later the video is published ...

Here's some excerpts from relevant posts by the Mercenaries (security contractors) themselves re the footage:

... fuck me when has Iraq ever been a "low threat" environment? Every time you roll out the wire expect the worst. Theres one drill, if it looks dodgy and its approaching at warp factor 9, hand signals - warning shots - brass the fucker into the stone age ... Im sick and tired of so called experienced "London BG's" deploying out and trying to tell you how best to do the job. I rely 110% on my prior military experience, because lets face it when did this war ever end?

...Afterall lets admit it, the bad guys have made more progress in 2 years than the IRA made in 20 and we have to match that...

...only way is to be taught by operators who have had their boots on the ground out here. The majority of our drills are "bastardised" to fit the current environment, its the only way. And having a rear element keeping traffic away from the principal is part of this. Theres the right way and wrong way of course, those muppets from Zapata engineering are a clear cut case. They made life that bit more difficult for all of us after they drove around Fallujah having a go at anything that moved...

Just watched the Movie clip, jesus it must be bad if all Cars that advance towards you at speed get the hell shot out of it, is it generally known to stay back from PSD Teams ?? a certain distance ? by the Local populace! Not that I suppose it matters, being that your's and the client's safety come first. but how many cars have been shot up where a husband has been trying to get his wife to the Hospital ?? in the process of dropping a sprog. Like I say to be honest I recon i would be popping off a few rounds in order to get through the run of that day. What an existance to be in.

A coward getting away with murder..or thinking he is !!!!! The whole team is guilty of murder and by stupidly airing this piece of rubbish they will be prosecuted eventually. Aegis should be kicked out of Iraq whole scale for employing these muppets and murderers. This will effect us all eventually. I'd like a few minutes alone with this cowboy to see if he is as brave as he thinks he is.

Respectively that footage is the most damning footage of trigger happy body count hunters that i have witnessed, it has done nothing but show the copmpany and the lads it employs in a bad light, and if i was looking to employ a company that would certainly ensure that aegis didn't get the contract

The footage of the rear gunner is quite simply a disgrace, myself nor a single person I have spoken to agree's with the actions carried out. I would like to say that if that guy was in team I was with then he would definately get the beating of his life from not just his team but all the other teams, however I can not say that as the fuck wit would not make it anywhere near the important role as rear gunner. who on earth is keeping an eye on this guy, he should have been booted in to touch after the first one and to let him carry on waxing the fuck out of who he feels like is disgusting. This video is circulating all over the net, and all it shows is a complete fucking trigger happy idiot who is inept at his job and possibly scared shitless of any vehicle coming within 200mtrs of him. This does not do any of the firms working out here any favour's. Now straight away people will say that we don't know what happened before the shots were fired, fair one but come on, SEVERAL ROUNDS, AUTOMATIC PROBABLY FROM A MINIMI WITH FUCKING ELVIS THE KING PLAYING FOR A SOUNDTRACK. Why was it put on the site? we all know this is open to everyman and his dog and believe me apart from not doing Aegis any favour's, FUCK THAT it doesn't do any out fit out here any favours.

Just a question on this footage that people are speaking about. What exactly happens in this video and where online is it available? I myself used to film from the rear and turn in the footage at the debrief if anything happened. I nearly got into trouble for one incident but was cleared of any wrong doing. the footage had been viewed months after the incident by people in an office with little or no actual time on the ground and they failed to take into account the events and Intel at the time. Needless to say, I do not make videos for the headsheds/ops/int any more. Just want to know what happened in this footage just to make sure it isnt mine surfacing again, although by the way people are speaking of it , I dont think it is, just want to be clear.

Thanks for your comments, Never a truer word spoken, unless you where there to watch the whole event unfold who is anyone to judge the duties of the rear gunner. The head shed has scared a lot of rear gunners and some have had to resign before being sacked and all for carrying out their duties. What is the point of a rear gunner who because of possible ramifications is to scared to stop a fast moving incoming vehicle in a land where any of them could be a VBIED. Check out how many people have died in Baghdad alone through having a VBIED slam into the rear of them. Check out the VBIED at CP 12 watch how he crept onto the rear of the queue. Even at checkpoints the rear gunner has a duty to keep all vehicles back. A rear gunner has to have the courage of his convictions and also a great big set of balls ... it was the rear gunners that where returning fire, putting their lives on the line for the safety of their team and the clients. I take my hat off to the rear gunner’s

This is the beginning of the end for all of us operating in Iraq. All because Aegis doesn't vet its men properly. That video footage is fucking shocking, but what is more unbelievable is the fact that these wankers posted it on the web....Cowboys and cowards.....Lets hope Aegis loses its contract and a professional company gets it..!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Outraged | Nov 28 2005 12:26 utc | 1


Was this a suicide bomber who failed to explode his load
... and had to be taken out?

