Moon of Alabama Brecht quote
April 21, 2005


by beq
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O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott,
Marmion, (canto vi, stanca xvii)

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very good beq

Posted by: Blackie | Apr 21 2005 18:35 utc | 1

fantastic colors, as before

Posted by: b real | Apr 21 2005 18:40 utc | 2

Is that the "hand of Satan" Joe Bageant was talkin about? Man that guys everywhere.

To the point, she's thinkin about is'nt she? Thats why the picture has teeth.

Posted by: anna missed | Apr 21 2005 19:41 utc | 3

I like it very much.

Posted by: Fran | Apr 21 2005 20:36 utc | 4

beautiful erotic pic, beq.

Posted by: name | Apr 21 2005 21:46 utc | 5

Several thoughts on this picture. The "tangled web" was the first when beq send me the picture she titled spider. But there are more.

It´s like he with bad intentions is trying to convince her, who is unsure about these intentions, but favors the current fealing.

This could be the young east european democracies embraced by neocon economic policies, or Iranian youth watching US paid satellite channels promoting an unreal ideal of freedom.

Is her color already changing to his?

Posted by: b | Apr 21 2005 21:59 utc | 6

thanks, beq

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Apr 21 2005 22:16 utc | 7

it is beautiful and without leading to any clear conclusion it gave me a nice contemplation. Thanks.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Apr 21 2005 22:54 utc | 8

I'm worried about Eric (on the other thread). Nevermind. I am enjoying interpretations as anna missed once said (well Duchamp through anna missed) there is always an intention that was not intended that is realized. I love that. This started out as a composition of two figures physically engaged; an exercise in form. Then I discovered a certain look in her eye that was not intentional and I saw tension. Tension in art - good. I suppose it was my id wresting the brush from my hand and with a firm grip it painted spider webs on her robe.

Posted by: beq | Apr 21 2005 23:21 utc | 9

Don´t think you need to worry.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Apr 21 2005 23:39 utc | 10

hey anna missed, psssst, over here. ...have some sherry, I want to ask you something.

artist's statements. it seems i failed to sign up for "artist's statements 101" a long time ago and I'm worried (again). last friday I heard a juror who was deeply into her merlot, emphatically chanting ..."artist's statements, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," etc.

this may sound terribly naive, ...but do writer's paint about what they write? just asking.

Posted by: beq | Apr 22 2005 0:15 utc | 11

beq- beautiful composition. the red hand really, really works well...seems a little fluid...a little movement in those lines. and her hair, his hand...very nice.

also like the way you blocked out colors.

very nice.

oh, and those writer's painting...I think they're called prefaces. :)

Posted by: fauxreal | Apr 22 2005 1:07 utc | 12

Is her color already changing to his?

aha! it's the Red-Staters, wooing America away from the rejected Blue Staters left out of focus in the background!

[just kidding]

Posted by: DeAnander | Apr 22 2005 1:31 utc | 13

I'm worried about Eric (on the other thread)..

yeah, who's this dave guy? ;)

seriously though, as good as the topics, banter and knowledge drops are here at moa, the sharing of artistic creations, incl. some amazing poetry, at this site really makes the community

if i even read an artist's stmt, i'll wait until after i've spent enough time in immersion.

judging by her provocative gesticulation, i'd say big red is already getting spun

Posted by: b real | Apr 22 2005 3:51 utc | 14


Would'nt worry much about it. However, I would be curious how that juror, so in need of an explanation, might respond to>this explanation. My guess, she'd leave that merlot and go for tequila.

Posted by: anna missed | Apr 22 2005 8:21 utc | 15

And then again, maybe peyote is in>order.

Posted by: anna missed | Apr 22 2005 8:36 utc | 16

Thanks anna missed (et al.) - ordnance for my arsenal. Seriously, words are very powerful in and as a part of art. As a graphics student I have great respect for form and content of the word and the beauty of alphabets. But as a graphics students we didn't have to explain our work with statements we just sold it with sex (wink).

Last January there was a review of a dual show in one of the galleries and the critic scorched not so much the art as the artist's statement, iirc, "...if I have to read another example of artistic hyperbole, I'll stick a fork in my eye." It got much worse. You could feel the surrounding artistic community going into a defensive crouch like terrified rabbits.

Not that I have anything against a statement if you wish but the aforementioned juror placed so much importance on them and yet having culled one third of the total entries to assemble a show, she had nothing much to say about the work except that she liked it all.

Posted by: beq | Apr 22 2005 11:25 utc | 17

Interesting essays on Art and Kitsch

- The Dawn of Kitsch -

A greeting to you, gifted one, you who want to attain sincerity in your work. You are a stranger to your time, but do not lose heart! I know Art feels unpleasant to you; you have become a slave beneath an aristocracy of incompetents. Art was never meant for people like you.

- A student.

Posted by: the Hand Grenade of Reasoned Discussion | Apr 22 2005 18:44 utc | 18

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