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June 30, 2005

Review: The Whiskey Bar Times

Update: Unfortunately Mr. Billmon has left the reliable news media sphere and has given A Farewell to Journalism. We are sorry to have to see such a refreshing new media business die after just such a short time. R.I.P. Whiskey Bar Times. Your life was short but honorable. We are proud to have documented it here and pledge to continue your valuable work on the matter of fair and balanced shit to print.


Even diligent readers of this year-old magazine may not be aware of a promising new publication now available at the virtual newsstands.

The Whiskey Bar Times is poised to deliver "All the News That's Shit to Print" and indeed Mr. Billmon, the publisher and editor of the new daily, does not disappoint.

In today's first edition, the Whiskey Bar Times' style section rages about a New Look.

On page one, but below the fold, is an exclusive, nerve shaking story about a Tabloid Attack on a pretty white shark by a missing blond monster women.

My favorite story in today's edition is a celebrity interview featuring the urologist of the plastic surgeon that might once have touched the hair of Michael Jackson. Here we learn in intimate detail, how Mr. Billmon found his new paper's subtitle.

A thorough in-depth analysis of the current situation on the Middle East carefully leads the reader to the only achievable conclusion: Let's Invade Iraq Syria Iran.

The editorial board of the Whiskey Bar Times is, just like yours truly M.o.Alabama Post, a stronghold of traditional media business reflection. Today it explains why, to support the troops, bloggers will have to die (or vice versa).

Through its wide correspondent network, Mr. Billmon's new challenge to The New Yorker is able to give us direct, breathtaking accounts of the Stunning Victory!

An additional highlight is a column titled "A Word from Our Political Columnist".

But there are also some disturbing tendencies. How can one ever declare a Slow News Day. Here Mr. Billmon still has to learn what we and other have practiced for some time. News is made, not reported. A slow news day just shows an unproductive fantasy. We expect better.

Anyhow, with the first edition of the Whiskey Bar Times Mr. Billmon's new child is on the fast track to become my favorite companion when adding to and disposing the matter he promises to deliver through his media conglomerate.

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WB: Fabulous Statistics


Fabulous Statistics

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One Year MoA

On June 28, 2004 Billmon made his Last Call:

So, very reluctantly, I've decided to turn Whiskey Bar into a commentless blog - just me and my occasional thoughts, there for anybody to read, but not for everybody to come along and throw in their two cents.

Two days later Moon of Alabama opened.

The first commentators were: teuton, SusanG, Mushinronsha, ck, FLASHHARRY, Juannie, Fran, Dan of Steele, remembereringgiap, Possum and Helpful Spook.

Another two days later I claimed:

There is no personal interest of mine to run this site, other than to discuss Billmon's posts and current political/economic/philosophical issues. Authoring and moderation on this site will be shared.

That statement is still operative, though the sharing part lacks some volunteers.

Some hard times came last August after Billmon stopped posting. I tried to keep the site up and the community alive by posting a piece a day, but the emotional toll was too high and by the end of November, I planed to shut it down. Thankfully Jérôme took over much of the workload and I had time to recover. In the end, we did not agree about where to take the site and Jérôme is off to run a place better suited for his style.

Now, as Billmon is back to full productivity, I am cutting back on posting. I will jump in once a while and everybody is still invited to send her/his pieces to be posted here to: MoonofA at aol dot com. (You are of course also invited to send some Malt to fill up my bar.)

For now, I will keep the site up, but my work-life will change the next months and I may have to cut back the time spend here or find some other solution.

Anyhow, thanks to everybody who passes by and special warm thanks and hugs to the regular commentators. You are the folks who really keep this site going. And the biggest thank you goes to Billmon, who keeps inspiring us all.


Some (not 100% reliable) statistics about Moon of Alabama as of this morning:

Total Posts: 882
Total Comments: 28,925
Total Visits: 194,500
Total Pageviews: 534,500
Average Visit Duration: 6.6 minutes
Average Pageview Duration: 2.2 minutes
Total Time Spend Reading and Commenting (est.): 19,600 hours

Money spent to run MoA: US$ 230
Time spent to run MoA (est.): >1,000 hours

Current Averages (last three weeks)
Visits per Day: 1,100
Pageviews per Day: 3,300
Comments per Day: 80
Bandwidth Usage: 5.5 Gigabyte per Month, 55 kilobyte per pageview
Blocked Spam Addresses: 25

Visitor Operation Systems: 80% Windows, 15% Mac, 5% Linux
Visitor Browsers: 46% IE, 38% Mosaic/Firefox/Netscape, 11% Safari, 5% Opera/Others

You can follow some of the above stats here.