Short answers ... Yes, and 'unofficially' ... Yes.
I'll dig up some references when I get a chance.

In the meantime here's the background on the Robot used to do the deed ... apart from bomb disposal there are ~14 of them deployed with the Stryker Brigade with modular weapon systems (read the link) to test Pentagon future war concepts of remote recon and remote 'engagement' in counter-insurgency and urban warfare against live (Iraqi) targets in the current war ... the ultimate in our concept of 'force protection' ... death from above and afar and ideally no friendly casualties ... the Pentagons future wars are already here ...

Armed/Weaponized Infantry Robots for Urban Warfare and Counterinsurgency Ops

Date: Monday, December 13 @ 05:29:24 PST
Topic: Future Infantry/Soldier Technology
by David Crane

... O.k., I'm going to discuss a number of very interesting military/military-applicable technologies I observed inside the ASC 2004 exhibition hall in some upcoming DefenseReview articles over the next few weeks. However, this particular story will concentrate on Foster-Miller's line of remote-controlled Armed/Weaponized Talon Robots, a.k.a. Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System (SWORDS) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

The Armed/Weaponized Talon Robot is a member of Foster-Miller's military robot product line. SWORDS was one of the most interesting and seemingly viable technologies DefenseReview got to view at ASC 2004 (Army Science Conference 2004)...

- snip -

The primary purpose of the Armed/Weaponized Talon Robot/SWORDS would seem to be to significantly mitigate the risk of serious injury and/or death to our infantry combat forces on the ground, primarily in urban warfare environments. It's no secret that the U.S. Army is currently embroiled in a difficult public relations (PR) war against the U.S. media. Every soldier killed in combat OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) creates more difficulty for the Bush Administration and U.S. Armed Forces. Robots can't be killed. So, why use human warfighters, when you can conduct reconaissance operations and kill the enemy with remote-controlled, (unmanned) mobile robotic weapons platforms/systems? Basically, why put a human in harm's way, when you can put a robot on it?

Posted by: Outraged | Nov 28 2005 13:05 utc | 2

Watch your logs and see how many military hits you get, as they track this.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Nov 28 2005 13:55 utc | 3

Funny, but I always thought that when you have voluntary or professional armies, you paid them because they, how to put it, actually risked their lives. What good is an army where you put most of your efforts in making sure that none of your guys got bruised or hurt in any way? And more to the point, how tough will this army of wankers fight when the shit will really hit the fan and they have to actually do it mano a mano old style?

Posted by: CluelessJoe | Nov 28 2005 15:22 utc | 4


I asked:
"Was this a suicide bomber who failed to explode his load
... and had to be taken out?"
You answer
"Short answers ... Yes, and 'unofficially' ... Yes.
I'll dig up some references when I get a chance."

I thinks you are wrong. Before the military blows up the car, the car had not exploded. That young man had not been sitting in a car that blew up. He would have had serious wounds.

When the demolition charge explodes there is no secondary explosion. So where is the charge that suicide bomber was supposed to have? It didn´t blow up after that demolition charge???

Posted by: b | Nov 28 2005 16:43 utc | 5

I am perpetually astonished at the handwringing at atrocities.

There is no clean war, ever.

The very concept is a contradiction. One cannot invade, subjugate, control, without carnage. And arguments about what is permitted or not by that or that law are just rationalisations, attempts to murder, rape, take booty, imprison, torture, create chaos with clean hands. It is necessary for the US public, I suppose, but that is all.

Everyone knows it is all hogwash...What is the difference between contractors randomly shooting passers-by for fun and US planes indiscrimately bombing from the air? An electric drill can be deemed acceptable and innocent equipment but can be easily used to drill holes into people...Women are raped and murdered, but that is hush hush, not part of the ‘war scenario’ which mainly features valiant soldiers dressed up in power garb, fearless and moral, with Jesus on their side.

Does anyone here actually think they don’t....

Wake up!

How can soldiers hyped to hate, fearing for their lives, brainwashed, resist...well...

The more anger and hate is created, the easier it is to find patsies to be suicide bombers.

Your wife has been murdered, your daughter kindnapped, raped, it is supposed but not said outright, found with her legs and head cut off, your small son was shot by a sniper...he lost only a leg! Then, your house was bombed, not that there was much left of it after the last raid...

Hey guys - to grab the Iraqi oil fields and make Iraqis dependent on US agriculture, powerless and afraid, starving and subservient to the overlords and masters - is going to take a lot more than the past feeble efforts. Get used to it.

