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April 11, 2005

Billmon: 04/11

Krazy Kristian Kook

On 'Dobson and his fellow ayatollahs'


The World Turned Upside Down

Well, it's only the House upside down, but a very nice lecture in contemporary history.

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long coffee breaks, eh? bloody brilliant.

Posted by: slothrop | Apr 11 2005 18:10 utc | 1

DeLay in a CNN quote from Billmon's piece:

"My wife and daughter have any right, just like any other American, to be employed and be compensated for their employment," DeLay said.

Is he arguing for a right for employment? Is this enforceable?

There is quite an argument about this being a human right in some European constitution debates. I wonder if DeLay would sign this

Posted by: b | Apr 11 2005 18:30 utc | 2

You know the old saying, if you don't learn from history its bound to repeat itself. Obviously Delay wasn't paying attention.

I had a interesting little conversation at a conference this morning with our US Congressman. I told him I posted on a blog that corruption in Washington has one common denominator; Texas. He as much as said the blogs are watched by the FBI and they could come knocking. He said you could get your community on the map. (It already is, but I think he meant another way). I didn't know how serious he was but it kind of took me back. I felt like asking him when free speech was banned in the US but I left it alone.

He is a Dem and I have voted for him since he first ran and even helped a little with his campaign. Something to think about.

Posted by: jdp | Apr 11 2005 19:54 utc | 3

Karl Rove's fingerprints are all over this knife.

DeLay has forgotten the golden rule: George W. Bush comes before any Republican's personal agenda or power play.


There's only room for one Godfather among the Busheviks; and Tom DeLay, not content to have the Congress as his concession and stay in the background, is stepping on Karl Rove's carefully crafted image of Bush.

He's raising attacks on the judiciary at a time that such positions are hurting Bush in the polls. Bush may nominate loyal incompetent hacks to the bench -- and renominate them -- but Rove knows how to hide their right wing religious agenda in sheep's clothing.

Karl Rove is sharpening up his cutlery. Tom DeLay ought to be watching his Bushevik backside .

The former exterminator and present "Dioxin brain" has started to cast a shadow on the White House and draw undue attention to the real delusional goals of its inhabitants. His ego has gotten the better of him, and he's forgotten who is the Don of the mob.

Rove is just about ready to pour the cockroach killer all over Tom.

Posted by: lonesomeG | Apr 11 2005 20:02 utc | 4

A wonderful medley, Barkeep. And though I can certainly remember those golden oldies when you play them on the radio, I can never call them to mind with a whistle or clapping of hands. But, then again, the year 1989, for those of us afflicted with short-term memory loss, was really rather recent (or let's hope so....A song is missing from the medley, though, and I wish I could call it to mind: Wright must have had his equivalent of those fundamentalist ayatollahs all reved up at the starting-line, as you put it in another recent post (where you call it a question of torque). He must have had them, but I'll be damned if I can remember who they were.

Posted by: alabama | Apr 12 2005 4:07 utc | 5

Ah dear Dr. Dobson! One of the many members of the religious right bought and paid for by right wing nut case, Sun Myung Moon. Here's a link to John Gorenfield's site. Seems Moon and the Christian Taliban ahve been wanting the seee the Supreme Court topple for some time. Here's a piece from a letter from Tim LaHaye to Bo Hi Pak, second Moonie in command back in 1988:

"Bo Hi, I am encouraged! Amid the bad signs I see today, I also detect a lot of good signs. The secretary of education, Don Regan, Ed Meese, Pat Buchanan and many others. Even physical ailments to three of the 76[year old] flaming liberal Supreme Court justices. Bev was invited to the White House yesterday and was introduced to over 300 conservative leaders as "the president of the largest women's organization in America - over twice as large as NOW"... and was extended a thunderous applause.


Of course LaHaye went onto write the infamous Left Behind series of book, genocide packed thrillers with Jesus returning in the nick of time to kill all non-Christians (non-Moonies?).

John Gorenfields's site is amazing. My interest in Moon's manipulations of politics pales next to his. Gorenfield explains on his web site:

"Years later, I was searching for someone's name, and came across some of the most amazing documents you've ever seen, at Moon's sermons. Wild boasts of controlling key Congressional leaders in the Republican Party, James Bond gee-whiz stuff about taking over the world using a secret fleet of submarines, religious talk blaming the Holocaust on the Jews. I was hooked. I couldn't believe no one was writing about this, especially after I discovered that $475,000 in Abstinence-Only funds were supporting Moon's missionaries."

