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April 20, 2005

For Sale


Mercedes 320 CDI, 2002 model, only 400 km, full panoramic roof.

(Isn't the new guy from Munich, thus a Beemer guy?)

Use as another B 2squaresquare thread.

Posted by Jérôme à Paris on April 20, 2005 at 22:42 UTC | Permalink


Well, I'm off to bed, so I won't be immediately around to react to the potential scowls of outrage...

Posted by: Jérôme | Apr 20 2005 22:52 utc | 1

Looks like a Prelate-Mobile to me.

I'd like to have one, if it's armor plated.Travelling around the cantons is sometimes dangerous.

And when I come here on a friendly religious visit, there are so many papists dropping from the rafters with their panzerfausts, that I probably got to get Krupp to mount a chain gun on top.

parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus

Posted by: Ulrich Zwingli | Apr 20 2005 23:34 utc | 2

o lenti lenti curricta sancti nocti fus

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Apr 20 2005 23:51 utc | 3

I'm sick of this Pope already! Can't you see how EVIL he is?

Posted by: J.K. Rowling | Apr 21 2005 0:49 utc | 4

Understand your upset there JK.

It is indeed tragic that people would read pap like the Rat writes.

Hits on our profits, big time.

Posted by: Steven King | Apr 21 2005 1:16 utc | 5

Well Stephen, at least now we can get to the bottom of the Roberto Calvo affair!

Posted by: Agatha Christie | Apr 21 2005 2:19 utc | 6

so why was the pope so afraid of death that he had to ride around in those ridiculous-looking contraptions anyway? wasn't he supposed to have a top-notch life insurance policy...

Posted by: b real | Apr 21 2005 3:04 utc | 7

You gentle folks crack me up! Priceless!

Posted by: Kate_Storm | Apr 21 2005 3:47 utc | 8

That's a Mercedes Zimmervertable; known as a Merzim in the trade.

Posted by: Friendly Fire | Apr 21 2005 5:44 utc | 9

There's a joke about the last pope, riding in his pope-mobile in NYC.

On the way back to the hotel he asks the driver to pull over and John-Paul takes the wheel.

As an old man who has never driven he does a terrible job and is pulled over by a young police officer.

The cop comes to the window and asks for "Driver's license and registration, please ... oh my god!"

He goes to his cruiser and calls the sergeant. "I've pulled over someone really important!"

"Is it mayor Bloomberg?"

"No, even more important than him."

"Is it Governor Pataki?"


"Is it the President?"

"No, this guy is really important."

The sergeant cannot imagine who could be more important than the president. He says over the radio, "O'Malley, if it's not the mayor, not the governor and not even the president, who is it that you pulled over?"

O'Malley answers, "I don't know, Sarge. He's sitting in the back of the car. But whoever it is, he's so important he's got the Pope driving his limo!"

Okay, why is this funny? The pope is a fall guy. The pope is a regular guy. Nobody knows what's going on ... except for the cop who checks with his boss.

Posted by: jonku | Apr 21 2005 7:01 utc | 10

JK: note this review of Ratz' work.'These are people who have lived on their land for generations, they have unchanging values, the salt of the earth people, you know, MORONS!' - from Blazing Saddles.

Posted by: citizen k | Apr 21 2005 8:54 utc | 11

Just stop complaining about the pope and let him do his job - keeping the faith, celebrating the eternal and loving God and, a profane matter, siding with the poor. Oh, the joy in my heart!

Posted by: Michele Sindona | Apr 21 2005 9:18 utc | 12

Two Questions/Promises in the War Against Relativism

Is there a point -- and if yes, at what point will that be? -- that our creative anachronist, our contemporary dabbler in antique cultural logics (once accused of "combining from here and there the bearers of significance") will become totally immersed in a single logic, a single waking dream?

To Ratzinger: from where else but the hoards of contemporary relativists will the fundamental army recruit its new soldiers? (And has this ever been otherwise?)

I am for an art which is pluralistic but reflects a deep pluralism rather than a shallow one. I am for an art which is composed of diverse camps of fundamentalists rather than wishy-washy relativists (ie. for relativism but against relativists). Beauty must be committed -- or not at all!

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Apr 21 2005 9:28 utc | 13

One needn't seek 'relativity' in religion (and there is the parable of those who are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm to consider), only tolerance.

A Pope who announces that other religions, even other Christian denominations, are misguided will cause a great deal of harm to non Catholics and non Christians around the world if he inspires the fundamentalists to take action.

Fortunately I don't believe that there are too many extremists in Catholocism any more...they had their day in the Middle Ages, with the Inquisition.

Posted by: hopping madbunny | Apr 21 2005 9:57 utc | 14

@ Agatha Christie

Oh, you mean that, Calvi... Gods's Banker

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Apr 21 2005 10:06 utc | 15

Which is "For Sale" - the Mechanical Conveyance or the Conveyance of Hate & Intolerance inside it?

Posted by: jj | Apr 21 2005 21:02 utc | 16

Rev. Matthew Fox:

Welcome: 22 Questions for Cardinal Ratzinger and the Silver Lining in the Election of this first Grand Inquisitor as Pope

2. If you denounced Hitler why do you support today the Spanish priest Escriva who admired him publicly and why did you rush Escriva, founder of the opus dei movement, into canonization thus leaving the impression that fascism is a path to holiness?

3. If you denounced Hitler then why do you carry on in his ways such as 1) bookburning and denouncing of thinkers and theologians? 2) whipping up hostility toward homosexuals as he did? 3) excluding women of all decision-making and leadership? 4) create scapegoats including people of religions other than Catholic along with women and gay people?
14. Why do issues of social and economic injustice play so little a role in your definition of morality which seems to be 98% about sex? (Hint: Saint Augustine!)
16. Why did you canonize the Escriva who favored Franco and fascism and not canonize the holy martyr Oscar Romero who favored the poor against the military in El Salvador?

And another tid-bid I do not know what to make of.

Neil Bush, Ratzinger co-founders - President's younger brother served with then-cardinal on board of relatively unknown ecumenical foundation

Is this the Bush brother who has hookers knoking at his door when he is visiting Thailand?

Posted by: Fran | Apr 22 2005 4:48 utc | 17

This is slightly OT, and for Susan, and anyone else interested in Susan's original post from Arts and Letters Daily about The Oxyrhynchus Papyri :

Wrong Number

Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!


"Is The Beast there?"


"Is this The Beast?"

"Who are you trying to reach?"

"I'm trying to reach The Beast. His number is 666."

"What!?" What number are you trying to reach?"

"Is this 666?"

"Yes, but there is no one here by that name. Your scribe must have written down the wrong number."

I started poking around, and it appears that we will get to look at some of the bits and pieces.

Table of Contents, so far...

Check back at this site from time to time, I hope.

Posted by: SJS | Apr 22 2005 9:08 utc | 18

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