Posted by: Noisette | Nov 28 2005 18:59 utc | 6

b & outraged

i knew they were around the twist - but really - vosited the aegis site & all its attendant suppliers & their 'forum' - holy fuck - there are some serioussly sick mercenaries murdering for money

if you wrote tthis - it would not be believable - it is dementail to a degree i have ever only hinted at

i mean - specialops. products - what the hell

i think the comrades should start a vietcong trainig course & sell things like rings made from b 52 bombers

it couldn't be any more crazier

outraged, in your work did you ever meet the likes of these people

it's like watching an exceptionally long & bad michael cimino film that goes on forever

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Nov 28 2005 19:00 utc | 7

@r'giap - sick guys - definitly

This from the About page of The Red Zone blog


Long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, slow dancing cheek-to-cheek, picking daisies, babysitting bunny rabbits, shooting bad guys and seeing their brain matter splattered across the pavement, working to keep John Kerry out of office, getting out the intel needed for other Operators to fly the roads of Iraq safely

Posted by: b | Nov 28 2005 19:31 utc | 8

in the spirit of a vomitorium after gorging on torture, I wonder if anyone kept a picture of the abu ghraib prisoner as the angel on top of the white house christmas tree?

I'm changed computers and my son has the other one right now...assuming it's still there.

I ask because 'tis the season and I'd like to send a little reality to my republican relatives...

I don't know what sort of inscription to use-

"Who would Jesus torture? And a Merry Christmas to all good american christians!" ?

"Tis the season for Christians to pretend they aren't complicit in the torture of innocent humans...Merry Christmas!"

"Peace on Earth, except the parts where people are hooked to electrodes."

"If we do it, does that make it okay?"

anyway, if anyone has that photoshopped image, I'd appreciate a copy.

Maybe it's in the archives here, but I wouldn't know how to find it.

Posted by: fauxreal | Nov 28 2005 19:39 utc | 9


between their proper madness & their overdetermined mythology - there rests a heavy responsibility of 'culture' in creating such men

the 'trophy' video which i just watched after a great deal of hesitation, is such an epithetic example of evil - i think it is absolutely necessary to be seen - to prove once & for all we are not so far removed from the genocidal 'character'

they are not 'bad apples' - they are the barrel itself & there segues a great deal between what mercenaries do & what the army does contrary to pat's mythology of their purity

& yes noisette is correct that war has & is always indecent - but here we have the acts of gratuity taken to a degree we perhaps have never witnessed in all its bloody banality

& when you connect that to the commentaries, the exceptionally crude commentaries being made by the lgf on the new site of the staff of al jazeera - the nature of the modern mind is becoming clearer

clash of civilisations!!!! indeed!!!!!

Posted by: r'giap | Nov 28 2005 20:27 utc | 10

I started a long piece on Sandline/Aegis last night then ran outta energy to sub edit it which is probably a good thing because although it has more detail about Spicer's attempt to enter the genocide game in Bouganville it misses the point about the demopublican senators (Kennedy of the sleasebag ilk) attacking Spicer in an earnest attempt to get the contract for the even dodgier DynCorp International a 'firm' which carries the concept of sexual imperialism to a whole new level. They were in Bosnia to protect the citizens but ended up moving pre-teenage girls from the former Soviet Union to "Sex Clubs" in Western Europe and the UK. One of their workers objected and tried to notify H.Q. of the sideline so they fired him.

Spicer/Sandline/Aegis is the latest in a long line of Brit paid killers. One of the most famous was 'Mad' Mike Hoare, originally Irish, who wreaked a fair amount of havoc in the Congo in the early 60's. There was a movie/book loosely based on Hoare's escapades called "The Dogs of War".

I've got a friend who worked for him in the Congo who is not such a bad bloke. Nowadays you'd call him a libertarian I guess. He was hard work at first because he was such an out and out racist. After a few years of living in countries where institutionalized racism wasn't socially acceptable he got used to mingling with people who weren't white and overcame his conditioning. The big breakthru came when he shared a house with a mate of ours who wasn't only black (Aboriginal) he was also gay!

But anyway I digress again from the point which was that these Brit outfits always work the same way.
They find a country rich in natural resources and with a weak infrastructure caused by an economic squeeze being placed upon them by whitefella corporations who want the resources but don't want to pay for them. (Hmmm haven't we seen that somewhere lately?)

The local population is pretty pissed so a halfway credible and usually corrupt local leader is persuaded that now is his big opportunity. A foreign mining company bankrolls this little boys own adventure where people die and the resources get grabbed by Britain, France or the US.