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WB: Failure is an Option

At this point, Americans aren't even willing to ask those questions, much less answer them. Which is why the most likely scenario is that failure in Iraq will be followed by further setbacks in the war on terrorism, as the neocons (or their neolib counterparts) stumble from one ill-conceived fiasco to another.

Failure is an Option

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June 29, 2005

WB: Buck Turgidson Rides Again


Buck Turgidson Rides Again

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Open Barndoor

So who did get away?

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WB: Bombing Run

When the only way you can get a hand from a handpicked military audience is by having a ringer in the audience start clapping, you know you're bombing (so to speak.)

Bombing Run

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WB: Same Old Same Old

I do want to take a longer minute to point out a subtle, and at times bizarre, shift in the propaganda rhetoric -- one that, as predicted, appears to set the stage (or at least leaves the door open) for further negotiations with some of the bad guys.

Same Old Same Old

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June 28, 2005

Squeezed Pimple

When under pressure pimples tend to unload some nasty content.

Not tonight, yet - there is not enough pressure, yet. So the pimple will try to do what pimples always do.

"To squeeze the biggest pimple is unpatriotic as long as there is a any assumed shade of dirt on any other place."

Leave your notes on Bush's speech here - I´ll be sound asleep when that sorry show will take place. If it's worth a word, I`ll comment tomorrow.

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WB: Grass


"I am the grass.
Let me work."


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WB: My Kind of Democrat

My Kind of Democrat

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WB: Forewarned

.. lies and evasions are weapons that only work on the home front -- and these days maybe not even there. They clearly don't impress the insurgents/terrorists, who know weakness when they hear it.


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June 27, 2005

WB: The Red State Times


Next week in the Times Science section: Creationism reconsidered.
Editorial independence (i.e. the freedom to tell the reader or viewer what you think they need to know, rather than what you think they want to hear) has always been a rather strange artifact in a competitive, capitalist industry like journalism.

The Red State Times

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WB: Man Bites Dog

"By reducing the number of young, attractive canines out on the street, we may be able to control the epidemic of man-dog sex currently ravaging our inner-city neighborhoods," Santorum explained.

Man Bites Dog

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WB: The 11th Commandment

Thou shalt honor thy Sandra Day O'Connor

The 11th Commandment

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WB: Military Secrets


Military Secrets

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June 26, 2005

WB: Rectification of Errors

The line must be changed again. New labels must be invented and applied to those insurgents who "don't have blood on their hands." (Roughly the gazillionth oxymoron created by the administration in this war. But whose counting?)

Rectification of Errors

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WB: Negotiating With Terrorists


And so we arrive at the heart of the problem: To salvage any ending short of total defeat in Iraq, the Cheney administration must act like those spineless, flip-flopping liberals. They have to negotiate with the terrorists, listening to their demands, trying to understand their grievances and goals -- shit, offering them therapy sessions for all I know. But at the same time, Bush also has to keep up the never-give-an-inch macho act, lest the silent majority finally grasp the dismal truth: Their sons and daughters must go on dying in the quagmire so the neocons can find a way out that doesn't involve losing too much face.

Negotiating With Terrorists

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June 25, 2005

Again An Open Thread

whatever ... and take a look at the older one too.

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WB: The Masque of the Green Death


The Masque of the Green Death

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WB: Getting the Boot


One of the big problems with ignorance these days is that our journalistic and foreign policy elites are so eager to infect each other with it that it innevitably spills over into the general population.

Getting the Boot

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WB: More Deadpan Humor


I have to tip my hat to Sgt. Wood for managing to report Cheney's comments accurately and objectively [...] while still making it abundantly clear what a total mental case the vice president has become.

More Deadpan Humor

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WB: Exit Strategy


Obviously, the Rovians would like to focus the debate on "liberal" attempts to expose or question the administration's policies -- such as the use of "practices tantamount to torture" -- rather than on the abject failure of those policies.

