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March 26, 2005


More confirmation, if ever it was needed, on the "poodlehood" of Tony Blair, courtesy of this morning's Financial Times:

Blair kept quiet on Wolfowitz candidacy

Tony Blair was sounded out on the candidacy of Paul Wolfowitz to lead the World Bank before the White House announced his nomination but did not share the controversial proposal with cabinet colleagues or fellow European leaders.

The British prime minister was informed about Mr Wolfowitz's possible candidacy and relayed to Washington that he would not oppose him.

The issue was raised with Mr Blair when Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, visited London last month, according to two senior US officials close to the proceedings. Mr Blair's discreet support gave President George W. Bush the confidence to know that Mr Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary and an advocate of the war in Iraq, would not face united opposition from the World Bank's European shareholders.

Blair does not care about Europe. Don't ever believe that myth. All he cares about is his personal access to the White House, and that dream that he can be the sole go-between between Europe and the USA.

But by honouring Mr Bush's wishes, Mr Blair chose to keep the candidacy from Gordon Brown, the UK chancellor, who is chairman of the International Monetary Fund's governing body and the European finance minister most closely identified with the development agenda.

Yep, he does not even care that this access be to the UK Prime Minister. No, it's just Tony Blair.

A Downing Street official said: "We had a number of discussions with a number of different countries over possible candidates over a period of time. Like others, we were first notified of the decision to nominate Paul Wolfowitz on the day of the president's announcement." Treasury officials declined to comment.

While the details of Ms Rice's private conversations with Mr Blair remain tightly held, officials and diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic have said they were aware of Mr Bush's effort to secure the support of his chief European ally. The UK Treasury, the British foreign office and officials in other European capitals remained in the dark, according to UK officials.

Following a report in the Financial Times on March 1 that Mr Wolfowitz was a leading candidate for the US nomination, a senior UK Treasury official telephoned his US counterpart.

The US Treasury dismissed the story, according to British officials. A British diplomat, who contacted the administration, was told Mr Wolfowitz was not in the running.

So this was intentional. This is an even bigger "fuck you" from Bush, and the story makes it explicit that Blair knew about the "fuck you" and endorsed it.

The World Bank presidential nomination is seen by Washington as a White House decision and it chose to garner support for Mr Bush's choice by contacting European leaders directly rather than lobbying finance ministries and development agencies.

Unlike Mr Blair, some European leaders were not given advance warning. Jacques Chirac, the French president, and Gerhard Schröder, the German chancellor, only spoke to Mr Bush after the announcement. But European leaders have made clear they will not stand in the way of the Wolfowitz candidacy.

Blair is a traitor. To Europe, which may not be so important, but to his country and his party. What a pathetic fool.

One of the biggest reasons why I hope that France votes "Yes" in the coming referendum on Europe is that a "No" would save Blair from actually having to make a stand on Europe, which he has never done. He has pretended to be pro-European, but has never behaved that way and has never argued the case to the British electorate.

Slimy fucker.

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thanks for a great post jerome
slimy fucker, that about wraps it

Posted by: annie | Mar 26 2005 11:35 utc | 1

How low will the poll margins have to get before Labour dumps Blair? I think I saw a recent one with Labour at 35 and the Tories at 34. Has Gordon Brown's time finally come?

Posted by: Tom DC/VA | Mar 26 2005 16:54 utc | 2

Well with the Tories beating themselves to death every chance they get, Blair could wave his willy at the world on TV singing "Bush uber alles" and still get reelected.

Posted by: Colman | Mar 26 2005 17:50 utc | 3

Geez. Isn't there anyone in Britain's political class who can see this and present it as clearly as Jerome does? Doesn't Britain resent it when Bush symbolically says "fuck you" and Blair says "thank you"? I'm afraid Tony's nickname is a grave slander to poodles.

Posted by: lonesomeG | Mar 26 2005 19:50 utc | 4

Yes, Blair is a fucking traitor and should be punished as such. And we all know what the only punishment for traitors is.
I'm also fucking pissed that Chirac was dumbfuck enough to agree on a French referendum on the Constitution. He's getting close to be a useless asshole. The way to go was to let UK vote, one of the few EU countries where people would vote on it, and the only one to refuse it, and then to blast the Hell of them, with talk in Brussels of expelling them from the EU for real, and to clearly tell these effing morons that they would have to choose between the US and the EU, but they could only be a member or a vassal of one of these.
Now, thanks to Chirac, the dumb French will vote on a referendum on Chirac and his braindead government, instead of voting on if Europe should be the redeeming future of the West or if the world should plunge into a new dark age.
Geee, I hate all these useless unefficient short-sighted and uncompetent politicians and leaders. It looks like if there's barely one human out of one billion that is good enough to be a political leader, and it's quite despairing and disgusting.

Of course, it also pisses me to no end that the people are so brainwashed that as long as they're told they live in the brave new world of "democracy", they act like sheep and Good Germans, without realising our regimes are at best marginally better than the Georgian, Ukrainian and Kirghiz regimes that fell, and are just (arguably) one step better than Saddam or Brezhnev. If we had real people, Downing Str, White House and Elysée would have been stormed since decades and people would've found what's the best use for lampposts.

