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March 29, 2005

JimJeff at the NPC: Freak Show

Mr. GuckertGannon has been invited to a panel on blogging by the National Press Club.

The "professional whore" at the Whiskey Bar, Billmon, calls this a Freak Show.

Guckert is on the panel for the same reason Wonkette is: anal sex. Jeff gets paid to give it and Anna Marie gets paid to talk about it, and the "bottoms" at the National Press Club get paid to . . . well, you know. How anal sex got to be THE ticket to blogging fame and fortune (instead of just a sore bottom) I don't fully understand...
What's next? An interactive NPC panel session on masturbation? A guest lecture on bestiality and blogging? A press conference by the North American Man Boy Love Association? No, wait, the House isn't in session this week.

A great piece full of love.

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in billmon's photoshopped illustration i recognize jerry lewis, darth vader, and jim/jeff himself - but who's the blonde? is that wonkette, or someone else?

Posted by: mistah charley | Mar 29 2005 19:54 utc | 1

What's this? Is homosexuality responsible for some members causing painful schisms in the blogging community?

Posted by: Nugget | Mar 29 2005 19:55 utc | 2

@Nugget Is homosexuality responsible for some members causing painful schisms in the blogging community?

I don´t understand that - please explain.

Where is there schism?
What does homosexuality has to do with the issue?

Posted by: b | Mar 29 2005 20:13 utc | 4

best post of the year so far from billmon

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Mar 29 2005 20:44 utc | 5


That sentence is a running series of puns producing an off-color comment that is and yet isn't tongue in cheek. Maybe humor doesn't always travel or translate too well!

Posted by: Nugget | Mar 29 2005 21:03 utc | 6

@Nugget - sorry for not getting that - some bits must have tilted on the line

Posted by: b | Mar 29 2005 21:10 utc | 7

oh, come on... this must be satire... if it's not, then I/m over the edge for the day...

Posted by: Kate_Storm | Mar 29 2005 21:28 utc | 8

Billmon; "I signed Sean-Paul's letter, but I have to admit this one doesn't really flutter my outrage meter all that much. As an ex-journalist, ex-NPC member and a hopeless connoisseur of the absurd, I actually think it's kind of appropriate to include the 8'' wonder. "

Love ya, Barkeep... you connoisseur of the absurd...

Posted by: Kate_Storm | Mar 29 2005 21:30 utc | 9

Maybe, Nugget really is Justin Raimondo, who apparently didn't like Billmon stating that Guckert was a complete freakish wannabe writing brain farts, which still made him better than 90% of the conservative bloggers ;)
whatever, I'm just laughin my ass off over that one.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Mar 30 2005 7:26 utc | 10

Press Club Keeps Gannon -- But Adds Others to Panel

Despite criticism in some media circles, the National Press Club is standing by its decision to feature James Guckert -- a.k.a. Jeff Gannon, the former correspondent/escort -- on an April 8 panel discussion about journalism and blogging called "Who is a Journalist?" But it has added others to the panel.

Newcomers include Jim Drinkard of USA Today, past chairman of the Standing Committee of Correspondents for the House and Senate press galleries (which turned down Guckert/Gannon for permanent credentials); Garrett Graff, editor of Fishbowl D.C., the first blogger to receive White House press credentials; and Matthew Yglesias, staff writer at The American Prospect and editor of

Previously announced as panelists were Gannon, Ana Marie Cox of, and John Stanton of Congress Daily.

Gannett News Service's Mike Madden and co-chair of the NPC Professional Affairs Committee will moderate the program.

Posted by: b | Mar 30 2005 9:46 utc | 11

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