Exit Strategy

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June 24, 2005

WB: Situation Hopeless


If Rove really believes what he said -- and we've had absolutely no indication from the GOP politburo that he didn't -- then it would appear the Cheney administration has concluded the war is already lost.

Situation Hopeless

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Scull & Bones

(title unknown)
by anna missed

pigment/paint on wood
(fullsize, 145 kilobyte)

Skull & Bones

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WB: The O'Reilly Factor

If that isn't an open and shut case of "undermining" the war against terrorism, I don't know what is. Ordinarily, I'm opposed to capital punishment, but in this case I don't think the court has any choice but to impose the maximum penalty provided by law. And I'm sure a patriot like Bill O'Reilly would agree.

The O'Reilly Factor

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Historical Fact

"Al Jazeera now broadcasts to the region the words of Senator Durbin, certainly putting America's men and women in uniform in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals."
Karl Rove, 06/21/05

"It’s outrageous that the same Democrats who stood by Dick Durbin’s libeling of our military are now expressing faux outrage over Karl Rove’s statement of historical fact."
RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, 06/23/05

(fullsize - original)

Wikipedia Dolchstoßlegende:

The well-funded Dolchstoß propaganda managed to conceal the key facts about the armistice and the Weimar Republic, so the meme of the stab in the back would prove to be highly effective in building a strong nationalist movement in Germany. Its emotional effectiveness stemmed from the manner in which it addressed the anger and confusion felt not only by the average German, but also by soldiers returning from the front. Many of these men, feeling detached from civilian society as a whole because of their experiences at the front, were only too willing to join the Freikorps to exact some sort of revenge. Latent anti-Semitism, intensified by the Jewish dominance of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic, could be easily exploited and built upon to create a powerful ideology of racism.

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Open Thread 05-61

News, views, opinions ...

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Punch Drunk

All along, the bedrock of Rove's political "philosophy" has been the conviction that propaganda will always trump reality -- as long as the desired message is consistent with existing popular myths and prejudices.

Punch Drunk

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June 23, 2005

Liberals Were Right

Missing a run-away Caucasian bride, Mr. Rove yesterday tried his new communication concept to divert the public from the administrations disasters with the Bolton nomination and Social Security legislation, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rove said:

"Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers," [...] "Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war."

Liberals were right.

  • Diligent criminal investigations and harsh indictments against anybody proven to be connected to 9/11 and other terror incidents would have brought the responsible people to jail by now. How many people were rightfully indicted and convicted for terrorism by the Bush administration? None that I know of.
  • Therapy for the victims and the nation would have gone a long way to find  a rational answer to the attack. Instead of such an answer the Americans did get duct tape, stinking socks at airport gates and a $320 billion bill (and counting) for an unjustifiable war.
  • Understanding the motives of the attackers, how false these may have been, would have helped to correct the course of future attackers. If there was grievance that these attackers felt the need to avenge, the long term strategy has to be to avoid such grievance and to take away the motives for future attacks.

Rove also said:

"Conservatives saw what happened to us on 9/11 and said we will defeat our enemies. Liberals saw what happened to us and said we must understand our enemies."

Liberals were right.

  • One can not defeat people who are willing to die for their cause, when each of their death creates two more of such people. One can take away their cause. But that first requires to understand that cause and some willingness to reflect your own attitude and the feeling of others .

So what is all the fuzz about? Liberals were right. And they should say so.

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It´s Over

Maybe you didn't notice this, but:

The War is Over, and We Won

What the establishment media covering Iraq have utterly failed to make clear today is this central reality: With the exception of periodic flare-ups in isolated corners, our struggle in Iraq as warfare is over. Egregious acts of terror will continue—in Iraq as in many other parts of the world. But there is now no chance whatever of the U.S. losing this critical guerilla war.

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June 21, 2005

WB: Rotten Boroughs

But in the longer run, I'd still like to believe that the more tenaciously the Republicans cling to power, the more they rig the system to protect themselves from the wrath of the voters, the more sweeping will be their eventual defeat. 

Rotten Boroughs

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Making Up Excuses

Some on the left of the U.S. politic spectrum are trying to excuse their sorry administration, compatriots and themselves from the Iraq disaster.