I admit, I am hooked too. But I am still surprised that so few people seem to know what is going on! Moon is now 87 and not long for this world. I imagine focus should gradually shift to Dr. Bo Hi Pak, his second in command and long time S. Korean CIA operative, the 36 "first families" of the Moon organization, and Moon wife number 3. With over 1,000 front organizations, the Unification church's activities will be almost invisible when Moon dies. With a powerful political/mission, wide influnce in both the religious right and the Republican Party (and a few Democrats), where is Homeland Security when America needs it?

Posted by: diogenes | Apr 12 2005 11:20 utc | 6

@ diogenes:
Moon makes my skin crawl. I spent some time at Gorenfield's site when I discovered he owned the Washington Times. It explains the brainwashed state of my (subscribing) father's mind. I remember the 70's when moonies were everywhere, zombies, walking dead...

Posted by: beq | Apr 12 2005 12:08 utc | 7

Gorenfield has a great article about Horowitz over at Salon...sorry, have to run (actually bike)...Gorenfield lets Horowitz reveal himself as practically certifiable.

as far as the talibornagains-- as long as any party is willing to give them a presence, they will agitate for theocracy. Why doesn't Nader do us all a favor and use his media presence to start questioning if these people are enternal enemies of America? Do a little McCarthy bit from the their game and aim for their heads at the plate.

If there stated desire is to overthrow our govt, shouldn't we take them at their word...and if this is their stated desire, why do the republicans pander to them?

It is easy to separate the nutters from rational Christians, if only their agenda were made public among those who go to church and would never dream of being enemies of America...and would not want to be associated with those who are.

Call them out.

There are so many of them in the House right now. They have infiltrated all levels of govt.

If someone shoots a judge, DeLay and Viera and Shafley should be brought up for hearings about their incitement to murder and these hearings should be on c-span.

Time to really fight back, and not just with liberals rolling their eyes among themselves.

When left and right are calling a portion of the Republican party fascist, you know there is problem that must be dealt with before they gain anymore power or create the environment for sanctioned violence (and toleration of the same by the police).

The Nazis were always treated more leniently than the socialists or communists. Eventually that made it okay for the Nazis to use terror on their fellow citizens.

the sad thing is that parents in suburbia, too many of them, don't realize what a nutter dobson is. he's promoted in the mainstream evangelical churches as a reasonable voice.

Posted by: fauxreal | Apr 12 2005 14:06 utc | 8


I have for a while considered most insults thrown from the Bush-crowd as playing directly into the he said/she said pattern of media. That is if they start calling their enemies KKK while lighting up those old crosses, well if they get called KKK in return it is just a matter of he said/she said right?

Preemptive strike being their ideal and all.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Apr 12 2005 23:51 utc | 9

Horkheimner, 1972:

What comes to the fore when men most candidly reveal their inner selves, is precisely the predatory, evil cunning beings whom the demagogue knows so well how to handle. A pre-established harmony prevails between his outward purposes and their crumbled inner lives. Everybody knows himself to be wicked and treacherous, and those who confirm this, Freud, Pareto and others are quickly forgiven. Yet, every new work of art makes the masses draw back in horror. Unlike the Fuhrers, it does not appeal to their psychology, nor like psychoanalysis does it contain a promise of “adjustment”. In giving downtrodden humans a shocking awareness of their own despair, the work of art professes a freedom that makes them foam at the mouth. The generation that allowed Hitler to become great takes its adequate pleasure in convulsions which the animated cartoon imposes upon its helpless characters, not in Picasso, who offers no recreation and cannot be enjoyed” anyhow. Misanthropic spiteful creatures, who secretly know themselves as such, like to be taken for the pure, childish souls who applaud with innocent approval when Donald Duck gets a cuffing. There are times when faith in the future of mankind can be kept alive only through absolute resistance to the prevailing responses of men. Such a time is the present.

Posted by: slothrop | Apr 13 2005 15:29 utc | 10

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