This is the world of post-colonialism.

It is almost respectable. Margaret Thatcher's son Sir Mark Thatcher got involved in a deal like this in equatorial Guinea which if memory serves is unfortunate enough to be rich the usual suspect oil. NB Thatcher didn't do anything to become 'Sir Mark' unless you count your father dying as doing something. He is a baronet an hereditary form of Knight which although no longer handed out still exists by way of inheritance.

The struggle doesn't necessarily end after the coup either. It may be that another corporation sees it's chance if the new regime isn't as popular as it could be.

The Bougainville story is the one I am most familiar with and is a reasonable indicator of the depth of Spicer's greed.

Now time for a history lesson but I will try and keep this short.

Many people in the North will probably be unaware of this but Australia played at being an Imperial power too. Their colony was Papua New Guinea which is a few islands to the North of Australia. The largest island was split down the middle the Eastern side is Papua New Guinea, an allegedly independent state and the West side is Irian Jaya, which is part of Indonesia and has it's own set of troubles. People are being wiped out by the territorial pressure being put upon them by Indonesia's transmigration program. But we'll save that for another day.

As will a lengthy monolog on Australia's game of let's pretend to be a big time Imperialist power. Suffice to say that like all colonial misadventures the nation/colony's borders were constructed according to the whims of a bunch of cigar smoking, brandy sipping, chinless assholes in Europe, without any particular regard to areas, traditional family ties, and ethnicity. The only reason that the Melanesian nations haven't been consumed in eternal conflict is that contrary to the popular whitefella view, Kanaks aren't warring headhunters and cannibals; they are interested in getting on with others as much as possible.

Anyway some of the islands that were attached to Papua New Guinea at 'independence' more properly should have been made part of the Solomons, another great mob of people who are caught up in low level conflict primarily caused by a colonial 'divide and rule' strategy which was never resolved.

Probably Bouganville the island where the people are culturally more related to the Solomon Islanders than PNG was kept within PNG because it is unfortunate enough to have a mountain made almost entirely of copper. (scroll down to the Historical Time Line)

I'm not being ironic when I say unfortunate because even a cursory study of developing nations who have lots of resources will reveal that the locals would have been much better off if no one had known about these resources. An alleged 'developed', democratic society like Australia has been hugely disadvantaged by it's wealth of natural resources. So imagine what it is like for an even more unsophisticated nation with a leadership who tend to take others on that old fashioned virtue, 'trust'.

Big copper mine developed at Bouganville in the 80's. I'm embarrassed to admit to having been on the fringes of recruitment for the mine. All the deals over who cops the cash were done back at Port Moresby in PNG which meant that the pittance on offer from the mining companies was going to Papuan politicians rather than the indigenous Bouganvillians. When you consider the damage done by open cut or strip mining. Particularly the pollution which is the by-product of the initial copper ore extraction, and the fact that the locals were about to lose a mountain that had featured in their culture and stories forever, you can understand that the locals became a bit antsy. The plan was to make a big hole in the ground where the mountain had once been. The rivers were full of chemicals and crap poisoning the fish. The forests were disappearing (this is an equatorial rainforest area) and although it was becoming more difficult to hunt and gather there was no way of accessing the cash economy. All the mine workers were imported from Australia and what 'co-ordination' jobs given to locals had in fact gone to Papuans with relations/contacts in Port Moresby.

The violence started off low level but the mining company pulled out. It didn't matter too much to them, they owned the mountain and waiting would probably mean they got a better price.

Not so for the politician's of Port Moresby who needed the money flowing for themselves and more importantly to meet promises they had made to the people in the highlands of Papua who had lost their environment but hadn't really kicked up until it was too late, so there was no money for them. But they did have the power of the ballot. Being Papuans rather than Solomon Islanders they had considerable political muscle and had to be paid off.

So PNG sent in the Army and for nearly a decade the Papuan army fought the Bouganvillians. Many lives were lost on both sides because the culture of 'payback' is deeply ingrained with the people. A bit like Iraq, in that, if someone from your clan gets killed then it is your duty to take out someone from the killer's clan. A recipe for a never ending cycle of violence. Generally the clans will sit down and talk to work something out so although it may seem extreme to us, in most instances the negotiations would resolve before many/any deaths.

But Bouganville and Papua don't have adjoining Territory, which is frequently the source of inter-clan conflict also enables the contact between clan leaders that is essential to resolve a dispute.

So the fighting spun totally out of control. Around 7000 deaths in a population of under 100, 000; before a sitdown was organized. I notice a link above tells us that this sitdown was organized by the women. I didn't know that. This was done and the PNG forces changed their occupation from brutal repression to live and let live.

