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March 27, 2005


So far Moon of Alabama does not have a blogroll. A blogroll is a collection of hyperlinks to other blogs of interest and usually only of affiliated direction.  I do think this concept falls short, but I do want an equivalent.

A blog should carry a link list that includes blogs, but also news sources and encyclopedias.  It should only include those that are of repeated interest and regularly updated. It should be categorized and not just alphabetically sorted. It should not include pay sides. It should reflect the blogs author and visitor interests but also include contrary views.

Each link should have some indication of the content, the update cycle and the author.

News blogs:
Flogging the Simian (daily)
by Soj, a US girl professionally piece-blogging from Romania on World News and conflicts in lesser known countries

I am working on converting my browser bookmarks right now. You may want to add links in the comments. I will aggregate them and come up with a collection that then can be reviewed again during the next days.

Categories I have so far include:
General News Sites; General News Blogs; Economy&Finance; Technology; Wars; Fun; Others

Let me know what you would find usable.

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This is a good idea, Bernhard. You might want to have a separate heading for "energy" though it could also be subsumed under economy and finance, plus technology. Since a lot of regular readers and commenters at MoA are interested in energy topics, maybe a separate category just for that makes sense for us. On the other hand, I don't know how many blogs or other entities out there are specifically devoted to energy.

Maybe "energy and environment"? Anyway, this is my first reaction to the post.

Posted by: Maxcrat | Mar 27 2005 20:22 utc | 1

Is Flogging the Simian another way to say spanking the monkey?

just wondering...

Posted by: dan of steele | Mar 27 2005 20:28 utc | 2

@dan- check her daily (ex Sunday) news updates and ask her about flogging :-)
@maxcrat - thought about "energy" but what to put into that category?

Posted by: b | Mar 27 2005 21:05 utc | 3

suggestions for three general news sites
Site that compiles best feature articles from US based local indymedia sites
Site that compiles all feature articles from worldwide indymedia sites
grassroots radical videos to download

one in the eye for the corporate media whoremasters ;-)

Posted by: drunk as a rule | Mar 27 2005 21:17 utc | 4

is "flogging the simian" the same as "spanking the monkey" ?

my link suggestions. not all are blogs, but most of them i enjoy reading:

*** conspiracy theory / paranoia redux (the recommended stuff)

*** mainstreamish alternative political commentary - somewhat pandering to the corporatocracy - "moderates" (the boring stuff)

*** alternative but not mainstreamish political commentary (the good stuff)

*** other stuff (the interesting stuff) (smut, de rigeur) (not a blog, good ME info) (GAC is not a blog) (good writeups on ufos and other weirdness) (trying to shoot people to the stratosphere) (ray kurzweil, AI, scifi, future) (palestinian) (viridian design, green) (georges monbiot, good writing) (israel shamir, beautiful writing)

did i understand correctly that this was a call for suggesting links for your blogroll ?

in any case, enjoy.

Posted by: name | Mar 27 2005 21:47 utc | 5

That usually just amounts to a listing of the Usual Suspects, but if you wanted to allocate space for something similar, I'd vote for pulling the best links from the threads & listing them. There are so many threads going at once now that it's easy, if time is limited, to miss something important & this site is known for it's readers pointers.

Posted by: jj | Mar 27 2005 21:47 utc | 6

Just looked over name's contribution. Let me add to my prev. suggestion, a thread of Contributors Favorites, arranged by subject possibly, or by recommended frequency of reading. Though that could get out of hand - maybe culling out most recommended.

Posted by: jj | Mar 27 2005 21:50 utc | 7

the first 3 categories from my previous posting, except voxfux, update daily to weekly; the last category is not exactly comprised of blogs so they update less often and on a less regular base.

