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June 10, 2005

Friday Art Time

fallujah morning
by anna missed

15"x14", pigment/spraypaint/pyro on wood
(fullsize, 145 kilobyte)

Posted by b on June 10, 2005 at 18:12 UTC | Permalink


incorrect link to the large sized picture.

or simply Big Picture

Posted by: B Rubble | Jun 10 2005 18:58 utc | 1

Wow, you were faster fixing it than I was typing it.

p.s. Frist

Posted by: B Rubble | Jun 10 2005 18:59 utc | 2

anna missed, if you are getting ready for an exhibit, give us details. Your new work is all so cohesive, I hope you can pull it all together somewhere. [Hodges?] Great pieces!

I'll get to all the links eventually.

Posted by: beq | Jun 10 2005 19:06 utc | 3

beautiful. so claustrophobic.

Posted by: slothrop | Jun 10 2005 19:12 utc | 4

anna missed

thank you. sense & wonder. movement. this terrible ballet.

i am more concerned with the condition of the iraq nation than i am in the intercinine imbecilities of the empire

forceful but not insistent

trace clear & growing

have been using the cd of naseer shamma in all my ateliers today. real. it & art stll have the capacity to change people not with a baton but with a glance, with just one movement as long as it is truly connected to the heart


Posted by: remembereringgiap | Jun 10 2005 19:14 utc | 5

anna missed,

Thank you.


Thank you as well.

Posted by: Juannie | Jun 10 2005 19:35 utc | 6

well, thank you!

Posted by: beq | Jun 10 2005 19:37 utc | 7


i usually just work on pictures until i have a bunch, then arrange some way to get it out there. thinking LH too chicken to show this stuff.

Posted by: anna missed | Jun 11 2005 7:01 utc | 8

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