That didn't help the politicians in Moresby though. They decided to hire mercenaries to get their copper. This of course meant that the only real way to secure the mine was to wipe out the locals. Spicer didn't seem to have a problem with that. A contract is a contract is a contract.

However many Papuans did. They leaked out what was going to happen to the PNG army who then marched on the parliament and forced the resignation of Prime Minister Julius Chan.

They were angry that their army had been sidelined by politicians and concerned that they would become irrelevant. They were very pissed about the huge amount of money that Spicer/Sandlines were getting when they were owed big time back pay, and compensation had never been paid to clans who had lost soldiers. Most of all though they had given their word at the sitdown and now a bunch of weasely pollies had betrayed that word. PNG society has survived reasonably intact because they have stuck to the traditions developed centuries earlier. If a clan's word no longer meant anything, without even looking at the dishonor that would bring upon that clan, it would endanger the foundations of their society.

So Spicer was chased out clutching a bag of US$400,000 in cash.

Next stop next year Sierra Leone, the birthplace of 'conflict diamonds'. Frequently gathered by chopping the arms of the children in a village until that mob submits.

Sandlines/Aegis/Spicer used to refer to themselves as mercenaries.

It is worth noting that Wikpedia entry goes on to say:

"Under GC III if a soldier is captured by an enemy, he must be treated as a lawful combatant and therefore a Protected Person which for a soldier is as a Prisoner of War (POW) until the soldier has faced a competent tribunal (GC III Art 5). That tribunal may decide that the person is a mercenary using criteria in APGC77 or some domestic law equivalent. At that point the mercenary becomes an unlawful combatant but they must still be "treated with humanity and, in case of trial, shall not be deprived of the rights of fair and regular trial", because they are still covered by GC IV Art 5. The only exception to GC IV Art 5 is if they are a national of the authority which is holding them but in which case they would not be a mercenary under APGC77 Art 47.d.

If after a regular trial, a captured soldier is found to be a mercenary, then they can expect to be treated as common criminals and may face execution. As they are not POWs they can not expect repatriation at the end of the war. The best known, post-World War II, example of this was on June 28, 1976 when an Angolan court sentenced four mercenaries to death and nine others to prison terms ranging from 16 to 30 years. The three Britons and an American were shot by a firing squad on July 10, 1976."

Perhaps this is where the term unlawful combatant originates. It which case it is difficult to see that someone fighting to rid their nation of invaders could be deemed to be such. However the Aegis and Halliburton 'contractors' may fit that description.
As a side bar the Angolan executions were carried out not only because these mercenaries committed some particularly foul atrocities, but these guys had also slaughtered some of their own men who refused to 'go with the program' of murder and rape.

Anyway the point is we have Aegis/Sandlines, DynCorp International and Halliburtons as the primary respondents for contracts in the 'new' Iraq. It really makes you feel for the long suffering Iraqis if that's their options. The new improved privatized war. Westhusing's suicide is starting to look like the act of a reasonable man.

Lastly didn't the whole Falluja horror begin when some 'contractors' got lynched ? If they had been behaving like Aegis, is it any surprise.

I apologise for typos and grammar errors as well as the delay in getting stuff out, but the 'poison' is making it difficult to proofread. And I said that to explain the errors of late not to generate dialogue on DiD's minor obstacles.

Posted by: Debs is dead | Nov 28 2005 22:32 utc | 11

the lynched link

Posted by: Debs is dead | Nov 28 2005 22:35 utc | 12

Before the military blows up the car, the car had not exploded. That young man had not been sitting in a car that blew up. He would have had serious wounds.

When the demolition charge explodes there is no secondary explosion. So where is the charge that suicide bomber was supposed to have? It didn´t blow up after that demolition charge???

Posted by: b | Nov 28, 2005 11:43:01 AM

B, still haven't had a chance to link references, so just quickly ...It's all a matter of perspective, whether he actually was a suicide bomber or not doesn't matter, it's very apparent from the footage he was considered one, hence the actions taken ... from the soldiers perspective his trauma and death ... poetic justice ...

Improvised Explosive Devices (and VBIEDs) are exactly that, improvised, they are not produced at a 'quality controlled' industrialised arms manufacturers factory ... they infrequently don't 'trigger'.

Hence the damaged vehicle, the trapped and wounded suspect 'bomber' and the inner and outer containment and security cordon established around the 'suspect' ... both human and explosive device.

