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March 29, 2005

Billmon: 03/29

Really Sick Joke of the Day Billmon sez and luaghs and goes to hell

"... to recyle an old Vietnam War slogan, it looks like it’s Sink or Swim with Abdelaziz Hakim"

Posted by Jérôme à Paris on March 29, 2005 at 6:59 UTC | Permalink


Bon soir, Jérôme.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It's so depressing.

Posted by: fourlegsgood | Mar 29 2005 7:27 utc | 1

In the words of the immortal Joe Wilson, "We're fucked." Good to hear from you again, fourlegsgood.

Posted by: Aigin | Mar 29 2005 9:18 utc | 2


If you happen over here, could you make your page a little narrower? I have to scroll side to side now with 1024 x 768 resolution.


Posted by: dan of steele | Mar 29 2005 10:37 utc | 3

Iraq parliament in uproar over stalemate

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's parliament erupted in acrimony at only its second sitting on Tuesday and journalists were thrown out after lawmakers berated leaders for failing to agree on a new government, two months after historic elections.....

Posted by: Big Purple Finger | Mar 29 2005 12:59 utc | 4

"when the white man turns tyrant it is his own freedom that he destroys," eh?

Posted by: snap! | Mar 29 2005 14:41 utc | 5

Billmon is going to HELL!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Mar 29 2005 15:06 utc | 6

Yes, it is depressing to re-fight the Vietnam War all over again.

Except now I'm 61 instead of 25. Corporate media is a handmaiden to GOP agitprop and the federal government is intent on hiding and obscuring all of its bumbling totalitarian police state tactics:

(WED) A federal judge reviewing Washington, DC’s recently enacted ordinance banning hazardous material shipments requested that the Transportation Security Administration detail to him plans for preventing terrorist attacks on rail shipments. “How does anyone give the city council and the citizens [of Washington] any assurance that the federal government is doing anything about the problem?”, said U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan. A spokesman for the Department of Justice said that TSA policy is not to release “security-sensitive” information
to civil litigants. The judge is reviewing an appeal by CSX to overturn the ban and is expected to issue his ruling by April 8. (ffd: Washington Post)

Posted by: Jim S | Mar 29 2005 15:31 utc | 7

Well with the Shia mightily pissed off that they can't enforce their "mandate" with Bremer's fucked up interim constitution; Vietnam may look mild to what's to come in Mesopotamia.

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Mar 29 2005 18:34 utc | 8

thx....thats sooooo damn funny.....bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: lenin's ghost | Mar 29 2005 23:06 utc | 10

Good to hear from you again, fourlegsgood.


I've been lurking, but too god-awfully busy at work to contribute anything useful.

Posted by: fourlegsgood | Mar 30 2005 1:17 utc | 11

I almost feel off my chair, but I was holding my sleeping daughter so I had to cover my mouth with my hand and try not to shake to hard or gasp too loudly.

It still makes me laugh just thinking about it.


Posted by: stoy | Mar 30 2005 2:42 utc | 12


So funny. So so funny.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Mar 30 2005 3:27 utc | 13

That was the hardest, most cathartic laugh I've had in weeks. Stoy, it's a good thing I wasn't holding anything valuable.

I hope hell has DSL . But it probably just has semaphore.

I browsed a few comments. Best one: "What's that Terri? Little Timmy's stuck down a well?"

Posted by: OkieByAccident | Mar 30 2005 4:47 utc | 14

LOL! at "Little Timmy" comment!

Posted by: stoy | Mar 30 2005 6:08 utc | 15

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