Posted by: name | Mar 27 2005 21:52 utc | 8

my daily haunts are fairly well known blog/news boards -- (not actually a fave) (Sam Smith's Progressive Review) (hey, an opposing viewpoint is bracing) (tinfoil and black tie optional)

now and then I drop by Get Your War On for a dose of foul-mouthed but razor-sharp outrage. other than that, I read books :-) (how old fashioned)

nothing very exotic to contribute, I'm afraid. I'm a creature of habit, and there are only so many hours in the day... I used to read the Guardian every morning on my palm-pilot on the way to work but got tired of reading so much text on the tiny screen.

Posted by: DeAnander | Mar 27 2005 22:14 utc | 9

juan cole
andrew sullivan
jack balkin
volokh conspiracy

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 27 2005 22:50 utc | 10

Good idea,
some suggestions

General News Blogs
Baghdad Burning (few times a month)
a female engineer in Baghdad

General News Sites
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count (daily)
Counts reported deaths among the occuping troops in Iraq

Iraq Body Count
Counts reported deaths among civilians in Iraq

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Mar 27 2005 22:54 utc | 11

I concur w/De's list but would add: - best all-purpose daily headline listing - daily -weekly

Environment: -every 1-3 days -weekly - occas. something pops up here


next to Juan Cole, I'd add // - Helena Cobban's exc. site

metafilter.? - it's gone downhill in last yr.

I VETO gilliard - he's such a vile Sexist Pig.

Please skip the Goldwater-right, lemming herder blogs - Atrios & Kos. Atrios is just crap anyway.

Posted by: jj | Mar 28 2005 2:23 utc | 14

Pls. add to my prev. post, under (They've done an Outstanding job there beg. w/Andrew Cockburn's. He should win an award for best coverage by non-embedded Westerner.)

Posted by: jj | Mar 28 2005 2:27 utc | 15

For Newslinks I found those helpful:

The first two link to Newspapers with primary focus on US politics, the first to English writen News and the second to foreign Newspapers with some translations.

The third is a good source for international News, linking to Newspapers from all over the world, all links are to English writen papers. They also have different catergories of news.

Posted by: Fran | Mar 28 2005 4:18 utc | 16

Some energy links:
European Wind Energy Association:
US Energy Information Agency :
Energy Bulletin:

Among the blogs, I have found that you get some mostly reasonable insights from the other side on thse sites:
Danier Drezner:

An interesting aggregator

And of course, the funnies:
Jesus' General:
Non Sequitur:

Not much in French to provide...

Posted by: Jérôme | Mar 28 2005 12:35 utc | 17

Recommended Blogroll to ones already suggested

The Rude Pundit
The Asia Times
Stayin' Alive

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Mar 28 2005 19:26 utc | 18

I second Haaretz -- I don't go there often but frequently read articles extracted from it. best "balanced" news from Israel imho -- where far freer debate of Israeli affairs is permitted in the media than here in the US.

Posted by: DeAnander | Mar 28 2005 19:49 utc | 19

feral scholar
the poorman
rox populi
james wolcott
all spin zone (of course)
tom dispatch
yurica report
theoracy watch

Posted by: anna missed | Mar 28 2005 20:09 utc | 20

Ha'aretz - I would have "Thirded" it a year ago, but new editor for online ed. has removed it from my list. Other than a few columnists, there's not much online anymore. I'd vote putting on on secondary list.

I think the radical right Jews who so tightly control xUS debate were threatened & raised the same ruckus they did about Fisk.

Posted by: jj | Mar 29 2005 6:56 utc | 21

I would place this somewhere near the Enclyclopedia section:

I'm sure you've all been there, but if you haven't it's an A to Z list of out-of-copyright works, all loving typed into text files (and some HTML) by volunteers. The complete works of Shelley, Francis Bacon's essays, the CIA yearbook, Edgar Allan Poe, Poincare (Henri & Lucien), Poland, Polidori, Polk, Pollard.

A great natural resource. But you already knew that.

Posted by: Arrogah | Mar 29 2005 8:09 utc | 22

The AFA Busts NYC Biochem Terrorist Cell

Covered up by MSM

Posted by: OrlandoMary | May 24 2005 16:31 utc | 23

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