E.J. Dione, Brookings scholar and Washington Post OpEd contributor, writes today:

The notion that the president led the country into war through indirection or dishonesty is not the most damaging criticism of the administration. The worst possibility is that the president and his advisers believed their own propaganda.

Dionne goes on to prove they believed their propaganda by citing it. Sure E.J., they were just dumb and not liars ... aren´t they just terrible?

Blogger hero Atrios chips in his two cents:

We need to distinguish between the "WMD" and "the threat." Without a real investigation we'll never know to what degree they hyped WMD claims they thought were false instead of simply hyping claims they did not know were true.
Believed in WMDs they hyped? Perhaps. Believed in the threat they hyped? Nope.


"Without a real investigation we'll never know to what degree they hyped Poles attack Gleiwitz claims they thought were false instead of simply hyping claims they did not know were true."

Yes, perhaps Hitler just did believe that, and yes E.J., if he did believe it and told his people so, it's much worse than if he just would have lied?

Dione, Atrios you must be kidding me.

Like me, you did listen to, or read Mohamed El Baradei's report to the U.N., Feb. 14, 2003:

As I have reported on numerous occasions, the IAEA concluded, by December 1998, that it had neutralized Iraq's past nuclear programme ...
We have to date found no evidence of ongoing prohibited nuclear or nuclear related activities in Iraq.

or Hans Blix's presentation:

So far, UNMOVIC has not found any such weapons, only a small number of empty chemical munitions, which should have been declared and destroyed. Another matter - and one of great significance - is that many proscribed weapons and items are not accounted for. [...] One must not jump to the conclusion that they exist. ..

This was the very, very best intelligence anybody could get. Baradei and Blix had several hundred experts on the ground in Iraq with access to everything they demanded to see, to smell or to touch. All Blix and Baradei could come up with, under very significant pressure, were possible accounting problems.

Now Atrios thinks maybe BushCo were just 'hyping claims they did not know were true.'

No Duncan, they did know their claims were false, as you would have, if you would have cared to listen. There was nothing in doubt about Iraqi WMDs, not a bit. Neither for those common people, like me, who did listen, nor to Bush or Cheney.

Duncan, may I cite the head of the British Intelligence reporting to Tony Blair directly after coming back from a meeting with the CIA director in 2002?

Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.

Now please grow up and stop making up excuses.

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The Incredible Shrinking Governator

by Billmon

The Incredible Shrinking Governator

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Dining With the Devil +

by Billmon


If some idiot with a blog could see this fiasco coming two years ago, why couldn't the world's most powerful military -- and its most expensive and sophisticated intelligence agency -- see it as well?

Dining With the Devil


Intentional Irony?

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Invisible Means of Support

by Billmon

Finally, there's always the chance the past few months have been a fluke -- a case of lingering denial by voters who don't want to accept just how badly Bush has fucked up.

Invisible Means of Support

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High Value Detainees

by Billmon

High Value Detainees

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June 20, 2005

The Duke in Stir

by Billmon

So, while my conscience won't allow me to gloat over the sight of the Cheney administration hopelessly impaled on its own Iraq lies, and I'm far too pessimistic to take much comfort in Shrub's falling poll numbers, I have absolutely no objections whatsoever to savoring the public humiliation (and, with luck, multiple felony convictions) of Duke Cunningham, conservative asshole extraordinaire.

The Duke in Stir

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Just Another OT

News, views, visions ... open thread

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Looking for a Scapegoat II

by Billmon

Next on Fox News: Liberals conspire to poison military water supply; smuggle plutonium to bin Ladin; sacrifice disabled Christian babies to Allah.

Looking for a Scapegoat II

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How Do You Say "Fox News" in Farsi?

by Billmon

How Do You Say "Fox News" in Farsi?

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Dreaming of Blue Helmets

by Billmon

But the neocons are even more fanatical about this than their paleo cousins. I really think they would prefer to see Iraq sink into complete chaos, and pay the price of another 1,700 American deaths, rather than pass even nominal military control to the United Nations.

Dreaming of Blue Helmets

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Rally Effect

by Billmon

Rally Effect

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Rewarding Failure

by Billmon

I've heard military guys refer to this as the "fuck up and move up" school of personnel management. Which I guess we can modify to "fuck up, help cover the Defense Secretary's ass from potential criminal charges, and then move up."

