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March 20, 2005

Billmon: 03/20

Pure Science may be tolerated, may be.

Seperated at Birth? may be yes, may be.

Infectious Disease in Texas and Florida.

(Note to MoA readers: I have a bad, bad cold and lost my physical voice for now. This somehow also blocks my virtual voice here even though there is much to say. If you have a piece for the community, please send it to me and it will be posted. b.)

Posted by b on March 20, 2005 at 21:07 UTC | Permalink


i too have been bogged down w/cold flu for a week.
from yesterdays seattle protest

Posted by: annie | Mar 20 2005 21:25 utc | 1

sorry, that was supposed to go on the open thread

Posted by: annie | Mar 20 2005 21:29 utc | 2

b, step away from the computer and go to bed. Stay there 'til you're better. Add hot whiskeys or other folk remedy of your choice as required.

Posted by: Colman | Mar 20 2005 21:33 utc | 3

Bernhard: Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hope you're feeling much better soon!

Posted by: JMF | Mar 21 2005 0:02 utc | 4

get well b

& take care

i thought tank driving engineers never got sick


Posted by: remembereringgiap | Mar 21 2005 0:33 utc | 5

Hey! I'm sick too!

The people will survive In their environment The dirt, scarcity, and the emptiness Of our South The injustice of our greed The practice we inherit The dirt, scarcity and the emptiness Of our South There on the beach I could see it in her eyes I only had a Corona Five cent deposit --Minutemen

There. All better now.

Posted by: slothrop | Mar 21 2005 1:23 utc | 6

I must have sneezed on the pixels because I've been sick all week. sorry.

I also lost my voice on Wednesday. It was funny because, when I had to speak to other people, especially strangers, they would whisper back to me.

take your vitamin C.

hot and sour soup is mandatory when you have a sore throat, btw.

Posted by: fauxreal | Mar 21 2005 3:56 utc | 7

garlic, and lots of it :-)

unfortunately it does not keep the vampires away -- they're running the country.

Posted by: DeAnander | Mar 21 2005 4:02 utc | 8

whisky (no e) - 3 fingers - 2 tablespoons honey - hot water.
even if it doesn't fix you - you'll feel better.

Posted by: hot toady | Mar 21 2005 4:27 utc | 9

Gute Besserung! b, and gargling with warm salt water used to bring back my voice.

Posted by: Fran | Mar 21 2005 5:51 utc | 10

How I learned to permanently banish colds & flu. Have no Medical Insurance, but not be able to afford to be sick. Have a huge bookshelf & burrow w/fierce determination. Happily I solved the problem in 5 mins - & it's worked for everyone who's tried it.

From "Foods that Heal" - Dr. Bernard Jensen, best Naturopath of the Century - back when it was definitely declasse- avail. from amazon. Anyway, it's Vit. C, mixed w/natural sodium & potassium:

1 grapefruit, peeled
4 stalks celery (3 organic)
toss these in the Juicer(Food processor/blender don't work, but since you'll never again have colds or flu, it's worth the investment(JuiceMan makes an excellent inexpensive juicer.)- put a Pinch of Cream of Tartar in bottom of glass. Stir.

Drink 4/day for maybe a few days at yr. discretion. Cough should stop in 10mins. If you're 70+, it may take 2-3 days to be fine. Otherwise, you should be fine anywhere from a matter of minutes -> the next morning.

To stay healthy, I drink one/week, plus regular glasses of vegetable/fruit this experience seriously radicalized & otherwise re-arranged my understanding of all things body/health/medical.......

Good Luck.

Posted by: jj | Mar 21 2005 6:44 utc | 11

jj, what is Cream of Tartar?

I think in Europe the JuiceMan is called Power Juicer, that is if it is the same brand. I agree with you that a juicer is one of the healthiest investments one can make. I wouldn't want to miss mine.

Posted by: Fran | Mar 21 2005 7:03 utc | 12

Fran,that's what the stuff is called in Am. Supermarkets & Spice Shops - a nutritionist I consulted said it's an excellent source of potassium. I can try google & see if I can get any further info. JuiceMan is just a brand we have here. Any vegetable juicer is of course fine - I was just trying to get people started. They are amazing.

