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March 26, 2005

Billmon: 03/26

Lobbying for Halliburton: A Family Affair

Moral Relativism - indeed

Sanitation Measure - wash hands, its easter, Pilatus did so - any evidence ...

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More on the family affair: Why stop when you're on a roll?

Posted by: Fran | Mar 26 2005 23:04 utc | 1

A new candidate has emerged for the deputy secretary of defense post being vacated by Paul Wolfowitz.

.....He is Lewis "Scooter" Libby, currently the chief of staff and national security adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. Other candidates include Stephen Cambone, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, and Gordon England, the current Navy secretary.

Posted by: Nugget | Mar 27 2005 0:03 utc | 2

About morality: one could just as easily say the problem w/ the right is an empirical relativism in which justifications no longer need facts. Rightwingers are our most rabid postmoderns, acting on faith, all practice and no theory. The religious stuff, all the puritanical idealism, is just all-purpose justifications for domination.

The reason leftist politics makes sense is because of the moral basis for solidarity. By whatever name: species-being, consummatory activity, communicative action, etc., the bottomline is the moral conduct required to achieve consensus and expand the range of possible experience made available to individuals.

I'm not sure Brooks knows what morals are.

Posted by: | Mar 27 2005 0:46 utc | 3

I thought they'd tap g. gordon liddy. But, if you're shooting for nefarious and not felonious and nefarious for the Pentagon #2, Scooter's a good choice.

Really. Jackals. what's Otto Reich up to? Can't he run the Greenzone or something.

Posted by: | Mar 27 2005 0:50 utc | 4

goddamnit. those were mine.

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 27 2005 0:51 utc | 5

Scooter Libby? oh criminy. sometimes I think there are only about 12 neocons and the rest is all done with mirrors. they keep recycling these guys.

Posted by: DeAnander | Mar 27 2005 1:02 utc | 6

You are so close to right DeA. It is a tight team.

Posted by: rapt | Mar 27 2005 2:46 utc | 7

Move over "Academic Freedom Bill of Rights" here comes the,Southern buying groups limiting what's in textbooks

Southern school board buy their textbooks in a block, lead by the purchase decisions of Texas's board. "Liberal" school boards make individual purchase decisions. That means that reactionary anti-sex-ed and anti-evolution agendas dominate the editorial decisions at textbook publishers, which has led to the elimination sex-ed from every current health text in America and will shortly do in evolution as well.

There is a substantial buying bloc--namely, school boards in southern states--that follows suit with whatever the state school board of Texas does. These states buy textbooks uniformly, statewide. Most "blue states" buy district to district, so there is no unified bloc per se to counterbalance the southern states where points of politics are concerned. So this bloc of southern school boards has an unrivalled power to influence the choices of the major textbook publishers in the country--of which there are only like four, anyhow. Basically, they don't publish anything the school board of Texas doesn't buy.

You can see where this headed, but it's already shockingly total. Right now, a sex ed textbook that isn't "abstinence only" cannot be bought in the United States. Not a current one, not from any major publisher. There are inroads against evolution as well, but sex ed has basically been exterminated.

*southern voice* "What we have hereh, is a failure to communicate" -cool hand luke

"What we have here is a phucking ‘paradigm war’!- Uncle $cam

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Mar 27 2005 5:39 utc | 8

"Academic Freedom Bill of Rights"
grrrr and i preview-ed it too...

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Mar 27 2005 5:47 utc | 9

Uncle: And this is why capitalism and US are great: freedom for everyone to do everything, sell everything, and buy everything. Right?
Bring back USSR, please; at least, it was obvious to everyone that the regime was corrupt and was pissing all over people's rights. Instead we're all stuck with this dumbed down mediocratic oligarchy of fundie nutcases and perverted inbred billionaires that claims to be Freedom for everyone.

Posted by: | Mar 27 2005 18:27 utc | 10

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