(hope it was psychotic enough for you, Colman ;) )

Posted by: CluelessJoe | Mar 26 2005 21:16 utc | 6

Tears for lost empire. Long standing arrangement between the US and GB concerning the ME. Blair spooked by numbers some time before the Iraq invasion. Believes that is the only way to save Britain. Even if in poodle position, yapping gleefully, begging cutely. Even if much sacrifice and bending down. Britain and Ireland will sink into the sea otherwise. And darling Cherie loves power and lording it. Free lunch, gold and glitter, mansions, the powerful who invite. Such bright lights. Berlusconi, kinda cool. Her law firm is the Matrix (yup, that is its name), his rock band from student days was Ugly Rumors. A marriage made in Heaven. She is an ardent Catholic, from a poor background, he dislikes foreignors (it is said). She is (reportedly) a thief, he is careful with money but wants more. They have been involved with scam artists (dodgy property deals) and gurus (new age, holistic, or just persuasive and sexy) All very familiar. The GB scandal sheets publish all this stuff. The public LOVES it.

The Blairs have debts and serious money problems, my dentist told me! (I couldn't respond -arrghh- no details...)

That was the gossip column.

Posted by: Blackie | Mar 26 2005 22:01 utc | 7

i agree that "slimy fucker" and a simpler minded interpretation of your post reflects things as they are, but to call blair a traitor to europe and the nomination of wolfowitz a big "fuck you" is to ignore the real connections between europe and the US, but more important so, the real constellation of powers behind the world bank and the war against islam.

the notion that any politician is beholden to respect the desires of their putative constituencies is risible and comparable in childishness to believing in the tooth fairy. if that is understood, we need to ask which 'europe' is blair betraying: the 'europe' of citoyens increasingly disgusted by political events, or the 'europe' of the old ruling crime families (the so-called "nobility") who not only call the shots here but also in the US ?

blair is betraying nobody. the citoyens (that would be 'us') who disagree with the war against islam have no real power, their opinion does not count and they have never had any role besides that of paying taxes or else. the old crime families are those who want and need this war in order to fatten their coffers after an almost 100-year interregnum, and to those people blair is obviously very loyal.

but blair is only the most visible of the slimy creatures. ALL european govts support the war on islam in different roles behind the scenes, the US is but the brute deployed to the frontlines to do the most visible of the dirty work, and there the loyal hofjuden around wolfowitz are managing everything perfectly. if it was not so, wolfowitz would never had been invited over for 'talks'. of course the "fuck you" was directed at us the citoyens, not at the crime families organizing the depravity around us.

Posted by: name | Mar 26 2005 22:12 utc | 8

CJ - just one quibble: Chirac has ALWAYS been a useless asshole. I'd even say he's been the single most noxious French politician of the last 50 years (well, he got us rid of most of the others, but in the end it was not a good deal)

Posted by: Jérôme | Mar 26 2005 22:54 utc | 9

It is not the competency of the Tories that I think Labour should fear, it is moderates disguisted with Blair defecting to the LibDems and younger Labour-leaners staying home. Wasn't turnout down 10 percentage points in the last election, compared to the previous?

But as bad as Blair and Chirac are, Berlusconi is worse. He's less harmful internationally because he wields the rather dull blade of the Italian state.

Posted by: Tom DC/VA | Mar 27 2005 0:45 utc | 10

Blair could wave his willy at the world on TV singing "Bush uber alles" and still get reelected.

[snort] congrats Colman, you got a chuckle out of Kassandra here.

but of course, why not -- after all, Bush gets re-elected by waving his willy at the world and singing "ME ME ME Ueber Alles," so it appears to be a winning strategy.

Posted by: DeAnander | Mar 27 2005 1:12 utc | 11

what really scares me is that you folks are so correct about our 'cough' 'hack' world leaders.

Posted by: lenin's ghost | Mar 27 2005 4:37 utc | 12

Well I could not have put it better myself.

I am a Brit and have to suffer all this BS from the so called "Democratically Elected Parliament".

My heart is in Alabama, because my girlfriend lives in Huntsville.

Tony Blair is betraying Britain and putting the country in "the first ranks of the hated on the earth".

Country after country is now out of bounds for British travellers.

There's hardly a country in the world where it's safe for a British person to travel, according to our own Foreign Office.

By putting us in the first ranks of the hated on the earth, Tony Blair is the one who has betrayed this country.

Posted by: Guy Fwakes(DoR) | Oct 18 2005 21:01 utc | 13

Just like to mention a blog her in the UK that might interest you guys.

Posted by: Guy Fwakes(DoR) | Oct 18 2005 21:03 utc | 14

Hey Guy - what makes you think that Moon of Alabamians would be interested in the rantings of a bunch of badly educated bovver boys?

Posted by: DM | Oct 18 2005 22:10 utc | 15

@Jérôme à Paris

Slimy fucker. - Sums him up nicely.


Blair could wave his willy at the world on TV singing "Bush uber alles" and still get reelected. - Good line - because it's true. And it tells us something about the Brits.

Posted by: DM | Oct 18 2005 22:23 utc | 16

(sorry - did not realize that 'Guy Fawkes' had resurrected a dead thread just for a bit of blog-whoring)

Posted by: DM | Oct 18 2005 22:30 utc | 17

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