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April 24, 2005

Armitage's Revenche

This should break the Senates Foreign Relation Committee deadlock about the John Bolton nomination.

Newsweek reports:

Colin Powell plainly didn't like what he was hearing. At a meeting in London in November 2003, his counterpart, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, was complaining to Powell about John Bolton, according to a former Bush administration official who was there. Straw told the then Secretary of State that Bolton, Powell's under secretary for arms control, was making it impossible to reach allied agreement on Iran's nuclear program. Powell turned to an aide and said, "Get a different view on [the Iranian problem]. Bolton is being too tough."

The very best US puppy Jack Straw had to intervened against Bolton to get a solution on Iran,

Perhaps the most dramatic instance took place early in the U.S.-British talks in 2003 to force Libya to surrender its nuclear program, NEWSWEEK has learned. The Libya deal succeeded only after British officials "at the highest level" persuaded the White House to keep Bolton off the negotiating team. A crucial issue, according to sources involved in the affair, was Muammar Kaddafi's demand that if Libya abandoned its WMD program, the U.S. in turn would drop its goal of regime change. But Bolton was unwilling to support this compromise. The White House agreed to keep Bolton "out of the loop," as one source puts it.

and the puddle himself had to bark out loud to keep Bolton away from messing up the successful negations with Lybia. The only success this administration had on WMD proliferation so far.

The Bolton case should now finally move away from the fruitless discussion about bullying subordinates - an issue that can not be a serious ground for Republicans to deny Bush their consent on the nomination. But the heavyhanded attempts to mess up foreign relation policy are very good reason. Additionaly

the committee is examining fresh allegations that Bolton misused or hyped flawed intelligence against Syria, China and Iran.

Add to this the already proven Bolton WMD lies on Iraq and Cuba and you can tell that no future word this man may utter would be taken as serious fact or likely intelligence by friends or foes.

Bolton is a uncontrollable firebrand who throws lighted matches at any gas station he passes. He can not be trusted to run any responsible foreign relations position.

The grownup Republicans in the SFRC must now ask Bolton to step away from the UN job.

They should offer him an ambassadorship in McMurdo. Thinking again - the possible  consequences of accelerated glacier melting should raise serious concerns on even that nomination.

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WTF this man is a diplomat? Are we living in Bizarro world?

Posted by: doug r | Apr 24 2005 15:25 utc | 1

This is the "medicine" that John McCain thinks the UN could use?? Don't know which frightens me more - Bolton's history, his nomination, or the defense of his nomination.

On the heels of the Schiavo debacle, it gives me hope that Russell Mokiber and Robert Weissman are right in when they say we could be reaching the tipping point. This is an article that anyone who is actively trying to change things in the US will want to read.

Posted by: conchita | Apr 24 2005 15:56 utc | 2

From Mokiber and Weissman:

"It would be a more peaceful world if the law read that the children of every elected official and every TV news celebrity would immediately be drafted on the commencement of hostilities."
If only.

Posted by: beq | Apr 24 2005 16:11 utc | 3

From right-wing la-la-land

Posted by: b | Apr 24 2005 18:52 utc | 4

Boston Globe Ex-employee alleges mistreatment by Bolton

Lynne D. Finney, now a therapist in Utah, wrote to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Friday, saying Bolton mistreated her when they worked in the General Counsel's Office at the US Agency for International Development.
Finney said she was an attorney-adviser in the General Counsel's Office working on policies involving the UN Development Program when Bolton called her into his office in late 1982 or early 1983. She wrote that Bolton asked her to persuade delegates from other countries to vote with the United States to weaken World Health Organization restrictions on marketing of infant formula in the developing world.

Finney said she refused because improper use of the formula can be deadly. For example, mothers in the developing world sometimes mix it with contaminated water or dilute it to make it last longer, humanitarian groups say.

Finney said that Bolton ''shouted that Nestle was an important company and that he was giving me a direct order from President Reagan." The Swiss company is among the top makers of formula.

''He yelled that if I didn't obey him, he would fire me," she wrote. ''I said I could not live with myself if even one baby died because of something I did. . . . He screamed that I was fired."

Posted by: b | Apr 24 2005 18:55 utc | 5

No, Bernhard. They must confirm Bolton. He truly represents US foreign policies, esp. Bushco's non-approach to the UN. They must become visible for what they are, and Bolton is a good representative. The US are on their way out of the international community, which is a shame, but probably it's best to shout it out loud through the mouth of Sauron.

Posted by: teuton | Apr 24 2005 19:37 utc | 6

My sentiments also. Better to let everyone see clearly what these people really are and there is no one better suited to do this than Bolton. His in-your-face bullying style, showcased in the UN, should at least wake up the rest of the world to what is happening here even if it doesn't phase enough Americans to make a difference.

Posted by: lonesomeG | Apr 25 2005 13:37 utc | 7

He can be Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on his desk.

Posted by: beq | Apr 25 2005 14:59 utc | 8

Ex-diplomat: Bolton lacks needed qualities for U.N. post

WASHINGTON - A former colleague of John R. Bolton says President Bush's nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations "has none of the qualities needed for that job."

Bolton "has all the qualities needed to harm the image and objectives in the U.N. and its affiliated international organizations. If it is now U.S. policy not to reform the U.N but to destroy it, Bolton is our man," Frederick Vreeland, a former U.S. ambassador to Morocco, said in an e-mail to the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee....

Posted by: Nugget | Apr 26 2005 2:24 utc | 9

McMurdo is one of the American stations, so they don't need an ambassador, and they have enough preening administrators there as it is. Perhaps the Russian station would be a better post.

Posted by: Kiril | Apr 27 2005 18:06 utc | 10

From what I hear Bolton's withdrawing his name from consideration so he can spend more time yelling at his family....

Posted by: Mr. Montesquieu | Apr 29 2005 1:00 utc | 11

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