Rewarding Failure

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by Billmon
"Some people say Baker's reckless charges have severely damaged Spc. Baker's morale and crippled his ability to extract information from Al Qaeda prisoners -- information that could save American lives," reported Fox News personality Brit Hume. "They're demanding that Baker retract his allegations and offer a full apology to Spc. Baker."


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June 19, 2005

Going to Tehran

by Billmon

But the American people apparently missed all those White House warnings about "generational commitments." Too busy watching the Michael Jackson trial, I guess. But what happens if (or, more likely, when) the voters decide that one generation of dead and maimed American soldiers is one too many? What if they don't want to go to Tehran?

Going to Tehran

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Make Your Own II

Copy to: puppets-list-iraq, puppets-list-afghanistan
Subject: Message Ready to Read (MRR)

Expanding our exiting 'Message Ready to Read' (MRR) supply, we are proud to deliver the new agreed-upon format for the body count campaign. (We have now succeeded in a single format for the eastern and western campaign!)

This will help you to achieve reporting the recommended 10:1 ratio of casualties in any future incident.

Christian B.



(high number) Insurgents Killed in [Iraq | Afghanistan | Airstrikes | US-Iraqi offensive]

Dateline: [Afghan base | Iraqi base] (some date)

Body: [US | Iraqi | Afghan] forces have killed about (number) insurgents and [detained | captured] (higher number) of terrorists [after a clash | in an offense | during an assault] in [Iraqi | Afghan] area near the [Syrian | Iranian | Pakistani] border.

[No | Few | (number)] civilians were [hurt | effected | wounded] during the [saveguarding | reconstruction | search] operation.

{Please insert maximum possible word count [dramatic | heroic | human interest] warscene here. Examples are available: 1, 2 and 3.}

Meanwhile (very low number) [American | Iraqi | Afghan] forces died in [unrelated operations | an accident] and (low number) were wounded during the fight.

A [torture chamber | car bomb factory | passport forging laboratory] and other evidence of connections with [Zarqawi’s terrorist group | Taliban stragglers] were found at the site.

End Attachment

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Scathing or Real?

Atrios pointed; to a Boston Globe piece about Iraq, that has an interesting bit on Iran.

A former Pentagon official, journalist, and president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Leslie Gelb, a man with considerable political and military knowledge, came back from a fact-finding trip in Iraq ...

In a report to the council, Gelb was scathing about America efforts to train an Iraqi army. ''If you ask any Iraqi leader, they will tell you these people can't fight. They just aren't trained. And yet we're cranking them out like rabbits." As for plans to train a 10 division Iraqi army by next year, Gelb was scathing. ''It became very apparent to me that these 10 divisions were to fight some future war against Iran. It had nothing to do, nothing to do," with taking Iraq over from the Americans and fighting the insurgents.

The Boston Globe author refers to Gelb's CFR talk 10 days in Iraq. There Gelb says:

If you ask any Iraqi leader, they will tell you these people can't fight. They just aren't trained. And yet we're cranking them out like rabbits. I'm going to leave the names out of here because I really do admire the people involved, and I know what political pressure is. I said, "Well, where is all this heading?" And no kidding, he said to me, "A 10-division Iraqi armed force." And I lost it at that point, the only time in the whole trip I just lost it. I said, "Ten divisions! The United States Army has 10 divisions!" And he said, "And two mechanized divisions." I said, "We have two mechanized divisions! You're going to create an Iraqi army as big as the American Army? Are you nuts?" And then the next PowerPoint chart comes up: "Well, we need a division here and we need a division here and we need a division"--it became very apparent to me that these 10 divisions were to fight some future war against Iran. It had nothing to do--nothing to do--with taking that country over from us and fighting the insurgents. It made no sense to me. It was the single-most disturbing conversation I had ..

Why doesn´t this make sense? And is Gelb really scathing here or did he miss his portion of Kool Aid and this is for real?

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Lyndon Baines Bush

by Billmon

Lyndon Baines Bush

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June 18, 2005

"Decadent Fonts"

von der Schnappsbar

"Decadent Fonts"

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