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April 30, 2005

Barfly Art: Transhumanity

The Evanescence of Things
by beq

pastels with sumi ink
on paper from Thailand
(fullsize, uncompressed - 600 KByte)

There is more ...

The Full Moon was Quick to Rise
by beq

pastels with sumi ink
on paper from Thailand
(fullsize, uncompressed 600 KByte)

Generally, the primary purpose of transhumanism is to increase the efficiency of human functioning by modifying the human genome of zygotes, which I assume means eliminating the countless rare, common, and omnipresent genetic flaws, not excluding age-induced degeneration, and to increase human desirability, ability, versatility, and resilience. Other technologies that serve a similar purpose are also considered.
A Proposed End-Goal: Justice Maximism (suggested by the artist)

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How about a week(end)ly "Barfly Art" posting, I asked. beq answered:

What if you issued a "call to artists"? Someone a week or so ago mentioned being a cartoonist (hoppingmad bunny?), and I should think that anna missed would probably like to be involved; maybe some of the poets as well. There is a good crowd now and there must some more graphically inclined lurkers. Maybe they could be incouraged to step into the Moonlight.
Okay, lets try.

Call to artists: Please email your pieces to (replacing _at_ with @) with your thoughts on how, when and in what context they should be posted.


and back to Transhumanism

Posted by: b | Apr 30 2005 12:23 utc | 1

Great idea b.

As for the picture; I am not worldly enough to go hmmmmmmm and use facial expressions and languages and three syllable words that are understandable to me to join in the conversation.

My take on Beq's paintings: I have to say what I see because I see a photograph and I describe it.

But art is far better than Friday Night Cat Blogging.

If you want a Sunday morning Rottweiller blogging, I have a 4 month rottie for that thread.

Posted by: Friendly Fire | Apr 30 2005 16:59 utc | 2

Freakin'Automatic Wallpaper.

Posted by: dt | Apr 30 2005 18:46 utc | 3

From that article on transhumanism:

Transhumanist genetic modification can be used to create humans and animals the brains of which are engineered to create justice maximism. Such modifications may be called ‘justice maximist modifications’.

Somehow I am fine that I will not live in that aera. I would prefer those opium pipes over such modifications. Though the real opium smokers didn´t keep such good looks as above very long.

Posted by: b | Apr 30 2005 18:48 utc | 4

That's some fine artwork! I might be emailing you some stuff...

Posted by: zencomix | Apr 30 2005 18:52 utc | 5

exquisite opium dreams, beq

Posted by: fauxreal | Apr 30 2005 19:01 utc | 6

again beq, a little gift in the dark times, thank you

Posted by: remembereringgiap | May 1 2005 0:22 utc | 7

r'giap: You are welcome. It is the best return I can make for all else that is given on MoA.

Posted by: beq | May 1 2005 1:07 utc | 8

For Brecht, an ironic encore

Posted by: Nugget | May 1 2005 1:14 utc | 9

really extraordinary, Beq. tx

opium dreams

Posted by: han_shan | May 1 2005 21:41 utc | 10

beq, love your pictures. Wish I had just a small percentage of your talent. Thank you for sharing.

Posted by: Fran | May 2 2005 4:50 utc | 11

in the full moon one,

i like how the face goes dreamy flat -- features adrift, to coalesce again a sure expression (as she cocks her (one & only) eye).

with just a hint of surprise,

at the moonrise.

oh my,




Posted by: anna missed | May 2 2005 5:10 utc | 12

bernhard, Friendly Fire, dt, zencomix, fauxreal, remembereringgiap, han shan, Fran, and anna missed. Thanks all for your compliments and for all of your special contributions to MoA. Whether I comment or not (usually not), most days I am here to read what you have to say.

Let's see some more barfly art. It's not all about me.

Posted by: beq | May 2 2005 11:04 utc | 13

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