The purpose of the remote control bomb disposal robot planting a charge and then withdrawing is NOT to detonate an IED. The purpose is to trigger a relatively low 'velocity' charge to 'disrupt' the function, ability, of the IED to detonate with the specific aim of avoiding a sympathetic detonation ... to 'disable' NOT detonate it. The suspected 'Suicider' ... 'collateral' ... and I'm not condoning the conduct, just attempting to explain their 'approach' to the situ.

After the explosion the IED is recovered by suited (blast protected) bomb disposal engineers (humans) ... hence the shot of the subsequent IED 'frames' after verification of deactivation and extraction from the vehicle ... IED is still extremely hazardous hence a controlled detonation to destroy it subsequently in an isolated (safe, no infrastructure collateral damage) location by engineers at the end of the tape.

Think it through ... apart from the treatment of the hapless vehicle occupant ... you must have seen public media footage of the exact same sequence of events and actions re 'bombs' all around the world over the years, from Belfast to Berlin and from Atlanta to Caracas.

Posted by: Outraged | Nov 29 2005 0:35 utc | 13

stange viewing ce soir

having watched b's links & feeling terrible because i know that that is the reality - the sordid events are not peculiar but are the norm

at a friends i watched a documentar on al jazeera about a circus of sorts - i think they were english visiting some cities in iraq - including fallujah - it was very simple but finally very moving because it translated well what the day to day occupation of is like for the mass of people in iraq

there was neither anything provocative or propogandist in its appoach but its capacity to arrive at a kind of truth - a kind of truth we are becoming so alien to - made you realise - it was indeed powerful. & imagining the audience of 50,000,000 people & it is clear also - that these events we are living through has & will create generation after generation of people who will never trust the u s again, they will possibly not trust the u n either & you feel what kind of turmoil approaches

& you know those dumb killers who are paid from the roll of dollars - like their south african predecessors (& here it was interesting to note that some of the comments on the aegis site were about the sth african mafia within the mercenaries)that they don't give a fuck what happens next. they do not know their callous & cruel & random assasinations will bleed into the earth to rereate events i do not want to think about this night

we shall become the people of constant sorrow

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Nov 29 2005 0:36 utc | 14


Rumsfelds vision is one of a light and mobile Army heavily augmented by automated remote control death machines, on the ground and from the air where what 'boots on the ground fighting and dying is done is not primarily by U.S. troops but by Corporate Amerikas version of the French Foreign Legion during Frances colonial glory days ... huge numbers of 'professional' mercenary armies (security contractors) fighting not for a nation or serving a constitution but for the company that pays their six figure per annum contract ... and the larger profit overall goes not to the mercs but the company shareholders ... and that money is ultimately paid under Rumsfeld model by taxpayers ... supplemented wherever possible by numbers of cheap and low 'quality' native proxy 'sepoys' ... Iraqi Army/Police = human sandbags = GI bullet catchers.

Yes, R'Giap ... the seeds have been long sown and the blatant 'in your face' unmasking of the reality of the nature of our world of 'rights' will almost certainly reap a whirlwind ... after all why do the 'others' hate us ? It isn't about religion, coca-cola, 'values' or civilizations ... accumulated blowback going back generations is a bitch.

Posted by: Outraged | Nov 29 2005 0:53 utc | 15

america, america, america

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Nov 29 2005 1:54 utc | 16

The Iraq story: how troops see it

...Yet both he and the blue-eyed, square-jawed Mayer pause for a moment before they talk about the two 9-year-old Iraqis whom members of their battalion dubbed their "girlfriends."

The first time he saw them, Mayer admits that he was making the calculations of a man in the midst of a war. He was tired, he was battered, and he was back at a Hit street corner that he had patrolled many times before. In Iraq, repetition of any sort could be an invitation of the wrong sort - an event for which insurgents could plan. So Mayer and Schuller took out some of the candy they carried, thinking that if children were around, perhaps the terrorists wouldn't attack.

- snip -

It happened one day when he was on patrol. Out of nowhere, a car turned the corner and headed down the alley at full speed. "A car coming at you real fast and not stopping in Iraq is not what you want to see," says Mayer. Yet instead of jumping in his truck, he stood in the middle of the street and pushed the kids behind him.

The car turned. Now, Mayer and Schuller can finish each other's sentences when they think about the experience. "You really start to believe that you protect the innocent," says Schuller. "It sounds like a stupid cliché...."

"But it's not," adds Mayer. "You are in the service of others."...

