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June 13, 2005


Jérôme, DeAnander and several others have opened "The European Tribune".

Take a look. And for the really stiff drinks, come back here.

Posted by b on June 13, 2005 at 8:07 UTC | Permalink


Yesterday, it occurred to me that DeA- & Jerome had eloped!! For Americans the best source of European news & analysis is Doug Ireland's Excellent blog. Here's a link to his rundown of the most recent crackup of the Socialist party - link He doesn't bring the financial or energy savvy that Jerome does, but his politics are more liberal. He wrote the best analysis of the "EU Constitution" I saw in the American press, which was printed both on his blog & the LA Weekly.

Posted by: jj | Jun 13 2005 8:46 utc | 1

I think we'll need to come back here for any drinks. I rather suspect EuroTrib is going to be a coffee shop, not a bar.

I'm going to be writing Irish-themed diaries over there, by the way.

Posted by: Colman | Jun 13 2005 9:40 utc | 2

I don't know what you think, b, but I'd like to see some of Jerome's and DeA's posting cross-posted over here. The quality of debate here is different, and often more fun: contrast the discussion on some of J's posts here with the discussion on his dKos or Booman Tribune diaries.

Posted by: Colman | Jun 13 2005 9:48 utc | 3

@ Colman
I've visited there too, and blabbed shamelessly and
without particular competence, but I disagree that it's a coffee shop. To me it seems likely to become a very crowded cafeteria offering many possibilities for nutrition
but not much "peace and quiet".

Posted by: Hannah K. O'Luthon | Jun 13 2005 9:48 utc | 4

That's a much better analogy. Thanks.

Posted by: Colman | Jun 13 2005 9:55 utc | 5

I've visited there too, and blabbed shamelessly and without particular competence, but I disagree that it's a coffee shop.
I liked (and recommended) that diary. It told me more about the Italian referendum than I'd found out before in a small number of words. If I could figure out what "heterologous artifical insemination" was, I'd understand even more. Or "cornuti" for that matter.

Posted by: Colman | Jun 13 2005 10:04 utc | 6

HKOL and Colman, I agree with you and I also support your idea of cross-posting. Though there is a lot to be learned at the ET - it will be best digested here at MoA.

Posted by: Fran | Jun 13 2005 10:06 utc | 7

@b - thanks for the post and the support.

@Colman, HKOL and Fran - thanks for joining the fun and providing some input on different countries. This is exactly what I am hoping for - threads about different countries with people on the ground, and, hopefully, when there are enough people, healthy debates on topics that would otherwise attract little attention.

Sadly, I did not elope with DeA, whose absence from the site is due to a nasty bit of flu, among other things... Both of us will still be posting here, I expect. In any case, I will be, like I have done in the past with my dKos diaries. The discussions here are indeed quite different and we get other perspectives and i don't think that the two sites have the same purpose. It's been a pretty hectic few weeks to get things ready over there, which partly explains my absence over here (but Billmon has also been very prolific, so there was little point to add yet more threads), but I hope I will have time to spend over here again soon. We'll see how the coming days and week will go.

In any case, don't hesitate to tell your european friends about the site. The more people, the more interesting the discussions (and the easier we can start having threads in other languages...

Posted by: Jérôme | Jun 13 2005 14:04 utc | 8

I like ET and actually I like ""Euro PDB", a quick look at the top stories affecting Europe and European interests"...Great!
It's just that day has only 24 hours and it's not going to be easy to follow all of you gays.

Posted by: vbo | Jun 13 2005 14:41 utc | 9

vbo: Soj is scary. I don't know how she produces those things: it's taking me ages just to put together the Irish new diary. It would take me days to write one of hers, and she does one almost every day.

It'd be nice if you kept an eye on some of that stuff: she seems to be concentrating on the Eastern periphery, and your local knowledge of that area would be interesting.

Posted by: Colman | Jun 13 2005 15:26 utc | 10

returns an internal server error when trying to access the link to the eurotrib site. so the cafeteria doesn't stay open all nite? barkeep, more ground nuts, please.

Posted by: b real | Jun 14 2005 3:44 utc | 11

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