Found fascinating article in Independent, which has often interesting section on the Environment. This art on Rock Dust contains very valuable germ of idea for approaching reducing accumulating greenhouses gases in atmosphere - consider ways to increase trapping them on the earth (aside from obviously reducing emissions). Otherwise, there are many ways to merely revitalize soils, as permaculture demonstrates.

Posted by: jj | Mar 21 2005 7:19 utc | 13

Whiskey (1 e goddamnit), lots. Sugar. Cloves. Slice of lemon. Hot water. Sleep. You'll find the sleeping bit much easier!

Posted by: Colman | Mar 21 2005 7:23 utc | 14

Fran, here's better info. White Powder

Posted by: jj | Mar 21 2005 7:27 utc | 15

just found a link to a explanation of Creme of Tartar, it is the residue on the bottom of a bottle of good wine. LIKE A DIAMOND IN YOUR WINE

And here an other information:

The potassium salt of tartaric acid used to stabilize egg whites in baking. The chemical names are potassium acid tartrate, potassium hydrogen tartrate, and potassium bitartrate.

So I learned the first new thing for the day.

Well, I learned to pay attention to what kind of juicer to buy. Here in Europe many have small half-moon shaped openings, thats very unpractical and those are the juicers I stopped using, it was lots of work and difficult to clean. The one I have now has a big round opening, even big enough for a whole apple. It is much more comfortable to use, and thus is in use regularly.

Posted by: Fran | Mar 21 2005 7:43 utc | 16

jj, thanks for the link, interesting site besides the Creme of Tartar.

Posted by: Fran | Mar 21 2005 7:45 utc | 17

just what is rock dust and where do i buy some? although we can grow just about anything in NOLA (except lilacs) more nutritional value would be a hudge plus.can i just crush up native rocks?

Posted by: onzaga | Mar 21 2005 9:32 utc | 18

Bernard, feel better.

I think I'm coming down with one too after the past month of working myself into the ground.

Anyway, hello everybody- I've been lurking, too busy to post. Glad to see the same gang here.

Posted by: fourlegsgood | Mar 21 2005 9:40 utc | 19

Mullah Omar wishes to destroy our way of life and we bomb him; Tom de Lay wishes to destroy our way of life and we, er...

Never mind.

Posted by: Lupin | Mar 21 2005 9:47 utc | 20

It is the plague, the plague I tell you!

I am also ill, and have almost lost my voice. Were speaking with a cracked voice at a job interwiev last friday. They were really nice about it though and brought me tea. Maybe they will hire me out of pity. :)

Do not have a juice maker. Sounds good otherwise. Guess whisky and tea with honey will have to do.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Mar 21 2005 10:58 utc | 21

And it is good to see you again fourlegs. Might I also add that we have had quite a few newcomers (and welcome you are if no one has said so), even though this "lets piity b-thread" mostly contains the usual suspects.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Mar 21 2005 11:11 utc | 22

Chew a raw onion B.

It will sweat the bejaysus out of you.

Also have four soluble disprin before you have that hot whiskey.

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Mar 21 2005 12:12 utc | 23

Wish I had all this sound advice a few weeks ago when I went home to take care of my folks. So far, I'm unscathed. Too mean to get sick, I suppose. b, I wish you and everyone else well.

Posted by: beq | Mar 21 2005 12:31 utc | 24

What's the number (#) thing for?

Posted by: beq | Mar 21 2005 12:32 utc | 25

beq, it's for linking directly to comments from other places.

So this will go directly to your comment above.

Posted by: Colman | Mar 21 2005 12:50 utc | 26

Ah, tanks, Colman. ;-)

Posted by: beq | Mar 21 2005 14:46 utc | 27

get well soon b (happy b-lated b-day too). and hope everyone else feeling under the weather gets better too.

that mug shot of jeb is a riot! it captures his varmint essence quite well.

Posted by: b real | Mar 21 2005 16:00 utc | 28

thanks for the recipe. I'm getting through the last days of a long flu, and ready for trying something to kickstart full recovery.

And maybe this is a good place to thank b for putting numbers on the comments (or did Jerome do that?). Nice feature, I'm now using it.

Posted by: citizen | Mar 21 2005 21:22 utc | 29

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