Posted by: Outraged | Nov 29 2005 2:17 utc | 17

Here is the truth from Iraq. The guy in the video is a Suicide Bomber. When his car hit the US tank he was trying to target, he nocked the trigger mechanism out of wack. The US soldiers on the site did not know wether he could still activate it or not. The charge carried by the robot is called a boot banger used to disrupt the IED with water and explosives to render it safe. There was no way to seperate the suicide bomber from the car, he was pinned in and they tried to seperate him form the car, but thats not on the tape. After they safed the area and collected the explosives they took it to a safe area to detonate which is the scene at the end of the video. At the very end of the video it also states that on 14 Sep there were 14 such attacks that killed over 150 people and wounding over 200. Just glad to clear up any confusion and feel free to contact me.

Posted by: BombSquad | Dec 1 2005 18:21 utc | 18

sept 14, 2005 context

Retaliation for Tal Afar?: A dozen explosions ripped through the Iraqi capital Wednesday, killing at least 152 people and wounding 542 in a deadly series of attacks that began with a huge suicide car bombing that targeted laborers assembled to find work for the day. Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility.

The bloodiest attack was the first, killing at least 88 people and wounding 227 in the heavily Shiite neighborhood of Kazimiyah where the day laborers had gathered shortly after dawn.

Overnight Wednesday, 17 men were executed in a village north of Baghdad, which put the death toll in all violence in and around the capital Wednesday at 169 and the number continued to rise.

A senior American military official told The Associated Press he believed the rash of bombings was retaliation for the joint Iraqi-U.S. sweep through the northern city of Tal Afar in recent days

Posted by: b real | Dec 1 2005 18:58 utc | 19

the americans must be verry proud 2 b a american when u see videos of fucking sick GI joe's punks that played 2 much Quake on the computer fuck up a whole country..


Posted by: samir a | Apr 3 2006 19:20 utc | 20

The suicide bomber was from Syria, he drove his car into an M1 and it failed to detonate. The M1 pulled back. That is why you see the car smashed up but nothing around it.

An Iraqi policeman approached the car and talked briefly with the "Ishtfahan" or suicide bomber. The suicide bomber changed stories a couple of times, said there was a baby in the backseat (there wasnt) to try to solicit help. Finaly asked that the Americans be sent to help and appealed to the Iraqi policeman, who quickly beat feat.

The EOD team surmised the situation. The bomber can still manually detonate the over 400 lbs of HE in his vehicle (the Anti Tank mine was lodged below his foot under the accelerator). So they sent in the TALON. They tried to see if they could drag him out, but he kept hitting the TALON and trying to pull its arm. So it pulled back.

After the tool used to empty a car of its contents without the contents blowing up, the driver was still alive. He could still blow up the car as there was still explosives remaining in the car.

Again an attempt was made to pull the bomber from the vehicle and again he kept hitting the robot. If the EOD tech went up to the vehcicle or any high value target for the Syrian such as an ambulance or fire truck, then he would have probobly manualy detonated his car.

So the armor commander of the tank brigade called higher and obtained permission to shoot the bomber.

The final explosion is all of the ordnance found in the car being taken to an open area nearby and blown up.

These suicide bombers kill Iraqi civilians all the time. This driver was part of a wave the insurgent invaders did that day to try and prove the Al Anbar provence campaign was going to have little effect on them. *incidently it did have an effect in slowing their soldiers from crossing the border from Syria* Just because he saw a tank and hit it, his friends that day hit markets, a school front, Iraqi police checkpoints etc. The Arab Nazis only want to kill, and dont care who.

Posted by: One who saw | Apr 12 2006 2:52 utc | 21

I just wanted to take a moment and respond to Bernhard about the video that depicts a guy in his car that is blown up by US EOD personnel. For your info, the reason the car has a smashed up front end is because the guy drove his car into the rear end of an Abrams M1 Tank and attempted to detonate an explosive device. The device failed to explode and EOD personnel made the decision to blow the vehicle rather than to render the device safe. As you see in the video, the device still did not detonate and was later taken out to a remote location and destroyed. The guy in the car was noy some innocent civilian out for a Sunday drive or on his way home from work. He was a scumbag with a bomb intent on inflicting serious harm on US personnel. Luckily for our troops, he wasn't a very good bomb maker. Before you start spouting your opinions, you should check your facts.

Posted by: John | Sep 6 2006 9:14 utc | 22

This is in reference to the contractor shooting at people. I was a rear gunner in Iraq for a year and the threats are imminent. We have huge signs on the back of our trucks that say " Stay back 100 meters or deadly force will be used" in english and Arabic. The general population knows they are not supposed to get close to an American convoys. We implemented this regulation as the VBIED threat increased. Were those contractors out of line, yes, in some instances. The brown Mercedes is a perfect example of a suspected VBIED. He was approaching a stopped US vehicle at a high rate of speed ignoring all warnings. We are authorized warning shots and we use them to prevent anyone getting hurt. My personal opinion is to eliminate the threat with the least amount of force possible.

As far as the suicide bomber; he had that coming.

Posted by: MAWDEUCE GUNNER | Oct 22 2006 18:31 utc | 23

Here's the deal, you all don't know what happened before these videos start and just assume you know what is going on. Surprising since 99.9 percent of Americans are not involved in this war. Save your armchair quarterbacking and join the fight, or learn how to speak Arabic. Their goal is a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and you are the target. Anyway, for the love of God, please just shut your mouths if you haven't experienced the war outside what you see on TV or the Internet. Yes, there are bad soldiers, there are also gang members killing innocent civilians in everyday. Also, don't hear ACLU or Amnesty talking about the bad guys killing the dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians every day.

Oh yeah, to Clueless Joe...when the shit really hits the fan, see you in the draft 'cause that is what is going to happen. To Noisette, we don't hate, we're just scared of dying and not returning to see our own families. We volunteered for the military to secure the American Dream. Like any American job, sometimes you have to clean the toilets...sometimes we have to go to war. I don't agree with this war in the least, but folks who assume military folks are bad because we're over there trying to survive while they are comfy here in the states make me sick.

Posted by: Disenchanted Defender | Nov 16 2006 2:51 utc | 24

Hmmm... where to start... honestly, i'm amazed by all the stuff i'm reading on here. it bothers me just a little that so many people could watch one little piece of video and draw a thousand conclusions without even enough background knowledge to understand what they are seeing. i'm only going to address the first video i watched on here... the one of the car getting blown up. to begin with, i think there was an explosion before the car was blown up by EOD. take a look at the guard rails on both sides... that wasn't done by a single vehicle accident. second... everyone seems to be missing the ass end of the launcher the guy has between his legs... though i'm not sure why that warrented a waste of explosives when a bullet would have worked just fine... i find it hard to believe he was carrying that for protection. my third comment is in regards to the very first post at the top... saying that the movie cuts to an explosion in a field and that it doesn't look like the same place. though i wasn't at this site... i know what that was, because i've seen it hundreds of times. EOD takes the bomb or whatever explosive there are disposing of out someplace remote... away from civilians... and places charges on them. they then blow them up in the middle of a big empty space instead of in the middle of the street. that there was no secondary explosion when they hit the car was a good thing. a full detonation would have put a lot of people in harms way. this isn't the complete video of this event... there are others that show the robot going to the car with a roll of det cord... properly places, the right cord can be used to almost surgically cut metal. the use of cord alone would allow a high degree of precision with minimal risk of doing excessive damage. truely, i just find myself really annoyed by the way everyone just loves to hop on the lets hate americans game. it's bullshit. if you think you could do better... go try. otherwise, you should just sit back, shut up, and be glad someone is willing to go to the places you don't want to be.
and one more thing... to the war in general. maybe bush is an idiot. the plan was fucked from the beginning... but the war was right. saddam was a bastard who killed tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people... while the world sat around giving each other hand jobs and saying that there was no evidence. fuck you all and all the politicians... wars should be run by the privates. the ones who know what the cost of these games really is. no more shock and awww... no more politicians and yuppy anti-war pansies crying over the details. it is a disgrace the way people talk about this war... the media and the celebrities and all the rest of you backseat drivers... the war is hopeless and it's not because it can't be won. we will lose because americans have no spines... too afraid to get a little messy. everyone wants to know exactly what's going on, but nobody really wants to know that truth. war isn't pretty... it's not nice... there is no love story... only broken lives... broken families... and you are not helping. to all the men and women who serve, i salute you... and to the rest of you who think that you are somehow clean... whether muslim or christian or whatever you are... no of us is without some evil... some sin, if you would. you should look at yourselves and think very hard the next time you want to talk about someone who serves... regardless of your feelings... regardless of how much you think you know... you don't know anything more than the media tells you. you are no less brainwashed than anyone else... soldiers fight and die everyday in iraq... on both sides... the least we can do is show some respect... they deserve it more than you.

Posted by: annoyedashell | Dec 9 2006 4:00 utc | 25

Thats the point. At the end of the video they show a picture of the bomb and then cut to a scene in an unpopulated area where it is detonated.

Can you see the irony in using the death of a suicide bomber as propaganda against the US military? You have all just created a thousand suicide bombers of your own. Al Qaeda needs your activism because they cant win in Iraq without you...

Posted by: No Propaganda | Feb 12 2007 9:12 utc | 26

Fuck the Bastards they should of strapped a pig to the bomb then blown his ass up.

Posted by: | Apr 8 2007 2:31 utc | 27

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